Virgin Money’s on a journey. We’re trying to make everybody better off, that’s our strapline. IBM understand that that’s our intention and they’re working with us to deliver on that promise, to make everybody better off

Graham Smith, IT Team Leader, Virgin Money

Business Challenge story

Virgin Money engaged in an exercise to evaluate its Enterprise Content Management services including the process of ingestion, indexing, storage of documents. During the process, the organization discovered inhibitors that stalled operational efficiencies and customer service improvements.


Virgin Money worked with IBM to deliver an IBM Datacap solution in a very short space of time with a very small budget. The team had the goal of delivering several operations improvements in a short period of time to demonstrate the capabilities of its Datacap solution. Over the course of four months, Virgin Money had fully working, imaging solutions in production.


The Datacap solution was originally intended to process 300 emails a day. It’s now working in excess of 1,500 to 2,000 emails a day being processed through its imaging system. When Virgin Money expanded Datacap capabilities to its mail room, it was able to reduce selected process times from three days to several minutes.

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