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Large commercial bank

IBM X-Force Red penetration testing helps determine how a criminal ring was stealing cash from ATMs

When this bank realized that ATMs in its extensive network were being compromised, it engaged IBM® X-Force® Red for ATM penetration testing. The X-Force Red team of veteran hackers uncovered a security flaw that allowed thieves to install malware in the targeted ATMs and helped the bank discover an affordable remediation solution.


Boosting business agility to support global growth and ensure regulatory compliance

Launching operations across the globe, Brazil-based food producer BRF has expanded rapidly over the past decade. To improve application performance and ensure compliance with new Brazilian regulations, the company migrated its SAP® ERP Central Component (ECC) environment to SAP HANA® on IBM® Power® Systems and IBM System Storage® solutions.


Safeguarding clients’ most precious asset - their data - to protect their businesses from impact

Companies who can reliably access their data can use it in new ways, creating competitive advantage. To ensure enterprises’ data is always there when they need it, Silverstring created Alchemis Protect®, a managed data availability service featuring IBM® Spectrum Protect™ and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus solutions, which protects diverse workloads wherever they reside: on premises, or in private or public cloud.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Helping state agencies reduce cost and complexity with cloud-based architecture

To help state healthcare agencies address new regulations, IBM Business Partner Deloitte teamed with IBM to develop the Medicaid Enterprise Solution (MES) HealthInteractive Platform running on IBM® Cloud™ technology. With MES, state Medicaid programs can keep IT up-to-date with less effort and expense while aligning with federal guidance.

City and County of Honolulu

Launching an industry-leading enterprise application to boost efficiency

With expertise and support from IBM Business Partner Sirius, Honolulu transitioned to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and updated its mainframe environment with IBM® z13® technology. Now, the city is an IT leader among government organizations, offering an enterprise platform that spans departments and roles to improve efficiency.

P. D. Hook

Modernizing agriculture at scale with powerful collaborative applications

To ensure a stable supply of poultry to restaurants and dinner tables across the UK, P. D. Hook relies on IBM® Notes® and IBM Domino® software to control key aspects of its core production processes. With many of its employees working in remote locations with poor connectivity, the company turned to IBM Business Partner Intec Systems Ltd. to help it extend access to these applications.


Putting Egypt on the global digital payments map with innovative, fast 24/7 services

Each day, Fawry processes 2 million financial transactions, giving Egyptians an easy, secure payment alternative to the complex, time-consuming procedures that are the norm. To help grow customer satisfaction and speed the roll-out of new services, Fawry deployed IBM® Storage, IBM Db2® and Oracle database on IBM Power Systems™ solutions.

9 Spokes International Ltd.

Harnessing cloud technology to help businesses punch above their weight

Though small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the mainstay of economies around the world, they can struggle to access the business insights they need to flourish. 9 Spokes developed a dashboard of business performance management tools hosted on secure, robust and scalable IBM® Cloud™ infrastructure. Provided to SMBs by their own banks, these tools power better decision-making while mitigating business risk.

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