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InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.1 Fix Pack 1, fix list

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Summary of fixes included in IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.1 Fix Pack 1 with fixes grouped by components.


IBM development has compiled this list of fixed APARS which are included in Fix Pack 1 for Information Server, Version 8.1. Check your Version.xml file to ensure that all of your installed patches are on this list prior to installing Fix Pack 1. If you have a patch that does not appear on this list, please do not install Fix Pack 1. Contact IBM Technical support to obtain a new patch which can be installed on top of Fix Pack 1 so that you do not experience loss of functionality as a result of applying the fix pack.

There is also a "Fixed APARS not included" document available which contains a table of APARS which have been fixed but are not included in Fix Pack 1. The link to the "Fixed APARS not included" document is available in the "Related Information" section below.

Roll-up Patches included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.1 Fix Pack 1

For convenience, we have collected tables of the roll-up patches which are included in Fix Pack 1. These are listed using the patch name which will appear in the Version.xml file, to make it easier to identify which of your patches are included. The individual APARs will still appear in the tables below.

Information Server Roll-up Patches
Patch Name
Common Connector rollup patch 2
Critical Patch for 8.1
Rollup patch for DataStage Multi-Client Manager
Common Connector Rollup patch 1
DB2 connector and Distributed transaction stage
Consolidated Windows Patch

Information Analyzer Roll-up Patches
Patch Name
Roll-up patch 2 for Information Analyzer.
Roll-up patch 3 for Information Analyzer.
Roll-up patch 4 for Information Analyzer.
Roll-up patch 5 for Information Analyzer.

Fast Track Roll-up Patches
Patch Name
Roll-up patch 5 for Fast Track Version 8.1 (not 8.1.1)
Roll-up patch 6 for Fast Track Version 8.1 (not 8.1.1)

Fixed APARS included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.1 Fix Pack 1

Information Server Fixes
Fix ID
The Max Runtime tab needs to support values greater than 100
Information Server reporting functions stop working causing client applications to abort.
Web Admin buttons are not fully visible in Mozilla Firefox 3
Credentials not encrypted by the APPSERVERADMIN.SH
DataStage Directory crashes when trying to view job logs due to duplicate log events
APPSERVERADMIN.SH script does not encode the user password
Unable to use LDAP groups with DataStage
Auditing Service phase 2 enhancements
Potential cross-site scripting vulnerability (XSS) with the Information Server Web console
Server not creating sockets properly to communicate with the Agent
Need to add Session Monitor
WebSphere logs show multiple errors: The maximum number of sessions has been reached
Creating hundreds of Information Analyzer reports can cause performance issues and Java core and heap dumps to be created
Oracle RAC not supported
Documentation has been refreshed.
Out of memory occurs during patch installation
istool build package failure if two datastage servers are running with same instance/name

