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Improve customer and employee experiences with virtual agents


99% of respondents report an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of using virtual agent technology. Utilizing conversational AI can help meet customers on their terms and address their requests while reducing effort.¹

Scale AI to elevate human capabilities and performance


90% of companies have difficulty scaling AI across their enterprises, and about half of AI projects fail. Taking a strategic approach, organizations can capture the true potential of scaled AI.

Drive differentiation and sustainable innovation with trustworthy AI


Three out of four executives view ethics as a source of competitive differentiation, and they believe AI ethics to help achieve competitive advantage, sustainable innovation, and even social justice goals.


AI services

Conversational AI services

Drive personalized omnichannel experience, while reducing costs of contact center operations. Apply AI-based virtual agents, intelligent workflows and automation together with real-time data to deliver delightful experiences for customers and employees.

AI at scale

IBM methodologies can help you consistently run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning (ML) solutions from pilot to production. Adopt a standard framework to guide your AI journey and culture, and accelerate time-to-value of AI/ML solutions at scale across the enterprise.

Trustworthy AI

Organizations can distinguish themselves with a strategic approach to ethical issues in AI. Partner with IBM to operationalize the discipline of AI ethics across enterprise functions that need to work together. Establish governance approaches and integrate ethics into AI lifecycle.

AI-powered automation

Digitize and automate workflows with AI to create touchless processes that are powered by hybrid workforce. Leverage the IBM automation platform for business and IT, process mining capabilities and partner technologies to drive greater efficiencies and experiences.

Content intelligence

Transform complex document digitization with AI and ML to unlock value from unstructured data. Speed transaction times, reduce cost and increase accuracy across industry-specific, regulatory, customer and supply chain processes.

AI for risk and compliance

IBM® Regtech helps clients harness the power of AI to stay current on ever-changing regulations. Watson and Promontory Advisory Services provide end-to-end risk and compliance management to enable better decisions and regulatory governance. 



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Modernize data and build AI capabilities on AWS Cloud

As a premier AWS consulting partner, IBM helps modernize and scale contact centers powered by Amazon Connect platform, and integrate AI, ML and automation solutions on AWS Cloud.


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Build intelligent workflows on Microsoft Azure

IBM provides expertise, the framework and toolkits to enable adoption of AI, analytics and machine learning at scale, and also reinvent businesses processes with intelligent workflows – all built on Microsoft Azure.


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Scale AI and ML on Google Cloud

IBM helps integrate and scale AI and machine learning and infuse AI-powered intelligent workflows into business processes on Google Cloud. IBM also partners with clients transform customer service with Google’s Contact Center AI Platform.

AI services case studies

Bouygues Telecom achieves rapid innovation by democratizing AI

Partnering with IBM, Bouygues Telecom co-designed custom data and AI architecture on AWS to operationalize and scale AI and ML across the organization.

ABN AMRO Bank elevates customer experience with conversational AI

Netherland-based ABN AMRO Bank integrated conversational AI to automate 150 thousand customer conversations per quarter and understand customer needs in real time.

Siemens Gamesa scales machine learning to reduce manufacturing errors

Partnering with IBM, Siemens Gamesa adopted AI at Scale best practices to deploy ML solutions on Microsoft Azure to transform manufacturing.


IBM named a leader in AI services

Overhead view of streets and traffic circle

IBM was ranked a leader in IDC’s Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2021 Vendor Assessment.

Forrester study on Contact Center Transformation

Understand the ROI of working with IBM to migrate to a cloud-based contact center and  integrate AI to further improve cost efficiencies.

Journey to AI blog

The Journey to AI blog covers news, thought leadership, expert point of view and client success stories about data and AI

Related solutions

Data and analytics consulting

Empower your organization to become a data-driven enterprise with greater access to data and insights. Integrate enterprise data to build  digital, operational, analytical, data science and AI models, and to automate processes using intelligent workflows.

AI for customer service

IBM Watson® Assistant is the industry-leading conversational AI platform that that integrates to your CRM systems. Coupled conversational AI with speech-to-text capabilities, driven by machine learning, Watson Assistant improves first contact resolution for voice interactions.

Process mining

Accelerate your business transformation using intelligent workflows. IBM can help your business become more productive and responsive using Celonis process mining software and Execution Management System (EMS).


¹The IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), in cooperation with Oxford Economics, surveyed 1,005 respondents, across 12 industries and 33 countries, to gather performance data from organizations employing VAT daily, in live situations, for periods from six months to just over four years. Study respondents were senior executives, directors, or managers of contact center or customer service operations, channels, digital technology, or IT with hands-on knowledge of their VAT implementations.