What is Compose for Redis?

Compose for Redis lets you use counters, queues, lists, and hyperlogs to handle complex data issues simply. Redis is the modern developer's multi-tool — with something to offer for every use case.

Compose for Redis features

Slow logs

The slow log view in Compose Redis deployments lets you easily view the results of the Redis slow log settings and lets you quickly configure how long a query takes before being logged.

TLS encryption

Using TLS encryption means your connections, commands and data are made safer from interception on the internet. Deploy with LS encryption enabled allowing greater security for your blazing fast in-memory data structures and caches.

Single location deployments

You want Compose for Redis because you need speed. By deploying your databases in one place on IBM Cloud, you give your data stack a speed boost and reduce latency.

Compose for Redis versions

Fully-managed Redis

Everything you need to run a performance-ready Redis instance — fully-managed and cloud-hosted.

Compose Enterprise

Get a private, isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines for provisioning Compose databases — with the added security required by enterprise compliance using dedicated networking.