DataStage Fixes
Fix ID
Server job with sequential file target fails at first run
Shared container are not processing parametersets properly
Extra bytes returnd by SUBSTRINGS() when INPUTTRAIL is IS 0XE0
Retrieve: syntax error. unexpected symbol. token was @id
Transformer function timet_from_timestamp() is returns a signed value, so any dates beyond sometime in early 2038 are mishandled
Sequence jobs stuck in hung state when parallel job completion is not detected
Auto-purge (after nruns /n days) should not purge logs from aborted job runs
Synchronization error resource= , curwave = 12, lastwave = 11
Long import times (30 times slower) once a Parallel job has been compiled
-99 error intermittently on job runs
MFF stage is restricted to maximum of 255 characters
Information Server operational metadata xml generation function generates invalid xml
Rollup patch 132293 for Linux on System z
DataStage SETUID binaries are vulnerable to a buffer overrun
Lstages command for DSjob does not always provide the correct list of active stages in the job
Getting compile errors preprocessing constraint error in CFF Parallel stage
Trailing semi-colon problem in user defined SQL in ODBC stage
Problem checking configuration file from Designer client
Autopurge setting causes certain job to hang or halt
Viewing a jobs log on the ibm infosphere DataStage director client can cause an error in certain circumstances
Semicolon (;) at end of the user-defined statement needs to be removed
QualityStage jobs in Version 8.0.1 dol not import with basic transforms with a QualityStage-only license
Escaping of job parameters for plugins in parallel jobs is not working as designed on Unix
SCD stage rejects rows with null type 2 fielDS when comparing between unicode and non-unicode inputs containing null
Performance issue creating 450 tables using shared metadata in Designer client
Renaming a folder does not clean up old folder
Need option -protectproject for the DSadmin command line tool
Need dscc utility with a new command line option
Transformer stage does not handle aborts properly when inter-process is enabled and the source stage is a plugin
Importing sequential file defns, quoted field gets numeric type
Warning message cannot read phantom output file phantom occurs for random job
dsjob command requires user credentials when the dsrpcd is configured for a non-default port
Some &ph& files have entries like first.line is previously undefined
Linux references an AIX PAM file
DSgetjobinfo() function returns incorrect (cached) value
Change in behaviour from is 8.0.1 to 8.1 of the basic-function Dsgetlogeventids
Error occurs using CONV01 = ICONV(DATEANDTIME[1, POS-1], D) in a routine
In Version 8.0.1 Fix Pack 1a, DSjob fails even when job finishes successfully
DSTranformError() causes an abnormal job termination
ISTOOL deploy package command does not support deploying from a deployment package file
Scheduled job does not start
ISTOOL commands tdo not return exit codes
Director client error regarding JobMonApp Port discovery failure while running parallel jobs
Updating shared metadata after making changes to the definitions using shared table def wizard is not working
Error message when opening the estimate resource window
Multi-Client Manager is not working correctly with Version 7.5.3 Windows XP
Error starting intelligent assistants when switching clients with Multi-Client Manager
Infinite loop encountered running SHMTEST on a Linux 64-bit system
bigint data type is not supported on Unix for Microsoft SQL ODBC driver from DataDirect
Performance issue on DSjob when starting
Error: apt_resets_new_xml=1: is not an identifier on client
Strange data on CFF by viewdata with semicolon in description
Compilation error after installing patch_jr31443v2
DSgetjobinfo with DSj.jobelapsed option not picking up correct time when job ran through midnight
On Windows server, parallel jobs un-necessarily leave files in the &ph& directory
Import of DB2 table definition results in a blank schema owner
Licensing error when using Information Server manager 8.1 with QS license only to deploy job
The stage variables are in the wrong order when a job is exported via the Information Server Manager
Use of -label in ISTOOL command does not return any error and does not deploy the package; Label option does not work when deploying from a package file using the ISTOOL command line
DSximportservice requires recompile before job can run successfully
DSadmin options not available
Overflow error reported when the performance monitor icon or menu item is invoked
Character truncation in nvarchar datatype
Unable to import corrupted xml file into mwb via the script processes not going away and jobs remain in a running state, though the job has finished
Receiving metadata mismatch warnings with DataStage Server ODBC stage on IBM on System z
Information Server Manager 8.1: istool taking a long time to export a large job when -incexec is specified
Project corruption occurs after job scheduler run
Sequencer takes a long time to initiate when using large parameter set
Data truncated when extracting from DB2 on mainframe
Information Server Manager: using istool from command line with -replace option to re-import an existing job fails
Cannot change Oracle enterprise stage after data connection applied without losing connection information
DataStage performance analysis uses wrong Windows registry key to save customization data
In log, the is user at runtime in the DataStage job log
False finish in job status when job is restarted
Problem with parser errors when compiling mainframe job using Italian on Version 8.1 clients
Error executing phantom command -cannot open file &ph&
Restart of a job sequence with different parameters throws error
No auto-provision for QualityStage artifacts (rules sets and match specification) after import
Local message handler removed from the job when force compile used
Enhacement to improve startup performance for jobs initiated from sequences
Stagetypes not populated to uv respository when importing .dsc projects
Import issue- error- cannot find job- job from DataStage 7.5.2 is not imported into Information Server 8.1
Import issue when the parameter prompt is > 255 bytes
Job sequence fails intermittently when running a job used reset if required, then run option
When many instances of a job are run causing the system to be under heavy load and auto-purge is enabled, resulting 99 error
ISTOOL command line returns an error when exporting a shared table definiiton
Dataset management tool creates additional DataStage session for each time it is invoked when tool is closed
Jobs scheduled to run one time in director are not displayed in list of scheduled jobs
Memory utilization issues with job imports causes slow imports and intermittent import failures
ISTOOL command line and Information Server manager take a long time to export jobs with large executable data
Error system.nullreferenceexception during export from the Designer
Oconv function returns different values when run from sequencer/job and testing routine
Runtime error 13 type mismatch on the director on non english client machine
Problem with parameter set in parallel job
DSeXPort.exe unable to export shared containers
DSeXPort runs interactive mode from command line
NVARCHAR incorrectly defined as string instead of ustring when setting SPARSE lookup option
Encrypted parameters not being handled properly with the - local option
Import into Version 8.0.1 stops after specific job
Client doesnt code 2nd range lookup correctly.
VB error 383 when range lookup key eXPression is invalid. causes loss of designer session
Space going missing in the user defined SQL of ODBC stage
DS importing QS standardization rules in protected project
Common connector metadata import wizard hangs if there are multiple variants of a connector installed on a server.
DB connections changes are not reflected in the ODBC connector stage
Is 801 director not showing date/timestamp properly when using thai locale for their Windows computer setting.
Enhancement request to need to add unsigned property to handle unsigned decimal in Parallel CFF stage
Cannot import routines in Information Server 8.1
Perfomance improvements to DataStage clients
Query builder: column list not populated until one condition is manually entered
Teradata Connector bullk load intermittently fails with: Unable to issue checkoint at 50 row
Cannot import routines in Information Server 8.1
Type mismatch error when copying and pasting stages from a sequence job to another one.
Designer crash after selection of view in comparison result frame
IS 8.1 client crashes after switching from DataStage 6.0 with MCM
Issue with i/p link order to the lookup stage
View data error when hitting the button for the second time.
Parameter sets imported from a protected project gets readonly flag set, cannot be changed by DS admin or production mgr
Large number of links on dts or transform stage cause client hang
Unable to recompile DataStage job after changing metadat, errors with mapping failed to copy attributes: jobdefn -> DSjobdefn
Slow response time from designer client when performing update actions when running with large number of users
Carriage return replaced with strange characters inside Designer routines
The drop down list of the DataStage designer client does not completely display projects.
Problem when non-default buffering parameters are set in certain client regions.
Not able to modify/save column length on server job plugin
Cant set different buffer settings when you have two output lines
Disable the tools/designer & tools\director menu options via registry key
When we define a dedicated disk-pool for a dataset, the data is being written to all other disk-pools in a random fashion
Metadata sharing management in DS designer, when viewing table columns, causes was to shut down and require restart.
Buffer limit adding large user defined SQL statement to Oracle Parallel stage multiline editor
Derivations defined in transformer stage are lost during design time
Rri fails with error: failed to convert any item
Using dscc.exe to provision custom ruleset in is801fp1 causes java core dump
Need to mask database password in the DB2ZLOAD job log
Datastage Designer crashes while open PxCFF or jobs.
PDF update for DS Engine
updated doc for client installations

