Supply chain consulting services
Build AI-enabled, sustainable supply chains that prepare your business for the future of work, create greater transparency and improve employee and customer experiences
Read the CEO's Guide to GenAI GenAI is revolutionizing supply chains
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Transform your supply chain

Global supply chain leaders have been forced to fundamentally rethink traditional ways of working, where the greatest threat in navigating disruptions is acting with yesterday’s logic.

IBM supply chain consulting services can strengthen supply chain management, helping clients build resilient, agile and sustainable end-to-end supply chains for the future. Our outcomes-driven approach, market-leading technologies and AI capabilities help you evolve and streamline your supply chain workflows, hyperautomate decision making and improve profitability.

AI can provide insights and intelligent workflows to enable more responsible sourcing and transparent supply chains. By applying AI and automation to our own supply chain, IBM saved USD 160 million related to reduced inventory costs and optimized shipping costs, leading to better decision-making and time savings.


Reimagine supply chain ops with Generative AI to unlock new operational efficiencies

Case Study

IBM's own supply chain transformation journey

Deep dive into elements of IBM supply chain consulting
IBM named leader in supply chain services Leader in worldwide supply chain Oracle ecosystem services Leader in worldwide supply chain SAP ecosystem services Leader in Supply Chain Services
CSCO study: Achieving data-led innovation
IBM Chief Supply Chain Officers study Our latest CSCO study, based on interviews with more than 1,500 chief supply chain officers from 36 countries and across 45 industries, reveals that organizations are increasing investments in automation, AI and intelligent workflows, ecosystems and sustainability to rebalance and reimagine their supply chain operations. Read the study
Capabilities Meet rising consumer expectations with a sustainable supply chain

51% of CEOs now rank sustainability as their greatest organizational challenge.

Transform with sustainability as a strategy
Deliver a differentiated customer experience

Embrace intelligent automation to proactively address disruptions and improve reliability.

Read the IBV Report
Improve agility and visibility

Create resilient and sustainable supply chains that increase transparency, boost productivity and reduce IT complexity and costs.

Modernize your supply chain strategy
Predict disruption and proactively address potential risks

Manufacturing is the most targeted industry for cyber attacks. Understand your greatest security risks and transform from a reactive to proactive business strategy.

Read the Threat Index Report
Optimize cost and service efficiencies with data and automation

Transform business processes by tapping the competitive advantages of AI-powered decision-making.

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Power revenue growth through supply chain availability and service

Over the past three years, supply chain innovators report 34% more revenue growth and 326% more profitability than their peers.

Read the IBV report to learn how
Co-create with IBM Garage ™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Use cases Sustainability services

Use IBM Consulting Sustainability Services to develop a strategy that will guide your organization from strategy to execution and create a sustainable enterprise.

Supply chain planning transformation

Evolve supply chain management planning with continuous collaboration and innovative technologies, giving you the resilience and agility to sense and respond to changes in demand.

Supply chain control towers

Gain visibility and insights across your supply chain operations with a connected dashboard of data analytics, key business metrics and events.

Supply chain security

Develop a comprehensive, risk-based approach to identify and mitigate security and regulatory risks that your current and potential suppliers may carry.

Strategic partnerships Supply chain transformation with SAP

IBM Consulting is driving the next generation of SAP to define and deliver digital transformation—backed by a business case that supports your move to SAP S/4HANA, RISE and the intelligent enterprise.

Explore our SAP services Read the Insights on SAP report
Oracle supply chain transformation

IBM delivers SCM 4.0 outcomes to create resilience, be more responsive to and interconnected with ecosystems and partners, and to deliver sustainability by optimizing logistics networks and carbon footprints.

Explore our Oracle services Read about the Cognitive Enterprise
Intelligent workflows with Celonis

Transform your supply chain organization through process mining and intelligent workflows.

Explore our Celonis services Read the paper


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Reinvent supply chains not just to lower costs, but to transform your business Read the report
7 business trends we expect to shape the world in the next 3 years and 7 bets worth making to benefit from them Read the critical processes, approaches and technologies of a successful supply chain planning transformation Read how sustainable supply chains can help businesses and our planet thrive
Resources 5 ways generative AI can help manufacturers

Let’s look at five specific ways expert solutions have helped real clients incorporate generative AI into future operations planning.

Procurement transformation: Why excellence matters

Procurement departments tend to be less visible to many stakeholders, but the impact they have on bottom line to product quality is key.

How to make your organization digitally resilient

Information needs to be shared across organizational boundaries to make supply chains that are dynamic, responsive and interconnected.

Related supply chain solutions IBM Sterling Supply Chain Intelligence

Apply the power of AI and the speed of automation to improve supply chain management, resiliency and sustainability.

IBM Envizi ESG Suite

Simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of your ESG data.

IBM Maximo Application Suite

Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability in a single platform.

Related services AI services

Artificial intelligence (AI) services can help you drive smart reinvention of your workflows and technology.

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Security services

Protect critical information from cyber-attack, meet ever-increasing levels of regulatory compliance, and ensure your suppliers and third parties are able to identify and mitigate risk.

Explore security services
Procurement consulting

Reinvent procurement operations from source to pay.

Explore procurement consulting
Operations consulting

Accelerate your operational transformation to drive efficiency, optimization, cost benefits and competitive advantage.

Discover operations consulting
Continuous improvement with Simpler

Simpler Consulting helps organizations drive meaningful transformations across all aspects of their supply chain.

Learn more about Simpler Consulting and IBM
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