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What is generative AI, what are foundation models, and why do they matter?

To answer these questions, explore the technology behind generative AI, neural networks and foundational models and the importance of ethical AI.

AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Neural Networks: What’s the difference?

Although used interchangeably, each computer term represents a unique technology. Explore the differences and commonalities among them.

Understanding the different types of artificial intelligence

AI is in a perpetual state of flux but you can grasp it by delving into its capabilities and functionalities through this blog post.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Understand how AI enables computers to think and make decisions like humans, explore its history and the types of AI, and uncover the ways it impacts our lives.

What is a chatbot?

Explore chatbot technology to understand how chatbots simulate human conversation, often using NLP to parse inputs and generative AI to automate responses.

Perspectives from the Front: Data quality, AI performance and trust

Learn about the importance of data quality for AI performance and how to use AI to improve data quality and build trust in your AI systems.

Perspectives from the Front: Protecting individuals and enterprises through algorithmic safety

Find out how algorithmic safety, though complex and challenging, is essential for the responsible development and deployment of AI.

Perspectives from the Front: The urgency of AI governance

Discover the importance and benefits of effective governance for AI to help address the ethical and regulatory challenges as one adopts AI.

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6 hard truths CEOs must face

Discover what sets leading CEOs apart and what are the six hard truths they must tackle—from people challenges to operations hurdles to data and technology limitations—to outcompete in the age of generative AI.

The CEO's guide to generative AI

As a CEO seeking guidance, gain essential insights and strategies from our bi-weekly, data-backed briefings on navigating generative AI and how to scale the adoption safely and responsibly.

CEO decision-making in the age of AI

Read the latest study to discover how CEOs navigate challenges and seize opportunities in a complex world, addressing the AI dilemma.

Application modernization on the mainframe

Utilize the guidance from this report on the need to modernize applications that run on mainframe to extract more value from your mainframe assets.


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What are generative AI models?

How does generative AI create high-quality content? Watch IBM expert Kate Soule explain in detail how generative AI uses large language models (LLMS) to do this.

How to build enterprise-ready foundation models

Building a trustworthy and efficient, high-performing foundation model requires care. IBM’s Kate Soule walks us through each step of the AI pipeline.

How to Pick the Right AI Foundation Model

There are so many foundation models available for AI Development, but how do you pick the right one? Picking the wrong one might cost you money, time, accuracy, and reliability. Martin Keen, Master Inventor, walks through his six step approach to picking the right model for your next project.

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Watch Martin Keen talk give a unique perspective on what the difference is between Machine Learning and Deep Learning - explained and illustrated in a delicious analogy of ordering pizza.

AI vs Machine Learning

What is really the difference between Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)? In this video, Jeff Crume explains the differences and relationship between AI & ML, as well as how related topics like Deep Learning (DL) and other types and properties of each.

What is Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning and how do businesses leverage it today? In this lightboard video, Luv Aggarwal with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and many more as he visually explains what Machine Learning is, how it compares to AI and Deep Learning, as well as why and how an enterprise would use a Machine Learning solution.


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Mixture of Experts

Hear insightful discussions on the latest AI trends, innovations, and their impact on business. Hosted by Tim Hwang, the podcast offers a balanced blend of expertise and analysis on everything from breakthrough research to practical applications.

Smart Talks with IBM

Get inspired by a conversation between people who are at the forefront of innovation. Tune in to hear Malcolm Gladwell—one of the world’s most renowned thinkers and writers in social science—talk to leaders about technology that can transform your business.

The Art of A.I.

Discover how AI is not just a standalone technology but also has the potential to transform the way you do business. Hosted by Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and VP of Technology, the podcast blends art and technology and offers insights about AI trends and the trustworthiness of AI in business.

Making Data Simple

Learn more about the trends in big data, AI and the implications for business from a range of experts. Hosted by Al Martin, Worldwide Vice President of Technical Sales at IBM, this podcast covers the challenges and opportunities of big data.


Master AI and Python with hands-on tutorials

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Implementing logistic regression from scratch in Python

Explore mathematical equations and corresponding examples in Python to master the creation of your custom binary logistic regression model.

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) explained

Learn about the different aspects and intricacies of GANs, a type of neural network with applications both in and outside of the AI space.

Unsupervised learning for data classification

Discover the theory and concepts of unsupervised learning, a technique for clustering data without labels to find hidden insights in data.

What is reinforcement learning?

Learn about Automated AI For Decision-Making, a process in machine learning that identifies data points, events and observations that deviate from a data set’s normal behavior.

IBM Research for artificial intelligence

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