Connectivity Fixes
Fix ID
Oracle OCI stage and DRS Plugin stage with DBMS Type = Oracle will SEGV when SQL FROM clause character length is greater than 77.
BCP plugin stage: Abnormal termination of job when loading data into sybase table with timestamp column using te bcp stage with the client lib 'sybctlib'
Plugin Infrastructure: The DB2 API and Oracle OCI stages output garbled messages.
FTP Enterprise Stage: Absolute paths is not supported by FTP EE in DataStage 7.5.2 on AIX
FTP Plugin Stage: FTP Plugin Jobs abort when remote server has multiple line banner file
FTP Enterprise Stage: FTP EE jobs aborts when file one remote server on MVS has * in the file name
FTP Enterprise Stage: FTP EE Stage does not support OpenSSH 3.9
DB2 EE stage incorrectly inserts newline characters when reading data of type VARGRAPHIC
MQ Plugin Stage: When two MQ Stages with Destructive Read enabled read from the same queue, it can reproduce duplicate messages
DB2Z Stage: When customer is using the DB2ZLoad facility in DataStage 7.5.3 on AIX to load large amounts of data into DB2 on z/OS and when they are using MVS datasets (not using the BatchPipe option), there may have a problem when the operator allocates the MVS datasets. The issue is that there is a inconsistency in the way the allocation is done.
DB2 Enterprise Stage: When using the DB2 EE Stage set to capture rejects using reject link, the sqlcode field was not included in the column list.
DB2 Connector Stage: DB2 Connector is unable to read or write CLOB data.
DB2 API Stage: Data truncation messages is thrown like [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0002W
DB2 API Stage: A View Data of DB2 API stage does not work properly and stage throws DSLINK1: DSP.Open GCI $DSP.Open error -100
DB2 Enterprise Stage: Unable to truncate DB2 table using DB2 Enterprise Stage LOAD write method with zero record input
DB2 API Stage: Undefined behaviour including DataStage instance crash is seen when the column size specified in a DB2 API extract job is smaller than that specified in the source table
Conversion or type failure for decimal type column in Informix write.
DB2 API Stage: DB2 API jobs hangs on parallel canvas with multinode configuration
Informix Enterprise Stage: Informix EE in truncate mode is very slow
Informix Enterprise Stage: Table truncation failure due to lock on catalog table sysfragments.
MQ Connector Stage: LONGVARCHAR, LONGNVARCHAR, or LONGVARBINARY column field in MQ Connector source with the property Payload Reference = No produces incorrect output
DB2 Enterprise Stage: Setting TempFile_Path of DB2 via DataStage by setting proper Temporary File Path option.
PxCFF Stage: Some operators in the constraint dropdown list PXCFF stage are not supported.
DB2Z stage: LOAD failure in DB2Z Stage with LOAD statement longer than72 characters per line
MQ Connector Stage: MQ Connector with Segmented message option chops up input data incorrectly
DB2 Table Import: Got SQL0551N error when using Orchastrate import table definition function
MQ Connector Stage: MQ Connector in the request/reply mode does not process reply messages corresponding to request messages
DB2 API Stage: Random crash of DB2API jobs on parallel as well as on server canvas.
DB2 API Stage: The rejected row information displayed by the DB2 API stage shows garbled data for the date field
PxCFF Stage: Unable to decode chinese characters correctly
DB2 Enterprise Stage: A DB2 EE job using Write Method = Load fails while inserting nulls with the error: SQL3107W There is at least one warning message in the message file
DB2 Enterprise Stage: A DB2 EE job using Write Method = Load and with the “Use ASCII Delimited format” property set to true fails to load decimal data which uses comma as decimal separator
DB2 UDB Stage: Warning messages in code conversion in running jobs with UDBLoad stage
DB2 API Stage: A metadata import done via Table Definitions -> Import -> Plug-in Meta Data Definitions -> DSDB2 results in garbled messages in the dialog box that follows
Migration Tool: Lost property PARTITION TABLE after conversion to DB2CC
DB2 Enterprise Stage: A DB2 EE extract job migrated from V7 to V8.1 aborts with error message :When validating sort key schema: nulls property only applies to nullable fields; on key CD_FAM_CNT:
DB2 Enterprise Stage: A DB2 EE Upsert job throws incorrect warning messages of the form: Resource bundle corresponding to message key SQLCODE +{0} was returned from this SQL statement: {1} not found! Check that DSHOME or APT_RESPATH is set.
INFORMIX CLI write stage caused the error SIGSEGV when NLS Mapset
MQ Connector Stage: MQ Connector Test Connect causes ASB agent to crash after it cannot load MQ library
PxCFF Stage: Large number of groups in CFD cause heap exhaustion in PxCFF stage.
DB2 Connector: DB2 Connector inserts wrong value in the target table
DB2 API Stage: Warning message string data right truncation when using user defined sql.
Stored procedure stage: Stored procedure stage does not support LONGVARCHAR, CLOB, ORBLOB
Plugin Infrastructure: The DATE value is read from the DB2 stages( DB2API and UDNLOAD) as 1 day less.
Plugin Infrastructure: Default behaviour of Teradata Multiload stage on parallel canvas when loading char(n) values which contain less than n chars has been restored.
Plugin Infrastructure: Input XML and stored procedure Object only passes numeric fields forward.
Connector Infrastructure: Internal error occurs with Connector when specifying empty schema to reject link
Connector Infrastructure: Memory leak with Teradata Connector when BigDecimal is used.
Plugin Infrastructure: IDOC load job fails to load multiple IDOCs into SAP system with SISEGV error
Plugin Infrastructure: The director log shows garbled messages on Japanese Installation.
Migration Tool: If a DB2 Enterprise Stage that contains stage properties that are not valid for the context is migrated to the DB2 Connector, the resultant connector properties are not valid.
Connector Infrastructure: DSDesigner crashes when closing DB2Connector Stage.
Plugin Infrastructure: Sort stage creates DEADLOCK errors. Increasing MAX rows allows job to complete but data is invalid.
Connector Infrastructure: Node pool constraints support in node configuration files.
