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Multiply the power of AI for your enterprise with IBM Consulting’s new Generative AI Center of Excellence and watsonx, IBM’s next generation AI and data platform.


Reinvent how your business works with AI

Although the hype around artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded recently, AI has powered important insights and automation across every department, industry, and sector for years. For the past decade, IBM Consulting has offered AI, ML, and automation solutions to optimize business process and IT operations for thousands of clients, resulting in cost savings, improved productivity, and reduced time to value.

We are a trusted leader in AI consulting services, with an AI center of excellence that benefits from learnings of over 40,000 AI client engagements. Our 21,000 AI and automation consultants provide strategy, implementation and management services to help every business deploy and scale AI solutions, including generative AI.

We work with you to identify opportunities to embed AI and machine learning into your workflows and processes, making your business more productive. With deep industry experience and access to IBM Research, we can uncover new and emerging areas of value and implement AI ethically, with security, scale, and tangible value.

Risk of Large Language Models

Risk of Large Language Models (LLM) (10:03)

Jumpstart your AI journey with IBM Garage

Rapidly define and prioritize a specific AI use case that will deliver value in 6 weeks or less.


Conversational AI

Drive personalized omnichannel experiences, while reducing contact center operations costs. Apply AI-based virtual agents, intelligent workflows and automation together with real-time data to deliver delightful experiences for customers and employees.

AI at scale

IBM can help you run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning (ML) solutions from pilot to production. Adopt a framework to guide your journey and accelerate your time to value.

Foundation models

Streamline processes, increase productivity and derive immediate actionable insights. We can deploy generative AI models with industry specificity and client content customization while ensuring security and responsibility.

Content intelligence

Digitize complex documentation with AI that unlocks value from unstructured data. Speed transaction times, reduce costs and increase accuracy with industry-specific processes.

Climate risk and weather

Integrate geospatial, weather, climate and remote sensing data sets into core workflows, improving visibility and saving your business time and resources at points of meaningful value.

AI-powered automation

Digitize and automate workflows with AI to create touchless processes that automate tasks and empower a modern, hybrid workforce.


Improve customer and employee experiences with virtual agents


99% of respondents report an increase in customer and employee experiences with virtual agents utilizing conversational AI.¹

Scale AI to elevate human capabilities and performance


89% of enterprise decision makers agree that scaling AI leads to competitive differentiation.²

Drive differentiation and sustainable innovation with trustworthy AI


67% of organisations that view AI and AI ethics as important also indicate they outperform their peers in sustainability, social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion.

Strategic partnerships


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Create memorable experiences with Adobe

Unlock the value of data and leverage AI to deliver real-time personalized experiences for your customers with Adobe Experience Platform.


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Modernize data and build AI capabilities on AWS Cloud

As a premier AWS consulting partner, IBM helps modernize and scale contact centers powered by Amazon Connect platform, and integrate AI, ML and automation solutions on AWS Cloud.


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Scale AI and ML on Google Cloud

IBM helps integrate and scale AI and machine learning and infuse AI-powered intelligent workflows into business processes on Google Cloud. IBM also partners with clients to transform customer service with Google’s Contact Center AI Platform.


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Build intelligent workflows on Microsoft Azure

IBM provides the expertise, framework and toolkits to enable adoption of AI, analytics and machine learning at scale, and to also reinvent businesses processes with intelligent workflows—all built on Microsoft Azure.


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Define and deliver digital transformation for SAP

Deploy AI enabled workflows that automate essential processes.


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Unlock innovation with Salesforce

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson to deliver AI experiences across your business. 

Case studies

Bouygues Telecom achieves rapid innovation by democratizing AI

Partnering with IBM, Bouygues Telecom co-designed custom data and AI architecture on AWS to operationalize and scale AI and ML across the organization.

Wintershall Dea creates a platform to build scalable AI projects

Wintershall Dea worked with IBM Consulting to create an AI center of competence and prioritize use cases to pursue.

Siemens Gamesa scales ML to reduce manufacturing errors

Partnering with IBM, Siemens Gamesa adopted AI at Scale best practices to deploy machine learning (ML) solutions on Microsoft Azure to transform manufacturing.

IBM Garage

Related solutions

Data and analytics consulting

Integrate enterprise data to build digital, operational, analytical, data science and AI models, and to automate processes using intelligent workflows.

Automation consulting

Digitize and automate workflows with AI to create touchless processes that are powered by a hybrid workforce.

Technology consulting

Explore open technologies that unite and align your strategy and process to meaningful automation, AI insights and outcomes.

Explore career opportunities

Join our team of dedicated, innovative people who are bringing positive change to work and the world. 


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