Train your team for a cyber incident

The IBM Security Command Center cyber range experiences will help you to equip your teams of cybersecurity professionals and business leaders with the skills you need to be better prepared to face a cyber incident and respond with speed, agility as well as confidence. Our gamified challenges that are based on real-world cyberattacks are now also available during these unprecedented times in a virtual environment to continue helping organizations around the world to test the skills they have and learn the ones they need.

Experience a breach from a fusion center watch floor

Feel the adrenaline rush of an intense, immersive, gamified experience with your entire fusion team. Train like you fight.

Study in a cyber best-practices laboratory

Benefit from lessons learned by thousands of cyber defenders from some of the most mature industries.

Learn from battle-tested experts

Train with an elite squad of experts specializing in incident response, red teaming and incident command.

Prepare your plan

Experience a cyber gap analysis while building your cyber strategy and incident response plan.

Work as a team

Work cross-functionally as a fusion center team, or go on the offensive with the same tools the bad guys use in their attacks.

Play to win

Measure your team’s performance against industry KPIs and get feedback on your technical skills as well as communication and crisis leadership.

Unique experiences, tailored to you

X-Force Command Cyber Range

The world’s only full-scale, air-gapped cyber range that can accommodate your entire incident command staff and fusion team.

Experience immersive simulations directed by an elite training force.

X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center

A unique cyber experience-on-wheels, the IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC) can be configured as a cyber range, a sterile environment for running cyber investigations, or an onsite cyber watch floor for special security events.

X-Force Command Executive Briefing Centers

Meet with experienced incident responders, penetration testers, design thinking experts and IBM executives to build and hone your cybersecurity and incident response strategy.

Meet the X-Force Command experts

Military. Cybersecurity research. Incident response. Security product development and integration. Leadership. Gamification. These are some of the many qualifications of IBM X-Force Command advisors, an elite squad of cyber first-responders and instructors.

Learn from highly-skilled, battle-tested experts, who lead you through intense drills based on real-world attacks.

X-Force Command Experiences in the news

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I didn’t know anything like this existed – a full-on, immersive simulation.

Chief revenue officer, Optiv

Upgrade your preparedness and response capabilities

Managed security services

Partner with IBM Managed Security Services to build, transform and monitor your security program.

Incident response

IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) provides security intelligence and services to help you manage incidents and remediate quickly when the inevitable happens.

Penetration testing

Don’t let the bad guys discover your weaknesses before you do. IBM X-Force Red team tests your network, application, user and physical defenses.