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Sustainability begins with design

3 min read - If you want to make sustainable products today, dabbling at the edges no longer suffices. You must start at the design phase. For example, 80% of a product’s lifetime emissions is determined by product design. Achieving sustainability demands a transformation of thought. While 86% of companies have a sustainability strategy—with 73% of those set on a net-zero carbon emissions goal—only 35% act on that strategy. Backward-looking initiatives, like retrofitting products or alternate maintenance schedules, can make a dent in the…

5 misconceptions about cloud data warehouses

4 min read - In today’s world, data warehouses are a critical component of any organization’s technology ecosystem. They provide the backbone for a range of use cases such as business intelligence (BI) reporting, dashboarding, and machine-learning (ML)-based predictive analytics, that enable faster decision making and insights. The rise of cloud has allowed data warehouses to provide new capabilities such as cost-effective data storage at petabyte scale, highly scalable compute and storage, pay-as-you-go pricing and fully managed service delivery. Companies are shifting their investments…

Data Fabric – Its Time Has Come

< 1 min read - Why do organizations need a Data Fabric to achieve better business outcomes? Data is a critical component for enterprises looking to achieve better outcomes through data-driven decisions and processes. A data-driven approach can lead to improved decision making, minimization of risk, and competitive advantage. However, for many organizations leveraging data in an easily accessible and integrated way can be challenging. Many organizations have access to highly skilled resources and state-of-the-art technologies yet struggle to move the needle rapidly enough with…

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