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Create a holistic AI governance approach

There’s no question generative AI will deliver performance and business value, but technology and regulations are evolving rapidly.

Without the right policies, guidelines and practices surrounding AI implementations, organizations can be exposed to ethical dilemmas, non-compliance with data privacy regulations, reputational harm and financial loss. Setting the right data management and AI governance is necessary from the start. IBM Consulting believes AI governance is a challenge that spans society and technology, requiring both organizational governance, processes, and education across the enterprise and technical tools that help enable them.

IBM’s strength in AI governance is unparalleled – it is core to our culture and values. IBM Consulting has both the industry and domain expertise to work with clients to establish the right guardrails and to ensure AI is built responsibly throughout the enterprise. We work with clients to create a responsible, transparent AI strategy supported by organizational governance frameworks alongside automated AI governance platforms.

How IBM is advancing responsible AI
Now available: watsonx.governance

Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable workflows for generative AI built on third-party platforms

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IBM AI Academy: Trust, transparency, and governance in AI

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Our AI consulting services bring together our deep industry and domain expertise, along with AI technology and an experience-led approach that augments, not replaces, your team -- elevating both their skills and the value of their work.

AI governance strategy

Align strategy with intended business outcomes and technology. Encode policies into business rules and transparent reporting mechanisms to establish intentional clarity.

Organizational frameworks

Establish AI ethics boards, COEs, iterative training, and communications strategies to operationalize Northstar principles. Establish a structure for accountability. Ensure diversity in model selection, training, deployment, and monitoring.

Multi-model AI governance

Implement and scale multi-model AI solutions via enterprise platforms and applications to drive outcomes. Instrument guardrails to help ensure explainability, fairness, and transparency in all AI implementations underpinned by watsonx.governance.

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Regulatory & risk advisory

Establish an AI risk management framework to ensure compliance with existing and upcoming laws.  Provide guidance on emerging cybersecurity threats and safeguards against them.

Data risk assessment

Enable data collection and transparent reporting to make needed information available to all stakeholders. 

Security services

The potential for AI to bolster the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure is enormous. Together, we can ensure safe and secure deployment of AI.

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If you don't have AI governance, you won't be able to adopt AI solutions at scale. Christina Montgomery VP Chief Privacy and Trust Officer IBM Read about IBM featured in the Data and Trust Alliance
Meet our experts Manish Goyal

Senior Partner and Global Leader, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Analytics practice, IBM Consulting, Manish helps enterprises transform their business and capture the tremendous value from the disruption AI offers.

Phaedra Boinodiris

IBM Consulting’s Global Leader for Trustworthy AI, Phaedra is on the IBM Academy of Technology leadership council, is a Fellow of the RSA, a prolific public speaker and author of the book "AI for the Rest of Us".

Dario Gil

Senior Vice President and Director of Research. Dr. Gil leads the technology roadmap and the technical community of IBM, directing innovation strategies in areas including hybrid cloud, AI, semiconductors, quantum computing, and exploratory science.

Strategic partnerships   Adobe

Unlock the value of data analytics and leverage AI to deliver real-time personalized experiences for your customers with Adobe Experience Platform.

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AWS Cloud

As a premier AWS consulting partner, IBM helps modernize and scale contact centers powered by Amazon Connect platform and integrate AI, ML and automation solutions on AWS Cloud.


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Google Cloud

IBM helps integrate and scale AI applications and machine learning and infuse AI-powered intelligent workflows into business processes on Google Cloud. IBM also partners with clients to transform customer service with Google’s Contact Center AI Platform.

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Microsoft Azure

IBM provides the expertise, framework and toolkits to create a roadmap for adoption of AI, analytics and machine learning at scale and to also reinvent businesses processes with intelligent workflows—all built on Microsoft Azure.

Learn more Read the Reckitt group case study

Define and deliver digital transformation with SAP. Deploy AI-enabled workflows that automate essential processes.

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Unlock innovation with Salesforce. Seamlessly integrate Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson to deliver AI experiences across your business. 

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IBM Consulting has practitioners skilled in the watsonx enterprise-ready AI and data platform designed to multiply the impact of AI across your business.

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We work across our own IBM watsonx technology and an open ecosystem of partners to deliver any AI model, on any cloud, guided by ethics and trust.

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