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IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics V3.1.0 maintenance and new function

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The following table provides details of the PTFs for IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics V3.1.0. The most recent are listed first.


2021 Q2

APAR PTF New function Description Date shipped
PH30893 UI75039 (C01)
UI75040 (CA0)
New view MVS_ADDRSPACE_TV created based on MVS_ADDRSPACE_T to combine records with the same JOB_TIMESTAMP, JOB_NAME, and JOB_NUMBER but a different MVS_SYSTEM_ID.
PH33033 UI73738 (C01)
UI73739 (CB2)
Y New function to enable batch collector to execute in zIIP mode 2021-04-14
PH35827 UI74842 (C01) UI74843 (CA8) Fix error DRL3035E to correct installation process when running Db2 DECIMAL=COMMA 2021-04-09
PH35178 UI74725 (C01) Y New component Data Importer added to stream data from Db2 2021-04-06
2021 Q1
APAR PTF New function Description Date shipped
UI74549 (C01)
UI74550 (CA8)
Fix error DSNT408I SQLCODE=-104 installing the zERT component when Db2 set to DECIMAL=COMMA; fix RC=04 message DRL3003W installing the Capacity Planning for z/OS component 2021-03-24
UI74524 (CA0)
Fix CEC capacity value for the zIIP processor in column MIPS_TOT_CAPACITY for table MVSPM_LPAR_H
PH34050 UI74144 (CA8) Fix error CC=8 on re-install of Capacity Planning z/OS CPU subcomponent  2021-02-26
UI74101 (C01)
Y SMF Extractor and Data Splitter refresh 2021-02-24
UI74080 (C01)
UI74081 (CA8) 
Y What-if Cognos reporting enhancements 2021-02-23
PH33998 UI74005 (CA8)
Updated the calculation of MSUs consumed to use logical processor effective dispatch time
PH12196 UI73784 (C01)
UI73785 (CA0)
Y zERT support: added support for SMF 119 Subtype 12 records 2021-02-09
PH29633 UI73657 (C01) Y Enhance the RECALCULATE command to allow the buffer size to be specified  2021-01-29
UI73483 (CA0)
UI73484 (CA8)
Fix Shadower abend and possible messages EDC5129I or DRLJ0117E 2021-01-19
UI73452 (C01)
UI73453 (CA8)
Y Fractal forecasting  2021-01-14

2020 Q4

APAR PTF New function Description Date shipped
PH29065 UI73095 (C01) Y SMF Extractor refresh 2020-12-23
PH31802 UI73197 (CA0) z/OS System (MVS) component, add new column DASD_NP_IO_SCHAN_N to MVS_WORKLOAD2_H, _D, _M tables as alternative to IO_COUNT 2020-12-18
PH32537 UI73124 (C01) Resource Accounting for z/OS component missing DEFS members DRLSNW and DRLTNWRE, PH25525 removes them from Network Performance common, PH32537 adds them to Base function common 2020-12-15
PH25525 UI73118 (CA3) Coupled with PH32537 2020-12-15
PH31193 UI73074 (C01) Data Mover filtering, fix messages DRLJ0113E and DRLJ0112E; enhance message timestamp to be yyyy-mm-dd followed by a 24-hour time    2020-12-14
UI72658 (C01)
UI72659 (CA0)
DFSMS component, use the VSAM record for SPACE_USED_TOTAL and SPACE_ALLOC_TOTAL for VSAM clusters in table DFSMS_DATASET_D 2020-12-09
PH31051 UI72889 (C01) Fix message DRLA149 when accessing the ISPF interface without specifying DRLEINIT REPORTS option 2020-12-07
UI72851 (CA0)
UI72852 (CA4)
Refresh the Distributed component binary files to fix message "checksum error on tape" 2020-12-02
PH28499 UI72768 (C01) Y New Splunk reports and improvements 2020-12-02
UI72432 (C01)
UI72433 (CA8)
Cognos report improvements 2020-11-23
UI72639 (C01)
UI72640 (CA8)
Y Enhancements for off-platform data streaming 2020-11-18
PH29556 UI72427 (C01) Y Modify the COMMIT interval dynamically when running the Continuous Collector 2020-11-09
UI72254 (C01)
UI72255 (CA8)
Y Capacity planning and forecasting for IMS 2020-10-30
PH30436 UI72252 (CA8) Fix error DSNT408I  SQLCODE=-104 installing the Capacity Planning z/OS component when Db2 set to DECIMAL=COMMA 2020-10-30
UI72244 (C01)
UI72245 (CA0)
UI72246 (CA8)
Y New ELK reports and improvements to existing ELK reports with additional drill down functionality for root cause analysis 2020-10-27
PH29885 UI72123 (C01) Y KPM Db2 Cognos reports 2020-10-20
PH28368 UI71960 (C01) Y Mapping utility DRLEMTJS enhancements for new views 2020-10-12
UI71928 (C01)
UI71929 (CA8)
Y Tailored Fit Pricing Cognos reporting enhancements 2020-10-07
UI71541 (CA8)
Y Forecaster enhancements for Fourier algorithm option  2020-10-05