Connector Infrastructure: Added capability for Connector Access Service timeout to be adjustable to fix timeout error when drill down is issued in Information Analyzer 8.1.
Connector Infrastructure: Affected component is ccapijni.dll (JNI layer for Java-based CCs). The issues was reported against the SalesForce connector. Fixed in 81maint.
Distributed Transaction Stage: Fatal and Warning messages with no text for successful jobs by Distributed Transaction Stage
Plugin Infrastructure: Warnings like message key DSTAGE-TODC-00069 not found! Check that DSHOME or APT_RESPATH is set appear in director.
Connector Infrastructure: Segmentation fault for Information Analyzer jobs
Plugin Infrastructure: DS Designer is crashing when a nls map name not supported on server canvas is selected in view data of a plugin.
Netezza Enterprise: Latest patches for Netezza EE in v7.5.2 and V8.0.1 on AIX
Netezza Enterprise: Netezza ee failing with file not found error while loading using nzload method on 2-node cluster
Netezza Enterprise: Warning message when updating netezza table with small int or big int columns with null data
Netezza Enterprise: Rejected records from netezza stage are replacing previous rejected records instead of appending to existing ones
Netezza Enterprise: Not able to import non - ascii characters in netezza ee stage
Netezza Enterprise: Netezza read job aborts when trying to read tables with int64 columns
Netezza Enterprise: Memory exception error thrown while importing multiple xsd files.
Netezza Enterprise: Job log always contains warning message process meta data not available in database if job has odbc ee or netezza ee
Netezza Enterprise: Netezza load with the load method throwing an error while trying to open internal table
Netezza Enterprise: Support upsert function on netezza stage
Netezza Enterprise: Job log always contains warning message process meta data not available in database if job has odbc ee or netezza ee
Netezza Enterprise: Netazza documentation does not include new features introduced in 8.1 release
Netezza Enterprise: New requirement : Enable new load options to netezza load in information server
Netezza Enterprise: Nzload command with password in it is being exposed in a file while ds job is in running state.
Netezza Enterprise: Error while reading japaneese data from netezza database using netezza ee stage
Netezza Enterprise: Character conversion warning messages while writing into netezza database table
Netezza Enterprise: Netezza load job aborts when tmpdir was set in job
ODBC Enterprise: Data truncates when datastage connects to hp neoview database using odbc ee
ODBC Enterprise: Job fails to read table from db2 on as/400 using odbc read stage
ODBC Enterprise: Invalid precision value error while using timestamp column as key in odbc sparse lookup
ODBC Enterprise: Data type not supported error thrown while reading db2 varchar(2000) column using odbc ee stage
ODBC Enterprise: Sqlserver ee stage with sparse lookup returning 0 instaed of null when no matching data was found
ODBC Enterprise: Call to check for existence of table causes job to hang in odbc ee stage
ODBC Enterprise: View data in odbc connector gui is throwing errors
ODBC Enterprise: Insertarraysize must set to 1 when operation is update only, delete only with reject link specified
ODBC Enterprise: Using the odbc enterprise stage to read columnize utf-8 simplified chinese data from db2 into datastage are observing data truncation
ODBC Connector: Information analyzer aborts during pooling of the table names while importing meta data
ODBC Connector: Odbc connector issues unnecessary sql causing problems while loading data into netezza database
ODBC Connector: Date,Time and Timestamp fields are getting default values while connecting to Sybase using ODBC Connector.
ODBC Connector: Jobs using Partitioned Reads functionality in ODBC CC are failing with Fatal errors.
SAS Enterprise: SAS fails on 64 bit aix
ODBC Connector: When the lob fields contain null values in them, users get unable to determine data size for field letter, which this driver requires for data streaming operations and the job gets aborted
ODBC Connector: User id and Password values are ignored when a connection stringis specified in the datasource property for odbc connector
ODBC Connector: Problem in handling null lob values in odbc connector
ODBC Enterprise: Odbc upsert in mode insert only, with reject link was inserting records 1 at a time. this was resulting in the job appearing to hang
Plugin Infrastructure: Patch request for ecase 130380 need for DataStage 7.5.1a on AIX
SAS Enterprise: SAS ee stage is not working against sas 9, when the input record is less than 7 bytes
Pivot plugin: Copyright character in source code is causing unwanted warning when using pivot plugin stage
Plugin Infrastructure: Patch request for 122675 on Red Hat
Plugin Infrastructure: Garbled Messages on Metadata Import Panel
Merge stage: Merge stage jobs fail after being edited/touched with Mapping tab
Merge stage: Merge stage jobs fail after being edited/touched with Mapping tab
Common Connector GUI: Based on whether Runtime column propagation checkbox is checked or unchecked on the columns page of the Stage Editor , the same value should be made available to the connector at runtime
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: Job with stp stage deployed as a web services intermittently aborts with array index out of bounds error.
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: Stored procedure stage couldn't handle decimal/numeric type output parameters from sybase and gives error as error 2780 (severity 20): maxlen (33) is less than length (104)
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: Job aborts with cli_no_data when stored procedure stage has nothing to update the table in mssql server
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: STP stage failing when trying to run swap tables stored procedure in sqlserver database
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: Stored procedure stage does not work on aix while connecting to db2 database
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: When stored procedure stage is used to execute for mssqlserver db type procedures, the stage is creating qewsd entries in .odbc.ini file which is making the subsequent runs to fail with license error message
