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Reimagine and modernize HR with AI at the core to deliver better business outcomes, and unlock employee and work potential
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Unlock new levels of workforce performance and productivity

As businesses face multiple challenges: evolving employee expectations, a global labor shortage, and a growing skills gap, HR leaders are being looked to for answers and leadership. HR leaders have a critical role in turning their organization into one that anticipates disruption and moves with agility to compete and win in uncertain times. HR organizations must evolve and adopt new ways of working between running-the-business and driving transformation initiatives. Doing so will enable them to balance strategy and execution.

IBM HR and talent transformation consulting works hand-in-hand with HR who play a pivotal role to seamlessly integrate workforce dynamics into these broader transformation initiatives. Together, we reimagine Human Resources with AI at the core—delivering business value, advancing the talent agenda, accelerating the digital roadmap, creating a modern and agile HR function -- underpinned with a consumer-inspired employee experience. Applying our deep industry expertise, we work with organization to address their unique talent goals and challenges, creating strategies that unlock new levels of workforce performance and productivity inside their business.

Balancing AI: Do good and avoid harm

Reskilling your workforce in the time of AI

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The future of HR and talent in the age of generative AI
Automate HR processes with watsonx Orchestrate and allow your HR team to focus on higher-level work while offloading tedious tasks.
Benefits Reinvent ways of working with tomorrow's skills

Redesign and modernize jobs by harnessing the power of AI and automation into newer ways of working.

Modernize the HR function

AI and automation will revolutionize how HR serves both employees and the business, lifting it from a policy enforcer to value driver.

Accelerate technology transformation

Advance your HR digital roadmap, aligning technology with business objectives and scale, as new technology introduces new opportunities.

Capabilities Talent acquisition and skills development

Equip your workforce with the skills of the future. Transform your talent acquisition and skills strategies and processes with the right balance of people, AI and data.  

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HR operations and outsourcing

AI-first approach to modernize the HR function will enhance employee experience while reducing your operational cost whether you decide to outsource, or keep your services retained.  

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Employee experience

Deliver exceptional experiences to meet ever-evolving work-life employees need with data-driven insights and intelligent workflows.

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HR technology transformation

Reinvent your HR function with employee-centric AI design, reduce HR operating costs through managed employee services that deliver state-of-the art, always on, consumer-like HR services to employees.

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HR digital transformation

Transform HR and employee experiences using agile and design thinking methods, cognitive technologies and underpinned by HR systems, Oracle, Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Co-create with IBM Garage ™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Case studies Hyster-Yale harnesses global HR insights

The materials handling company goal wanted to liberate HR leaders from time consuming administrative tasks, embed and automate security and compliance processes and empower HR professionals to build a bench of future-ready top talent.

FGF prepares for growth

By switching to a central platform, “the tech company that bakes” creates a single source of truth for its HR data, which will enable it to make strategic, efficient talent decisions based on data insights, not just instinct.

Corning fosters the best talent with IBM and SAP

Glass, ceramics and optics specialist Corning saw HR costs creeping up. They gained crystal-clear visibility of its global workforce, cut operational costs, and boosted HR performance. They focuses on HR self-service to let employee engagement shine through.

Strategic partnerships SAP SuccessFactors

Improve your employee experience and operational effectiveness to help transform human resources using SAP SuccessFactors.

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Transform your HR by applying the power of cloud and AI technologies to your Workday implementations.

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Accelerate your journey to Oracle Cloud and transform with cognitive solutions.

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IBM watsonx Orchestrate

Automate HR processes with Watsonx Orchestrate and allow your HR team members to focus on higher-level work while offloading tedious tasks.

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Generative AI will change how we work and what skills we need—and it’s happening faster than we expect. Read the IBV study
A new frontier for the future of work

CEOs identify creativity as the “must have” generative AI skill. Contrary to what people may think, generative AI is very much about people and skills. According to the report creative, flexible, adaptable people will be in most demand.

5 Trends for 2024

Deep tech requires deep trust. Read where, how and why to build trust in your organizations in 2024, in the age of AI.

Seven bets: The new social contract

The new way of working requires understanding and adapting to people's new priorities and the realities of a post-pandemic workplace.

Resources Leading in an era of continuous change

Discover how a dynamic HR operating model—focused on intelligence and flexibility—will allow organizations to anticipate disruption and seize new opportunities.

How Generative AI is changing the workforce

Read the new IBM study that reveals how AI is changing work and what HR leaders should do about it.

CEO decision-making in the age of AI

There’s more pressure to accelerate AI adoption than to slow it down. AS AI invades the workplace, both consciously and surreptitiously, it is also feeling workforce disruption

How to tackle bias in algorithmic AI

With increase in the adoption of generative AI it is important to set guardrails that mitigate bias, establish ethical use of AI, make sure private data stays private, and to reduce the harm done when data is mishandled.

New AI HR/Talent laws get the attention of the C-Suite

Learn about the new laws and regulations that have been implemented to address concerns regarding biases and discrimination and promote ethical HR practices in AI.

Accelerating the journey to HR 3.0

Explore 10 action areas that will transform talent management through skill development, data, and AI.

Meet our experts Jill Goldstein

Managing Partner of the Talent Transformation practice with IBM Consulting, Jill combines technology with the creativity of people to help organizations reimagine how work gets done. Passionate about inclusive experiences, she partners with our global clients to design, build and operate fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver business results and unlock workforce potential.

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Create intelligent workflows that use AI, data and risk analysis to turn AI aspirations into tangible business outcomes.

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Automation consulting

Digitize and automate workflows. Automation with AI enables your entire organization to be always-on, optimizing operations to provide seamless business continuity.

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Business process outsourcing

Reinvent BPO models using AI and Cloud to achieve operational transformation.

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