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The advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cloud

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Hybrid cloud

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Build a more intentional hybrid cloud: The key to continuous innovation

Learn how to create a seamlessly integrated and connected hybrid cloud environment.

The advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cloud

With the rapid advancements in cloud computing, data management and artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid cloud plays an integral role in next-generation IT infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud benefits

Consider how you can harness computing power for your growing new application demands by watching Jamil Spain explain hybrid cloud benefits in this video.

Turn challenges into opportunities with hybrid cloud and AI

Watch IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Arvind Krishna, deliver an inspiring keynote at Think 2023 about the role of hybrid cloud and AI in helping businesses transform and grow.


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7 ways to optimize Infrastructure for AI workloads

Learn about seven key strategies to optimize infrastructure for AI workloads, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of AI technologies.

Public cloud vs. private cloud vs. hybrid cloud: What’s the difference?

Explore the different functionalities of private cloud versus public cloud versus hybrid cloud.

How to build more sustainable transportation infrastructure

Explore sustainable transportation infrastructure, its positive impact on the environment and the economy, as well as best practices for building it.

Leveraging high performance computing (HPC) to help solve complex challenges across industries

Harnessing HPC’s computational power and flexibility can help various industries solve complex problems faster, enabling them to remain competitive.

Five industries benefiting from drone inspections

Discover how and which five industries are benefitting from commercial drones conducting inspections, thereby boosting precision, safety, and efficiency.

What is IT infrastructure?

Learn why information technology infrastructure is important and how all the components work together to manage enterprise IT services and environments.

What is a mainframe?

Harness the power of mainframes to process up to 1 trillion web transactions daily, while maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability.

What is disaster recovery (DR)?

Disaster recovery (DR) consists of IT technologies and best practices designed to prevent or minimize data loss and business disruption resulting from catastrophic events—everything from equipment failures and localized power outages to cyberattacks, civil emergencies, criminal or military attacks and natural disasters.

Research reports

Read our research reports to help steer your cloud transformation journey

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Learn the fundamentals and trending cloud topics from our explainer videos

Apache vs NGINX

If you're into web development, you have undoubtedly heard of Apache and Nginx. In this video, Martin Keen explains how these web servers work and then breaks down the tradeoffs of each solution (spoiler: it's not an either/or answer).

What is hybrid cloud?

Watch Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, use an example of a fictional distribution company undergoing hybrid cloud transformation to explain the advantages of choosing the right strategy.

Kubernetes Explained

Dive deep into Kubernetes with Sai Vennam in this video as he explains this de facto facto standard for container orchestration, allowing you to run and manage your container-based workloads.

Focus more on business outcomes, less on IT, with hybrid cloud

Watch Ric Lewis, Senior Vice President, IBM Infrastructure, discuss with business leaders about how they are optimizing business outcomes with hybrid cloud.

Cloud fundamentals explained playlist

Cloud computing is becoming integral to IT infrastructure across industries. Explore our playlist covering cloud fundamentals to learn how to navigate and succeed in any cloud environment.

Hybrid cloud explained playlist

Hybrid cloud is a computing environment that connects private and public cloud into a single, flexible infrastructure. Explore our playlist to get a holistic understanding of hybrid cloud.

Cloud-native explained playlist

Building cloud-native applications requires harnessing the power of Kubernetes. Explore our playlist to know the basics of cloud and Kubernetes, Docker, operators, SDKs and OpenShift® .

Cloud networking explained playlist

Computer networking solutions optimize traffic, keep users happy, secure the network and provision services. Watch our playlist to understand how networking functions within a cloud environment.


Listen to engaging discussions with tech leaders

Listen to engaging discussions with tech leaders Smart Talks with IBM Get inspired as Malcolm Gladwell, a renowned social science thinker and writer, converses with innovation leaders about transformative technologies on our podcast. Listen to the podcast
IBM Research for hybrid cloud

IBM Research is a group of scientists and researchers around the globe who deeply believe in the power of the scientific method to invent what’s next for IBM, our clients and the world. Explore our work and publications for hybrid cloud.

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Use a smarter strategy to migrate to cloud and drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud solutions.

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Empower OpenShift developers to perform fast and secure enterprise workload containerization and deployment in Kubernetes.

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