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: STP stage connecting to ms sql server in japanese installation of is results in unknown client library - ms sql server error and job aborts
DB2 Enterprise Stage: Db2 ee stage throwing warning even -arraysize and rowcommitinterval are not set
Sybase IQ Enterprise: Sybase IQ ee stage was using partil single threaded loading and causing poor performance.
Sybase OC plugin Stage: Job with sybase oc stage failing on nls installation of information server
Sybase OC plugin Stage: When Sybaseoc is used to load table in nls env, it fails with error fatal error: fatal: required property '%1' not found.plug-in stage property (source_tables) is not defined for input links
Sybase OC plugin Stage: Gives error while writing into database and text column is in middle of table columns
Sybase OC plugin Stage: Sybaseoc stage imports key columns of database tables incorrectly
Sybase OC plugin Stage: DS_NO_PROCESS_METADATA not showing performance improvement for sybase oci stage
Sybase IQBulk Plugin Stage: Sybase iq bulk loader via OCOS is not loading data into tables with more than 8 columns
Sybase Enterprise : Sybase ee stage doesn't abort even fatal occurs from ct-library
Sybase OC plugin Stage: Jobs using Sybaseoc read with complex query cause sigpipe warning in job log when APT_NO_JOBMON is not set to true
Sybase Enterprise : Sybase ee stage treats connection failures as info instead of fatal
TDMLoad Plugin Stage: Issues with TDMLoad plugin (TPUMP option) when used in tickle feed scenario.
Teradata API Plugin Stage: Teradata API plugin stage not loading UTF8 data correctly.
Teradata Enterprise Stage: To suppress the warnings thrown by Teradata Enterprise Stage, when NULL is passed to a timestamp field.
Teradata Common Connector: BIGINT datatype support in Teradata Connector - bulk mode jobs.
Teradata Enterprise Stage: Sync timeout in Teradata Enterprise Stage due to transaction deadlock.
Teradata Common Connector: To run Teradata Connector - immediate mode jobs with less number of connections to Teradata DBS.
Teradata Common Connector: Decimal(38) support in Teradata Connector
Teradata Enterprise Stage: Teradata Enterprise stage not loading UTF8 data correctly.
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector stage reading CHAR/VARCHAR columns as ustring even though the unicode attribute is not set.
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata V12 support in Teradata Connector stage.
Teradata Common Connector: To enable session reconnect option in Teradata Connector stage, when the error code from Teradata RDBMS is 8018.
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector transforming extended latin characters from Teradata RDBMS
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector transforming extended latin characters from Teradata RDBMS
TDMLoad Plugin Stage:To run 32-bit Teradata utilities, from the 64-bit Teradata Multiload plugin-stage.
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector bulk mode jobs are failing with the error: unable to issue checkpoint, when master instance does not receive any rows.
Teradata Enterprise Stage: To support Minimum sleep value of 1 minute (it was 5 minutes) in Tenacity-Sleep feature in Teradata Enterprise Stage
TDMLoad Plugin Stage: Teradata Multiload plugin reading the dates prior to 1967-12-31 incorrectly, on AIX and Solaris platforms (where IS 8.1 is 64-bit).
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector is raising an invalid Fatal error, when a null date is read from timestamp column.
Teradata Enterprise Stage: Support for requested sessions and sessions per player options in Teradata Enterprise stage via environment variables.
Teradata Enterprise Stage: Teradata Enterprise Stage ignoring the setting: DS_NO_PROCESS_METADATA=1
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector enhancement to detect & re-establish broken connections in certain error cases.
Teradata API stage rejects rows when using TTU 12.0 if SQL statement contains trailing spaces.
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector is transforming extended ASCII characters from Teradata.
TDMLoad Plugin Stage: To run 32-bit Teradata utilities, from the 64-bit Teradata Load plugin stage.
TDMLoad Plugin Stage: Can not populate logon-credentials from a Parameter-set into Teradata Multiload stage.
Stored Procedure Plugin Stage: STP jobs connecting to teradata database do not commit the changes done by the stored procedure executed by database
Teradata Enterprise Stage: Teradata Enterprise Stage ignoring the progress interval setting on 64-bit platforms.
Teradata Common Connector: Teradata Connector stage reading CHAR/VARCHAR columns as ustring even though the unicode attribute is not set.
DRS plugin: View Data operation gives OCI_NEED_DATA error when DRS stage inserts into a CLOB field.
DRS plugin: DRS stage with multiple input links aborts.
DRS plugin: Japanese messages on Bulk tab of DRS stage are corrupted.
DRS plugin: DRS stage using ODBC option fails on 64-bit AIX IS v8.1 with error Could not load
DRS plugin: DRS stage not reading all records when connecting to SQL Server on 64 bit platforms with array size > 1.
DRS plugin: The last character is truncated when inserting nvarchar/nchar data with DRS stage.
DRS plugin: DRS stage using ODBC option and long table names results in abnormal termination of stage
DRS plugin: DRS stage using Oracle option and Update Action of Insert new rows only should not report duplicate rows
DRS plugin: DRS stage using ODBC option aborts with memory access violation due to tablename length.
DRS plugin: DRS stage using Update Action of Update existing rows only does not work properly.
DRS plugin: DRS stage aborts on 64 bit system with abnormal termination when environment variable DS_NO_PROCESS_METADATA is not set to 1.
DRS plugin: DRS stage with ODBC option aborts with Abnormal termination.
MS OLEDB plugin: MS OLEDB stage generated incorrect SQL
MS OLEDB plugin: MS OLEDB stage does not insert rows with Update-Insert mode
Oracle Connector: Oracle columns of DATE and TIMESTAMP data types are imported as DataStage VarChar columns
Oracle Connector: View data operation does not work if the SQL statement is specified in a file
Oracle Connector: Metadata import does not work for Oracle views which have view expressions longer than 5000 characters
