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HelloWorld, A Merkle Company

Supporting top global brands with personalized email campaigns

HelloWorld’s promotions and loyalty programs require delivery of tailored emails to millions of participants at the same time. To create the capacity for continued growth, HelloWorld has embraced IBM® Watson Campaign Automation—which offers the availability, scalability and performance to take on new clients and to continue breaking records for existing ones.


Sheds the weight of legacy systems and achieves digital transformation in the cloud

Managed services provider Techwave saw that legacy processes and systems often prevented enterprises from reaching their digital transformation objectives. By migrating clients’ infrastructures to IBM® Cloud™ bare metal servers, Techwave equips them with the agility, performance and scalability they need to evolve their businesses.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Enhancing accuracy, consistency and speed of rock analysis to support better decisions

Analysis of rocks acquired from deep in the earth helps oil and gas companies optimize field development plans, but the process requires both time and expertise. With help from IBM® Services, the IBM Cloud™ platform and the IBM Watson® Visual Recognition service, ADNOC is harnessing the power of AI to transform and accelerate the process.

Leading South American Insurer

Protecting the business from evolving threats with real-time compliance monitoring

Today’s threat landscape is ever-changing—and defending against new attacks demands constant vigilance. To help keep its mission-critical systems safe from cyber-attack, this insurer uses real-time monitoring to rapidly identify servers that have drifted out of compliance with its security policies and best practices.

Hennepin County

Reducing risk with a holistic approach to records management

Hennepin is Minnesota’s biggest county—and its size means big volumes of data for the administration to manage. Hennepin County is using IBM unified governance and content management solutions to establish a rock-solid retention strategy for millions of records—helping teams defensibly dispose of data to drive down costs and risk.


Responding 87 percent faster to cardiac events with real-time monitoring in the IBM Cloud

When a cardiovascular event strikes, every minute before receiving treatment reduces the chances of a positive outcome. COPCAR is using IBM® Cloud™ Virtual Servers to host its real-time monitoring solution for high-risk patients—enabling the organization to detect cardiac events and rapidly alert the emergency services at any time, day or night.


Drawing actionable insights from online dialog using IBM Watson solutions

Pulsar uses the IBM® Watson® Natural Language Understanding service to analyze digital comments and extract information about trends, demographic preferences and more. With the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service, Pulsar can look beyond image captions for a more in-depth understanding of the way audiences interpret and respond to imagery.

Helvetia Seguros

Builds an AI-driven virtual assistant that generates personalized insurance quotes for customers

As part of a broader digital transformation, Helvetia Seguros is turning towards digital channels such as online sales. Stepping out on its new path, Helvetia Seguros built a virtual assistant powered by IBM Watson® APIs running on IBM Cloud™, which allows customers to obtain tailored quotes and buy insurance online without filling out forms.

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