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Belle Tire

Building lasting engagement with AI-powered segmentation for targeted, personalized email campaigns

Motorists go years between replacing their tires—and Belle Tire knows that every customer visit is a key opportunity to make a lasting impression. Today, Belle Tire uses IBM® Watson® Campaign Automation to build a single view of customers’ preferred products and services, enabling it to drive nurture campaigns that keep them engaged between visits.

American Public Media Group

Achieving perfect harmony for financial performance management with IBM Planning Analytics

To keep its 49 public radio stations on air, American Public Media Group (APMG) must maintain tight control of its finances and use funding from donors and advertisers efficiently. IBM® Planning Analytics on Cloud accelerates financial insight, helping decision-makers optimize personnel planning and keep budgets on track with monthly rolling forecasts.

Kredi Kayıt Bürosu (KKB)

Using IBM Cloud Private to shift from traditional IT to hybrid cloud

The national credit bureau of Turkey flexibly develops and delivers new business services using IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Automation Manager software

North Dakota State Government

Delivering high-quality service to citizens on a tight budget

By getting innovative with data and automation, the North Dakota State Government is giving its employees the tools to become true knowledge workers. As a result, they can work more efficiently and provide enhanced services to citizens.


Launching Egyptian companies into global markets through a national e-business hub

The digital channel can connect B2B and B2C organizations with customers anywhere in the world—but many companies in Egypt don’t possess the skills, processes and systems to support e-commerce. To help launch Egypt’s businesses into global markets, EG GATE is using IBM® Watson® Customer Engagement solutions to build an e-business hub.

VIDEO: Rabobank brings Dev and Ops together

Rabobank gets software developers and IT ops staff on the same page using IBM Rational and IBM UrbanCode software. Results: accelerated deployments from weeks to hours while freeing up staff to deliver more value to the business.


Enabling tomorrow’s breakthrough innovations

Specialty chemicals and advanced materials solutions provider Entegris serves the semiconductor and high-tech sectors, where precision and purity dominate. How could Entegris scale operations to meet massive demand? Entegris deployed SAP® Business Suite powered by SAP HANA®, using IBM® Cloud™ for SAP Applications and IBM Cloud Managed Services to build a new digital future.

Byblos Bank

Getting customers on the road sooner with a 40 percent faster auto loan application process

Byblos Bank knows that when someone finds their perfect car, all they want to do is get behind the wheel. To help customers avoid time-consuming auto loan paperwork, the bank used IBM® Business Process Manager and IBM Blueworks Live™ to shape a 40 percent shorter application process—streamlining the journey and getting customers on the road faster.

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