JOracle Connector: ob that specifies SELECT statement which contains SQL functions fails if runtime column propagation is enabled
Oracle Connector: Data that contains NULL characters is truncated when NVarChar DataStage columns are used on the link
Oracle Connector: The statements specified in the Before SQL (node) property are executed during view data operation
Oracle Connector: An excessive number of warning messages is saved in the job log when loading bad data records to a table
Oracle Connector: A bad record is reported as rejected even if it was not sent to the reject link
Oracle Connector: Job log reports rejected records as if they were successfully loaded into the target table
Oracle Connector: Job fails when rebuilding partitioned indexes
Oracle Connector: Job fails with Oracle error ORA-01003 when reading from a table with columns of LONG data type
Oracle Connector: Job fails with Oracle error ORA-00923 when reading data in parallel mode
Oracle Connector: Reading data from tables with DATE and TIMESTAMP columns performs poorly when compared to the Oracle Enterprise stage
Oracle Enterprise: Large Oracle EE queries do not fit into CharConverter buffer.
Oracle Enterprise: SINGLEROW option with Oracle 8 partitioning failing when used with other options.
Oracle Enterprise: Error messages not showing in the director log related to full table space.
Oracle Enterprise: Unable to find a free dynamic SQL instance error if more that 5 Oracle EE stages on a parallel canvas.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE failing when nls is set to utf8/euc. Works with sjis.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE bulk load truncating unbounded characters to length of 81.
Oracle Enterprise: New environment variable APT_ORACLE_TIRM_CHAR_TRAILING_SPACES.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE stage importing Oracle char datatypes as variable length DataStage datatypes.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE aborts with the following error, *** GLIBC DETECTED *** OSH: MALLOC(): MEMORY CORRUPTION
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE stage not implicitly converting column names with '$'
Oracle Enterprise: Bulk load constraint violation after index rebuild, but job does not abort.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE stage schema adjusted to account for client characterset.
Oracle Enterprise: SQL functions in user defined SQL not working without aliased field.
Oracle Enterprise: Warning issued when using Oracle EE Bulk Load method: APT_ORAINDEXREBUILD IS NOT WAVE AWARE
Oracle Enterprise: Partitioning logic causing user-supplied query to hang.
Oracle Enterprise: Current software functionality checks that all not null columns exist and this is not desirable. Changed to removing checking
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE Stage aborting with error : Oracle Client version 0 not supported.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE throwing new conversion warnings: When binding output interface field … to field … Implicit conversion …
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE only working when dates are in format DD-MON-RR.
Oracle Enterprise: Performance degrading as column count increasing.
Oracle Enterprise: When -DBOPTIONS '{}' getting error message: ORA-01017: INVALID USERNAME/PASSWORD;
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE corrupting CHAR(1) field from AL32UTF8 DATABASE
Oracle Enterprise: Not handling variants well for very large SQL statements.
Oracle Enterprise: In SQL*Loader control file, NULLIF BLANKS clause is needed for DATE fields if PRESERVE BLANKS option is used.
Oracle Enterprise: Spaces getting appended to VARCHAR2 columns loaded when PRESERVE BLANKS option is defined.
Oracle Enterprise: Fatal error messages without job abort when index rebuild fails.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE Lookup stage not processing end of file markers correctly.
Oracle Enterprise: Rejected row count from SQL Loader not found in job log.
Oracle Enterprise: Ouput link has strings but binding with ustrings as NLS_LANG is multibyte. This is resulting in conversion errors.
Oracle Enterprise: Error while reading should abort job.
Oracle Enterprise: ORA-01406 error reading number column.
Oracle Enterprise: String literals causing unexpected space padding.
Oracle Enterprise: If insert statement contains a select statement that returns 0 rows then Oracle EE not returning correct information.
Oracle Enterprise: Some records getting dropped while reading dataset.
Oracle Enterprise: Oracle EE stage sigsegv with core
Oracle OCI Bulk Load plugin:
Oracle OCI Bulk Load plugin: Oracle OCI Bulk Load stage logs incorrect row and column in Japanese warning message.
Oracle OCI plugin: Oracle OCI, Oracle OCI Bulk Load and DRS stage with Oracle option don’t work with Oracle 10 on HP Itanium.
Oracle OCI plugin: Oracle OCI stage SQL using TO_TIMESTAMP instead of TO_DATE causes performance degradation.
Oracle OCI plugin: Oracle OCI stage can not read more than 1 CLOB.
Oracle OCI plugin: When using Generate Select Clause from column list option in Oracle OCI stage, the SQL for a DATE column has a 2 digit year.
Oracle OCI plugin: Oracle OCI stage logs error Inserted value too large for column, row rejected. when column has special character
SQL Server Enterprise: SQL Server EE stage using Write method generates a file names bcp_result.txt. Hard-coded file name causing conflicts.
SQL Server Enterprise: MS SQL Server receiving rearranged columns causes a failure.
Informix stage continuously leaks memory in a parallel job until the address space is exceeded and it fails with SIGSEGV
MQ Connector does not handle payload references correctly in combination with distributed transaction stage
Truncations and length errors occur for double byte data in DB2 API parallel jobs
DB2 Connector corrupts decimal data when the precision is less then 15.
Data truncation warning for DB2 API server jobs.
DB2 API job generates a warning when trying to generate operational metadata
Internal conversion issue related to negative values within abap stage
suppress warning "error: found invalid date 00000000" when read "00000000" for date from bw openhub extract
memory leak with unicode in dscapi

