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Bringing blockchain to the mainstream with high-speed, low-cost transactions supported by IBM Cloud

Blockchain technology promises to disrupt multiple industries – but mass adoption is yet to happen. Credits is changing that with its fast, cost-effective public blockchain platform hosted on scalable IBM® Cloud™ infrastructure, supporting hundreds of thousands of transactions per second at minimal cost.


Intelligent optimization of a bike sharing system helps to keep a major city on the move

Bike-sharing systems are a common and fast-growing service in major cities, giving commuters and tourists a quick and convenient way to get around. However, ensuring that bikes are always available wherever they are needed is a complex logistics problem. DecisionBrain developed a real-time optimization solution to help distribute bicycles efficiently across one of the world’s largest cities.


Powering greater safety and efficiency for electrical works with an IoT solution built on IBM Cloud

Safety is critical when working on or near electrical power lines. Enedis used IBM® Cloud Garage to rapidly build an innovative IoT solution that helps electrical engineers shut down sections of the grid securely while automatically updating colleagues on status. Built in the IBM Cloud™, the solution boosts safety and operational efficiency.

Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank drives peak performance with comprehensive support

A bank in Vietnam strengthens its business continuity strategy when it joins forces with IBM Global Technology Services – Infrastructure Services to design new disaster recovery and failover plans

Alchemy Media

Unleashing creativity and growth with trouble-free computing on the cloud

Urban ad provider Alchemy Media must stay fast, nimble and innovative to compete against pure-digital rivals. By engaging Avetta Global to migrate its business systems to IBM® Cloud™ bare metal servers, Alchemy has enabled employees to work effectively from anywhere, at any time. Freed from concerns about on-premises infrastructure, the company can focus on service excellence.


Enabling innovative event-driven application development with a highly scalable in-memory database

Event-driven apps enable businesses to detect and act on events, such as anomalies that disrupt manufacturing lines, or changes in the adequacy of bank capital. To rapidly capture and analyze volumes of data in real time, Lightbend and IBM provide an agile environment for developing and operating stream-based microservices applications with AI.

Pakistan State Oil

Keeping the business running smoothly with digital workflows powered by IBM Domino

Pakistan State Oil drives complex projects with as many as 50 individual approvers across different parts of the organization. To keep workflows moving smoothly and contain operational costs, the company uses IBM® Domino® applications to digitize many of its key processes.

BWG Foods

Simplifies and streamlines group-level reporting to drive business growth

When you run a network of multi-symbol convenience stores, generating detailed budgets and tracking the sales performance of each store is critical to continued business success. To reduce complexity in its group reporting activities, BWG Foods worked with ProStrategy to enhance its analytics function with IBM® Planning Analytics.

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