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By 2033, global GDP will have grown by 7%¹ or USD 7 trillion from generative AI’s impact on businesses and society. Half of that growth will come from productivity savings, the other half from increased consumer demand as a result of AI-enabled product enhancements.

However, in a world where 70% of digital transformation efforts fail², how do enterprises ensure they are getting real value from AI and not ceding ground to competitors? 

What we do

IBM Garage helps de-risk transformation while quickly scaling impact through its collaborative, value obsessed engagement model.  IBM Garage aligns work to your biggest drivers of value, transparently tracks that value as it’s realized in each stage of a program, and scales the new ways of working by bringing together the best of enterprise design thinking, agile development, and DevSecOps practices, accelerated by generative AI tools from IBM and partners.

One of the major contributions IBM brings to us is how to take the proof of concept live into production. The templates IBM provides enable us to do quick scaling, and to do testing, proofs of concept and development in parallel. Prihandono Aditama Product Manager Wintershall Dea AG

Return on investment.³


Greater developer and data engineer efficiency.


Faster build of customer experiences.

Our method IBM Garage integrates the technologies, methods and practices, and human expertise to identify, track and realize business value at each stage of enterprise change, rapidly turning ideas into measurable, meaningful outcomes.
Step 1 Co-create A combined team of diverse subject matter experts are immersed in intensive design thinking and research activities to expose the true nature of a client’s opportunity. See how it works (0:37)

Step 2 Co-execute A solution development cycle that uses Agile and DevOps practices to quickly launch and test an MVP, while capitalizing on IBM’s business and technology expertise – including hybrid cloud and AI – and the entirety of IBM’s product and services portfolio. See how it works (0:47)

Step 3 Co-operate Harden and scale the robust solution — and the new culture of innovation — across the enterprise. See how it works (0:43)
IBM Garage Experience (IGX)

What if you could see and track the value of your most important initiatives from their creation through to building and deploying them?  What if you had the transparency to understand, down to the new feature, which efforts were contributing the most return?  Wonder no more.  Welcome to the IBM Garage Experience.

IBM Garage Experience is a program governance platform that helps you prioritize, align and transparently track your most critical initiatives and understand their value.  It’s a digital companion guiding and showing IBM Garage’s value orchestration process, so you can:

  • Identify value opportunities in minutes, not days, with generative AI assistants that help you create new ideas for process and experience improvements.
  • Understand the value of your programs’, broken down to the user feature level, as you deliver them.
  • See your program’s throughput, blockers, delivery health, and progress against the business case at a glance, and all in one place.
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Examine the cost savings, business benefits and structured innovation that are enabled by IBM Garage™ to meet today’s demands for modernization, transformation and growth.

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Explore how IBM is utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to drive innovation and create value for businesses across various industries.

Case studies

An ambitious digitization project made airport check-ins fast and easy. Read the case study
Campari Group gives its brand owners a fast and efficient path to creating great digital experiences. Bouygues Telecom achieves rapid innovation by scaling AI on AWS. Woodside Energy puts the IBM Garage approach at the center of its Woodside Accelerator.
Strategic partners  Explore IBM Consulting partner technologies and services often used in Garage method implementations. Amazon Web Services

Accelerate your hybrid cloud and AI journey.

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Build and deliver a strategic business transformation.

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Design and deliver memorable and secure customer experiences.

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Debbie Vavangas

Debbie has a proven track record for innovation and leadership in complex programs and digital transformation, instrumental at driving value with client executives through a personal vision  applying transformative and innovative solutions to improve core business processes.

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Dr. Mohamed El-Refai

Mohamed is PMP certified and a certified Open Group Distinguished Chief Architect. Mohamed has extensive experience in architecting complex enterprise solutions for retail, banking and financial services industries.

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