DataStage Parallel Engine Fixes
Fix ID
Resource Tracker files are not being automatically deleted as specified by the environment variable CLEANUP_INTERVAL
Parallel jobs running on two or more physical nodes fail if they contain a lookup stage with the execution mode set to sequential.
Parallel jobs on multiple physical nodes take excessive (~10 minute) time to start up..
If a parallel job has a fork failure at startup time, the error number is not displayed.
The binary files for parallel transformer stages are sometimes overwritten in multiple instance jobs on a windows cluster system.
A parallel append to dataset job aborts, the underlying dataset data file is deleted but the dataset header file is not changed to reflect this. When the orchadmin tool is run for a dataset header, the tool reports a zero byte data set data file although the data set data file does not exist.
No performance statistics display on the link after a modify stage in a parallel job.
Parallel Engine surrogate key operator generates duplicate keys in multiple node configurations.
Paralel Engine jobs with surrogate key operator running on multiple nodes sometimes SIGABRT .
Column drop on input property aways fails for timestamps that are NULL. Drop on input for last column fails when it is NULL regardless of data type.
DataStage process is getting the following error: main_programfatal error: transfer does not have this output.
DATASTAGE 7.5.1A ISVALID parallel function is not working for type int64 when the value is greater than the maximum value.
The Aggregator stage does not work correctly if the datatype of a key is time.
The SIGSEGV error occurs if an operator is not wave-aware (e.g buildop) and recording performance data is enabled.
Calling substring function with a negative value causes a SIGSEGV error in Transformer.
A SQL statement containing single quotes, if used by a plug-in via a job parameter, does not work correctly due to quote escape issues.
A warning is needed to alert the user that filter and readers-per-node options in Sequential File Stage may produce incorrect results when they are used together.
Generated transform conversion names may not be unique when field names contain integer suffixes.
Default_decimal_separator option is not recognized for certain locales when handling decimal fields by plugin stages.
Complex flat file (CFF) operator performance improvements.
Errors closing data sets not being reported properly.
Some date/timestamp import parsing errors are not being put in the Director log.
Transform function abs() fails when passed a decimal argument.of more than 16 bits
File pattern for Sequential File stage doesn't allow shell expressions that return a long list of file names.
Sequential file import parse does not reject integer field data containing spurious characters after digits.
Many redundant warnings are logged when a range lookup stage contains no rows in the reference input table.
Fatal error with Netezza operator running on Windows when attempting to open a named pipe.
Sequential file import delimiter issue for reading delimited files that contain more data than the specified schema.
Lookup reports error when an input key column is nullable and the matching lookup key column is not
DecimalToString() function in Transform is dropping the negative sign on zero values
When the using sequential file with decimal data type the trailing sign is not working
File Pattern in Sequential File Stages cannot be specified if search string includes white spaces
Jobmoninit startup errors if the PXEngine/lib directory is included in the variable LIBPATH on aix.
On RedHat Linux platform Resource Tracker consumes 100% CPU for remote nodes in parallel configuration.
Soundex function in transform is not handling unicode characters properly.
Incorrect values are returned for timestamp values set before the epoch date of 01/01/1970 which are converted to time_t using timetFromTimestamp in transform
Parallel jobs fail for use of ustring fields in field import or field export.
Compilation of a job with an SCD stage fails with error fatal error C 1061: compiler limit : blocks nested too deeply
Resource tracker /tmp/machineLog.xxxx files are not purged despite the CLEANUP_INTERVAL setting in the restrack_settings file
NutCracker Errors are appearing in version 8.1
Parallel jobs containing a Surrogate Key Generator with a node map constraint are seeing the constraint ignored
On HP-UX, no machine utilization charts are being shown after clicking on the Performance Analysis icon
Parallel jobs with transform stages fail when invalid null values are encountered.
On 64 bit platforms, reading and writing to lookup tables fail with the message Fatal Error: Error reading duplicate chain for lookup table
Fix to address the Transport Block size issue with fixed length schemas.
After using a shell to stop and start the DataStage server several times, an unusual message begins to appear in the command output.
Parallel jobs using the Transformer stage are failing compilation when a negative value is supplied to the exponent function in the Transformer derivation
Parallel jobs abort when lookup stage have multiple inputs with different partitioning.
If the Resource Tracker process can not write to its error log file, it throws an error. This leads to a recursive loop of failed attempts to write to the log, which consumes all process memory.
Parallel jobs sometimes output message APT_PMListenerPort: socket call failed: Resource temporarily
Bounded length fields use storage equal to their max length i nstead of the actual data length, causing persistent datasets to use more storage than necessary.
When a DECIMAL field is intermixed with NVARCHAR columns the column importer stage is unable to resolve the decimal field.
Parallel transformer conversion involving timestamps causes a memory leak.
Performance was severly effected when reading table containing null values for nullable ustring fields
The sample operator gives incorrect samplesizes for input datasets with more than 1000 records
The message which the parallel engine gives when it encounters a license error is not specific.
Memory usage of RESOURCE TRACKER continuously increases
Parallel job reports heap allocation failure on large job (score) that contains custom operators.

