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Driving business transformation for enterprise clients with extreme automation
IBM a leader in Forrester Wave™
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Rethink how your business works

IBM Consulting’s extreme automation consulting services enable enterprises to move beyond simple task automations to handling high-profile, customer-facing and revenue-producing processes with built-in adoption and scale. You can create connected, intelligent, end-to-end processes, underpinned with exponential technologies and trust. With the seamless orchestration of work across robots and your human workforce, enterprises can drive adaptive and flexible business models that enhance efficiency and productivity.

We provide a holistic approach to automation with a framework designed to deliver value fast. We meet you where you are, from strategy and roadmap design to running engagements that support automation programs at scale.

Jumpstart your AI journey with IBM Garage

Rapidly define and prioritize a specific AI use case that will deliver value in 6 weeks or less.

Power outcomes with extreme automation Align business and IT, improve customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and unearth new sources of value. Learn why IBM is named market leader in HFS Horizons: Automation Service Providers report. Download the report

Benefits 25%+

improvement in measurable KPIs from their intelligent automation services engagement¹


reduction in claim processing time, from 15 days to 1 day²


reduction in rework rate due to the process excellence capabilities³

Capabilities Automation advisory and process excellence

Reduce your total cost of ownership and lower maintenance of applications and data, managing custom apps on cloud by leveraging capabilities in intelligent automation, self-healing, DevSecOps, platform engineering and SRE.

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Business automation

Extreme automation is a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and technology platforms that enables straight through "touchless" processing with minimal human involvement that improves customer experience and creates new value.

Read The era of extreme automation
IT automation

Enable digital transformation and modernization of IT operations, accelerate your enterprise IT automation journey with Ansible Automation and intelligent IT workflow integration for end-to-end IT processes that cut across organization.

Explore our platform services
IBM Garage
Co-create with IBM Garage™ Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Case studies

Learning company Pearson is using automation to make processes more efficient.

Pharmaceutical distributor Amerisource Bergen finds new inspiration and value in automation.

Strategic partnerships Apply process mining, intelligence and automation

Celonis, IBM and Red Hat are working together to deliver process mining, process intelligence and execution management solutions for our clients. Leverage enterprise-wide process simplification and automation that generates business value at scale.

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Fast-track your hybrid cloud transformation

IBM and Microsoft’s partnership helps clients navigate to a hybrid, multicloud world, enabling them to become cognitive enterprises through our expertise in industries, business processes and exponential technologies.

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Co-create with clients and solve the digital workflow demands of today

For over a decade, IBM and ServiceNow have driven innovation in the IT service management and workplace services market. With IBM Consulting, our global partnership helps you accelerate time to value, gain full visibility into your operational footprint and humanize your workflow automation experience.

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Cut through the noise with insights on the latest in business and technology. Hear from the leaders who are driving business innovation.

“IBM Consulting offers extreme automation and process excellence,” stated Forrester Wave™ for Q2 2022 Download the report
IBM ranked leader in intelligent process automation

Recognized by Everest Group, IBM has demonstrated its ability to help enterprises scale automation by implementing large scale RPA projects

IBM named leader in intelligent automation services

Honored by IDC, our solutions help reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, employee productivity, customer satisfaction and more

Businesses are using automation and AI to deliver intelligence, real-time insights and value

Related solutions Successful intelligent automation

To prepare for the Future of Work, enterprises need to focus and define the expected outcomes from intelligent automation. 

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Get more from automation

Digital business automation helps you turn momentary challenges into long-term opportunities no matter where you are on your automation journey.

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Digital workers and the hybrid enterprise workforce

IBM is creating a new software-based workforce of digital workers that can independently execute end-to-end processes using skills beyond RPA tools and bots.

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RPA and intelligent automation services

Analysts name IBM as leader in multiple reports for RPA and intelligent automation services.

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Data and analytics consulting

Integrate enterprise data to build digital, operational, analytical, data science and AI models, and to automate processes using intelligent workflows.

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AI consulting

Reinvent your workflows and operations to create efficient processes, improve decision-making and outcomes.

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Technology consulting

Explore open technologies that unite and align your strategy and process to meaningful automation, AI insights and outcomes.

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