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Data is the fuel for the modern enterprise, and with data collection exploding, companies are increasing their investments in data integration in order to deliver rich digital experiences and actionable insights across their business.

IBM Consulting works with you to create a strategy and build out your ideal data estate, regardless of technology investments. Our end-to-end data consulting services help align your data strategy to a go forward architecture, with considerations for governance and autonomous management built in. We embed the power of data across critical workflows, adding AI and automation at specific points of impact.

We bring processing and data storage closer to where it is needed, improving the experience, overall agility and business performance. Our data analytics, AI, and industry experts work together, across a diverse partner ecosystem, to simplify the complex and solve your specific data challenges securely, at scale.

AI Academy: Is data management the secret to generative AI?

Watch this episode of AI Academy to learn why high-quality data is essential for the successful use of generative AI

Benefits 60X  

Acceleration in data delivery time via advanced data engineering and data integration¹


Increase in ROI due to self-service data consumption and collaboration²


ROI from AI capabilities when data is trusted3

Capabilities Data strategy 

Design a data strategy to support your enterprise strategy; one that harnesses data for all your use cases, including AI, analytics, blockchain and other digital uses.

Design your data strategy
Data architecture 

Become a data-driven organization and put your data to work with a data fabric architecture. Provide users access to the right trusted data at the right time regardless of where it resides, while minimizing cost.

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Data modernization  

Transform your data on any cloud, including application and infrastructure partners like IBM, Adobe, AWS, Microsoft, SAP or Salesforce with the help of data accelerators.

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AI & advanced analytics

Empoweryour business with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and automation to support the full data science lifecycle – from prepping and exploring data to building, deploying, managing and monitoring models.

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AI governance

Setting the right data management and AI governance is necessary from the start. AI governance is a challenge that spans people and processes along with technical tools that help enable them.

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Co-create with IBM Garage™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Case studies Innovation at the UK Ministry of Defense

The UK Ministry of Defense centralized finance data with robust data governance practices and deployed data visualization tools that improved operational efficiency and decision making.

Eyeing net-zero emissions at Shell

To help customers solve complex problems that require data from disparate sources, Shell and IBM decided to offer integrated data and digital solutions across the mining supply chain.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

IBM Consulting helped NABP build a new blockchain-based digital platform that enables its member users to track each prescription drug’s transactions.

Strategic partnerships Adobe

Unlock the value of data and leverage AI to deliver real-time, personalized experiences for your customers with Adobe Experience Platform.

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Amazon Web Services

As a premier AWS consulting partner, IBM helps clients accelerate adoption of AWS Cloud for data, analytics and AI.

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IBM helps clients tailor a highly secure, hybrid multicloud journey to Microsoft Azure, including application development, migration, modernization and management.

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IBM uses proven ERP methodologies to help organizations create custom roadmaps that lower costs, increase agility and improve results.

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Enable seamless integration between the Salesforce CRM Analytics platform and IBM big data and analytics solutions to integrate data, unlock insights and co-create innovation at scale.

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AI Academy: Data management

Explore why high-quality data is essential for the successful use of generative AI

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Resources Do you have a holistic data strategy?

People, process and technology are the foundations of a data-driven organization and need to be closely aligned for long-term success. Consider these questions to make sure you're on the right track as you work toward your vision.

IBM AI Academy

Our AI Academy is our AI for business educational experience. Led by top IBM thought leaders, the curriculum is designed to help business leaders gain the knowledge needed to prioritize the AI investments that can drive growth.

5 ways to optimize your data strategy

Data is more pervasive than ever. Take advantage of its full potential with creativity and conviction by following these useful tips such as aligning your data, building and enabling teams, adopting the right technology and more.

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