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Watch the Think 2024 keynote replays. Learn how to scale AI and hybrid cloud for your business.
AI Academy

Led by top IBM thought leaders, leverage a comprehensive course designed for business and data leaders on the most relevant AI topics.

Rethink use cases

IBM’s animated series shows how you can transform customer service, app modernization, HR and marketing with generative AI. Each episode features an IBM expert imagining the application of AI to a workflow, and the impact on an entire enterprise.

What are Generative AI models?

Watch IBM expert Kate Soule explain how generative AI uses LLMs.

IBM Think 2024 on demand sessions
Watch on demand sessions from IBM Think 2024, bringing technology leaders together to share ideas that drive transformation. View all on demand videos

AI Academy
Watch AI Academy, a new flagship AI for business educational experience. Led by top IBM thought leaders, the curriculum is designed to help business leaders gain the knowledge needed to prioritize the AI investments that can drive growth. Explore the curriculum
Rethink use cases
IBM’s animated series shows how you can transform customer service, app modernization, HR and marketing with generative AI. Each episode features an IBM expert imagining the application of AI to a workflow, and the impact on an entire enterprise. Watch now
Explore artificial intelligence Explore AI's potential, diverse applications and implications. View the AI essentials playlist Can AI help climate change?

Climate change today represents a critical global challenge. Watch Stacey Gifford, a chemist with IBM Research, explain how artificial intelligence (AI) offers promising solutions, such as the ability to develop new environmentally friendly materials.

AI and climate change (11:56)
What is AIOps?

Unplanned downtime can lead to financial losses, damage a brand and even incur regulatory action. Join Albert Traylor with IBM Cloud, for a use case walkthrough about how AIOPs can predict and prevent outages and speed up resolution.

Explore AIOps (5:26)
AI vs machine learning

What is really the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)? Let Jeff Crume explain the relationship between the two and also delve into related topics like deep learning (DL) and properties of each type.

Learn about AI and ML (5:51)
Explore cloud fundamentals Understand the essentials of modern cloud technologies.  View the cloud fundamentals playlist Kubernetes explained

Kubernetes is now the de facto standard for container orchestration in the technology industry, allowing you to run and manage your container-based workloads. Join Sai Vennam as he provides a comprehensive view of all things Kubernetes.

Explore Kubernetes (10:58)
What is a REST API?

What is a REST API and how is it fundamental to your cloud application?  Join Nathan Heckman with IBM Cloud, as he answers these questions and much more, visually showing the benefits a company can gain by using REST API.

Find out more about REST APIs (9:11)
What is Hybrid Cloud?

Without the right strategy, hybrid cloud can pose a number of challenges. Watch Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, use an example of a fictional distribution company undergoing hybrid cloud transformation to explain the advantages of choosing the right strategy.

Learn about hybrid cloud (9:44)
Explore security and identity Get a holistic view of how you can safeguard your cloud-based systems against evolving threats. View the cloud security playlist What is cloud security?

It is essential to understand the nuances of the Shared Responsibility Model in cloud security. Dive deep with Nataraj Nagaratnam from IBM Cloud as he explains cloud security and how enterprises can incorporate it into their business operations.

Learn how to secure your cloud (10:09)
What is SIEM?

Sorting through thousands of alerts to find the “signal” can be taxing. Watch Jaqueline Lehmann explain how a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system correlates data from multiple sources to produce accurate, high-fidelity alerts.

See how SIEM works (4:28)
The anatomy of an attack

While the “bad guys” use tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to attack, the "good guys" use PPTs (people, process and technology) to respond. See Jeff, "the security guy", explain the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help understand your enemy.

Learn to decode attacks (7:42)
Explore analytics Gain knowledge to effectively manage your data assets. Data lakehouses explained

Ever thought how the journey of food from farm to table draws parallels to the evolution of data storage, moving from data lakes and data warehouses to data lakehouse architecture? Watch Luv Aggarwal explain this analogy, and how a data lakehouse combines the benefits of data lakes and warehouses.

Dive deep into data lakes (8:50)
Data fabric explained

A data fabric is an architectural approach to simplify data access in an organization to facilitate self-service data consumption. Check out this video in which Luv Aggarwal explains how the data fabric can help break down data silos and get data into the hands of data users.

Learn about data fabrics (13:33)
What is a data warehouse?

What’s a data warehouse, and how does it compare to a data mart and data lake? Is a data warehouse solution only for large enterprises? In this lightboard video, Luv Aggarwal with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and many more as he breaks down what a data warehouse is and the benefits it can provide for an enterprise.

Take a closer look at data warehouse (8:13)
View all IBM technology videos Gain a comprehensive understanding of modern software development and operations with our expert-led videos. Explore IBM technology videos and playlists Observability vs. APM vs. Monitoring

Though Observability, Application Performance Management (APM) and Monitoring are often used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings. Learn how they differ and why enterprise observability is more effective at reducing manual monitoring efforts.

Explore monitoring solutions (9:33)
What is Kafka?

Modern-day cloud application users expect real-time experiences, but how is it achieved? Watch Whitney Lee with IBM Cloud, explain how Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed streaming platform, enables developers to make high-performance applications using event streams. 

Discover Kafka (9:10)
DevOps vs. SRE: What's the difference?

Though Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps are viewed as two sides of the same coin, they do have some differences. Watch Bradley Knapp with IBM Cloud, explain the differences and how they impact an organization.

Dive into DevOps and SRE (8:07)
Learn the fundamentals with technology explained playlists Understand the basics of a foundational technology stack. API essentials

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, simplify software development and innovation by allowing the exchange of data and  functionalities. Explore our playlist to learn how to optimize software ecosystems.

View the API essentials playlist
Cloud fundamentals

Cloud computing is becoming integral to IT infrastructure across industries. Explore our playlist covering cloud fundamentals to learn how to navigate and succeed in any cloud environment. 

View the cloud fundamentals playlist
Kubernetes essentials

Kubernetes is the go-to open-source platform for container orchestration. Check out our playlist of Kubernetes essentials from basics to advanced topics to master the managing of containerized applications.

View the Kubernetes playlist
AI essentials

AI and ML are poised for continued growth, and it is an exciting time to be involved in these fields. Explore our playlist about essential and popular AI and ML topics to get a holistic understanding of these transformative technologies. 

View the AI essentials playlist
Cloud data storage explained

A well-structured cloud data storage can lead to cost-efficiency, enhanced scalability and data elasticity for organizations of all sizes. Browse our comprehensive playlist to dive deep into cloud data storage as an alternative to on-premise storage networks.

View the cloud data storage playlist
Cloud security

Integrating cloud-native controls into your existing technologies can strengthen your defense strategy. Watch our playlist offering deep insights into threats, trends and solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

View the cloud security playlist

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