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What is data mining?

Learn how data mining uses statistics and artificial intelligence to analyze large data sets to uncover patterns and discover useful information.

Data science vs. machine learning: What’s the difference?

Learn how, even though related, data science and machine learning (ML) are different from each other. While data science gives structure to big data, ML focuses on learning from the data itself.

Data integrity vs. data quality: Is there a difference?

Understand the nuances of data quality and integrity, and how to be a data-driven organization using analytics for business decisions, providing self-service data access and data offerings.

Data science vs data analytics: Unpacking the differences

Explore how data science and data analytics differ from each other. Data science involves managing structured and unstructured data while data analytics examines datasets to extract insights.

What is business intelligence?

Know how to harness business data by understanding how business intelligence processes data to gain actionable insights and inform decision-making.

What is exploratory data analysis?

Learn how exploratory data analysis effectively analyzes and summarizes data sets to discover patterns and anomalies and generate a hypothesis.

What is data science?

Leverage data science to unlock business insights from an increasing amount of data, accelerate digital transformation and data-driven decision making.

What is linear regression?

Master this analytics procedure to become skilled at generating predictions, using an easily interpreted mathematical formula and applying it to various domains.

What is logistic regression?

Predict outcomes more quickly and make better decisions by mastering the logistic regression method and by knowing which type of logistic regression to use.

What is Monte Carlo simulation?

Learn how to run a Monte Carlo simulation, a computational algorithm, by using repeated random sampling to estimate the possible outcomes of an uncertain event.

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The ESG data conundrum Discover why companies see the effective use of ESG (environmental, social and governance goals) data as a way to accelerate profitability and growth. Read the report

Learn the fundamentals and the hottest themes in analytics from our series of explainer videos

Data lakehouses explained

Watch Luv Aggarwal explain how the evolution of data warehouses and data lakes into data lakehouses, combining their benefits, is similar to the way how food comes from the farm to our table.

Data fabric explained

Join Luv Aggarwal as he provides an explanation of a data fabric in detail, its intricate workings, and its role in breaking data silos, ultimately restoring data access to users.


Listen to engaging discussions with tech leaders

Mixture of Experts

Hear insightful discussions on the latest AI trends, innovations, and their impact on business. Hosted by Tim Hwang, the podcast offers a balanced blend of expertise and analysis on everything from breakthrough research to practical applications.

Smart Talks with IBM

Get inspired by a conversation between people who are at the forefront of innovation. Tune in to hear Malcolm Gladwell—one of the world’s most renowned thinkers and writers in social science—talk to leaders about technology that can transform your business.

The Art of A.I.

Discover how AI is not just a standalone technology but also has the potential to transform the way you do business. Hosted by Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and VP of Technology, the podcast blends art and technology and offers insights about AI trends and the trustworthiness of AI in business.

Making Data Simple

Learn more about the trends in big data, AI and the implications for business from a range of experts. Hosted by Al Martin, Worldwide Vice President of Technical Sales at IBM, this podcast covers the challenges and opportunities of big data.


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Featured tutorial Deploy Apache Spark jobs to Kubernetes using Tekton Learn how to simplify your Apache Spark deployments on Kubernetes by leveraging the power of Tekton pipelines in our step-by-step tutorial. Check out the tutorial
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