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Be confident in your security with threat intelligence

Understanding attackers’ tactics is crucial to protecting your people, data and infrastructure. Explore the IBM® X-Force® Threat Intelligence Index 2024, based on insights and observations obtained from monitoring over 150 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries.

Empower yourself by learning from the challenges and successes experienced by security teams around the world. Grow your future by strengthening your organization and better protecting its business interests.

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Know your threats 71%

Year-over-year increase in
cyberattacks that used stolen or
compromised credentials.


Share of cyberincidents that involved data theft and leak, indicating that more attackers favor stealing and selling data, rather than encrypting it for extortion.


The AI market share milestone that will incentivize cybercriminals to invest in developing cost-effective tools to attack AI technologies.

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Cybersecurity expert Jeff Crume explains the steps you can take to gain that protection and understand where new threat.

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Take action to identify and mitigate threats

Safeguard your people and data with these recommendations based
on the IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence Index 2024.

Modernize identity across multicloud environments

Cybercriminals are increasingly logging in rather than hacking into networks through valid accounts, which became the most common entry point into victims' environments in 2023, representing 30% of all incidents X-Force® responded to.

AI-powered technologies such as IBM Verify offer identity and access management (IAM) solutions that help enterprises safeguard their hybrid and multicloud networks. Additionally, identity and access management services can help you define and manage solutions, transform your governance and demonstrate compliance.

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Use AI to maximize your time and talent

AI-powered technologies like IBM QRadar® SIEM User Behavior Analytics (UBA) can help you detect and investigate compromised credentials, lateral movement and other malicious behavior, maximizing your team’s time and talent.

In addition, IBM QRadar® EDR (endpoint detection and response) helps secure endpoints from attack. The solution also detects anomalous behavior, such as the exfiltration of data or the creation of new accounts or folders on sensitive systems.

If resources or expertise are scarce, you can extend your team’s efforts with IBM Threat Detection and Response services, using AI-driven solutions to handle up to 85% of alerts and gain 24x7 protection. You can also turn to IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence services to help you understand and mitigate emerging threats from attackers looking to steal your data.  

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Monitor and secure data across hybrid cloud

Attackers are shifting from ransomware to malware that is designed to steal information—a shift that last year coincided with data theft and leak as the most common impact on organizations.

As companies continue to accelerate business with an open, hybrid multicloud approach, you should look for solutions that provide visibility and protect data across these environments. IBM Guardium® allows you to uncover, encrypt, monitor, and protect sensitive data across more than 19 hybrid cloud environments. Data and AI security services enable organizations to innovate, adapt, and stay competitive.

If you’ve already been hacked, IBM X-Force® Incident Response Services can reduce the business impact of a breach and improve resiliency to attacks through planning and testing.

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Establish secure AI-for-business models

To date, attacks on businesses' AI training data, models and interfaces have been limited. That’s only because criminals tend to wait for a critical mass of technology adoption to justify their investments in attacking those technologies.

X-Force® analysis estimates that once the generative AI market coalesces around three or fewer technologies, or when one of them reaches a 50% market share, that market share milestone will trigger scalable cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity leaders should act now to secure their AI data, models, and usage. IBM’s framework for securing generative AI can help. It provides a holistic approach to this emerging issue and lays out the foundation for choosing trusted, targeted, open, and empowering AI.

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Learn about security products and services

IBM Security helps protect enterprises with an integrated portfolio of products and services, infused with security AI and automation capabilities. The portfolio enables organizations to predict threats, protect data as it moves, and respond with speed and precision while allowing for innovation.

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