2020 Q3

APAR PTF New function Description Date shipped
PH28470 UI71539 (C01) Y Changes to Continuous Collector timer, commits, and messages DRL0308I (buffer full), DRL0384I (timer interval), and new message DRL0383I (end of day) 2020-09-16
PH28837 UI71432 (C01) Fix S0C4 reading checkpoint file DRLICHKI 2020-09-15
UI71414 (C01)
UI71415 (CA8)
Fix log stream delete pending and other Data Mover enhancements 2020-09-11
PH27816 UI71431 (CA8) Fix CPU reports for the Capacity Planning z/OS component when run from the ISPF interface    2020-09-09
UI71099 (C01)
UI71100 (CA8)
Y Profiling of usage patterns on CEC, Workload, Business Application, Service Class, and Job levels 2020-08-20
PH25916 UI71073 (CA1) Y KPM IMS component, add Input Queue Time to KPM_IMS_TRAN_H, _D, _W tables 2020-08-18
PH25202 UI70638 (CA0) z/OS System (MVS) component, subcomponent 3 Workload Statistics, fix cause of message DRL0337W by setting IO_COUNT, CAPACITY_CPU_SU, SU_UNWEIGHT_CPU columns to zero in MVS_WORKLOAD_H table when R723MIOC, R723MADJ, R723MCPU fields in SMF 072-3 are zero respectively 2020-07-20
UI70611 (C01)
UI70612 (CA2)
Y CICS TS 5.6 and CICS TCP/IP toleration support 2020-07-17
PH25777 UI70463 (CA0) Update table DB2_DATABASE_T: Db2 fields QISECTA and QISEKTA are no longer supported for Db2 V8+ and replaced by new columns QISESQCA and QISESQKA for Db2 V12+ for the amount of storage above the bar allocated for plans and packages respectively 2020-07-14

2020 Q2

APAR PTF New function Description Date shipped
UI70296 (C01)
UI70297 (CA0)
UI70298 (CA8)
Y IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics V3.1.0 2nd Quarter new function APAR 2020-07-03
PH19446 UI69986 (CA0) Column SEC_CHANGED_PAGES set to NULL for Db2 V8+ in tables DB2_US_TRAN_SHAR_H and A_DB2_SHR_TRAN_I as field QBGA2W of SMF_101 record is no longer supported by Db2 2020-06-12
PH25989 UI69800 (C01) SMF Extractor optimization refresh 2020-06-05
PH25347 UI69605 (CA8) Allow partitioning by range on CP_CEC_WKLD and CP_CEC_MIPS tables  2020-05-20
PH24530 UI69575 (CA8) Y z15 Model T02 support: LSPR_MIPS table updated for 8561 and 8562 2020-05-20
PH25023 UI69572 (C01) Fix Continuous Collector to set timer loop correctly for COMMIT AFTER 1 MINUTES 2020-05-19
UI69250 (CA8)
UI69302 (CA0)
IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics V3.1.0 GA APAR2; APPLY before using or migrating to this version 2020-05-05
PH24637 UI69139 (C01) Correct MCS statements, install updated SMF Extractor definitions as ++PROGRAM, fix SMF Extractor to load all relevant SYS and SUBSYS SMF exits; APPLY after or at the same time as the PTF for PH24628   2020-04-23
PH24628 UI69118 (C01) Remove ++MOD definitions for the SMF Extractor; APPLY before or at the same time as the PTF for PH24637 2020-04-23
UI68814 (C01)
UI68815 (CA0)
UI68816 (CA1)
UI68817 (CA8)
Y IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics V3.1.0 GA APAR 2020-04-09

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