If you are experiencing cybersecurity issues or an incident, contact X-Force to help.

Train your team for a cyber incident

The IBM Security Command Center cyber range experiences will help you to equip your teams of cybersecurity professionals and business leaders with the skills you need to be better prepared to face a cyber incident and respond with speed, agility as well as confidence. Our gamified challenges that are based on real-world cyberattacks are now also available during these unprecedented times in a virtual environment to continue helping organizations around the world to test the skills they have and learn the ones they need.

IBM Security Command Centers

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The newly redesigned Cambridge center provides an immersive, stimulating setting for organizations to experience true-to-life cyber response scenarios. A media studio with live video feed offers on-the-spot media training.

Atlanta, Georgia

This briefing center, co-located with a live SOC where IBM Security analysts manage services for clients, offers workshops and consultations with IBM Security incident responders and executive advisors.


IBM Security Command Center Mobile is a training, simulation and security operations center on wheels, traveling around Europe. This unique facility transforms a tractor-trailer into a SOC environment, and exterior accommodations provide plenty of room for briefings, networking and breaks.

Command Center Onsite

Work with the Command Center team to build customized half-day and full-day agendas. Integrate live training exercises, demonstrations, and cybersecurity awareness sessions with your entire technical and leadership teams.

Command Center Virtual

When you can’t bring your team together in one place, Command Center facilitators work with you to develop virtual experiences that can help train your team remotely.

IBM Security Command Center Mobile

Train your team in a dynamic cyber range environment

man looking at a screen, analysing graphics

Experience a simulated cyber incident and build muscle memory

Feel the adrenaline rush of an intense, immersive, gamified experience with your entire cross-functional fusion team in a simulated security operations center.

two men and one woman standing talking, with a data panel behind

Understand how teams and solutions work together

Engage with multiple tools to investigate cyber issues. Collaborate with your cyber analysts, legal, PR and executive teams.

desk with computer screens lined

Train in a cyber best-practices laboratory

Learn from the experiences of thousands of simulations from some of the most mature organizations. Develop a cyber gap analysis while building your cyber strategy and incident response plan.

Upgrade your security threat management

Threat management

Fight cybercrime with expertise powered by AI and orchestration.


Proactively manage your security threats with the expertise, skills and people of IBM Security Services.

Upgrade your preparedness and response capabilities

Managed security services

Partner with IBM Managed Security Services to build, transform and monitor your security program.

Incident response

IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) provides security intelligence and services to help you manage incidents and remediate quickly when the inevitable happens.

Penetration testing

Don’t let the bad guys discover your weaknesses before you do. IBM X-Force Red team tests your network, application, user and physical defenses.