ASB Pack Fixes
Fix ID
XML stage needs to handle unexpected characters such as A0
XML METADATA importer needs to allow user ot save as ..
WebServices client produces erros when the input contains spaces
XML input stage can not process docuemnts when the output columns contain decimals datatypes
WSDL routine import dialog box does not allow user to close the box
Validation schema not working for XML input

Balance Optimization Fixes
Fix ID
When processing job via the Datastage Balanced Optimization it creates jobs with an invalid date format
The incorrect SQL is generated when optimising jobs that contain lookup stages

Business Glossary Fixes
Fix ID
Multiple updates regarding edit and import/export functionality
Multiple updates to BG browser functionality regarding search and display functionality

Fast Track Fixes
Fix ID
FastTrack giving an error while generating as DS Job if founction has logic with one of the column is Lookup table column
Source and target columns in reports get cut off after 256 characters
Dead lock issues when multiple users logged in and trying to save the different mapping specifications in the same project
PMR: 84522 - Problem with expressions that contain input columns multiple times and are prefixed with table names
Can not view shared table definitions when there are too many columns.
Java out of memory error when trying to import metadata in FastTrack
Mappings take 5-10 minutes to save in FastTrack and might be unavailable
FastTrack Client hangs when double-clicking on a mapping specification to open it
FastTrack client performance issue, more than 5 minutes to open a mapping in FastTrack
FastTrack search for Categories/Terms is not working properly
Adding another join between a lookup table and mapping table causes Java to throw an error

Information Analyzer Fixes
Fix ID
Unable to specify seed values in Data Sample options
Error received when column names start with numbers
Pre-requisite patch for Information Analyzer patch JR31317. Added functionality in the directory services to return list of users.
User/groups will be retained after modifying an existing project
Primary key analysis failed using SQL server IADB
Data class not displayed correctly when viewing CA results
View foreign key analysis failed using SQL server IADB
CA results do not match the values of the analyzed columns when virtual column is included in the job
During Metadata Import, cancelling the discovery process causes subsequent inport failures
Unable to open Column Analysis when running InfoSphere console via remote terminal; get task aborted error
Column Analysis: Drilldown is disabled for virtual columns.
Column Analysis against large dataset failed with agent timeout error
Column Analysis results are not displayed for tables that contain a large number of columns
Primary Key Analysis: Columns containing all Null values cause Multi-Column Primary Key Analysis to behave unpredictably
Primary Key Analysis: After running MCPK Analysis, in Open Primary Key Analysis screen, clicking the Frequency Distribution button would lock the user interface
Metadata Import: Files imported and published by Datastage did not showup in Information Analyzer Metadata Import workspace after the source connection is established
Metadata Import: Null Exception if Database name is NULL in the repository
data sample has a restriction of the sample size to be between 1 - 999,999.
Multiple issue regarding Max and Min value settings have been addressed
Creating samples in a SQL server IADB of timestamp data will put the data into a string column as it supports only 3 fractional digits
The Information Services Console status bar is very slow when there are many job execution records stored in the repository.
Drill Down of Informix Date & Datetime (full format) columns was changed to specify a correct format. Partial datetime formats will be addressed later.
When DBMS value of a Data source is null, Register interest will work. Update Data Connection will return error if data source has no connection
Fixed to pass the correct unique userid to the scheduling services
Drill Down of Informix Year to second Datetime fails
Cross Domain Analysis report should match Base/Paired values
For some data sources after clicking Domain & Completeness tab, Loading does not finish
Comparison of internal constant strings should be in English, the comparison should not be locale sensitive. APAR requires Mozart fix too.
Information Analyzer 81 Rollup Patch 4 Reports that access to the IADB failed with No load data error

Information Services Director Fixes
Fix ID
DB2 VARGRAPHIC data type casusding a memory leak and heap allocation error
Web services job containing stored procedure is failing
Deployment issue for TextOverJMS when having same job attached to two different operations in a same service or different svc
REGRESSION; Browse Databases is very slowt for Oracle as an information providers ( Classic and Oracle) - m7_23 and up
Information Services Director does not encode sensitive data entry
Messages continue to be sent to MQ connecotr after End of Wave has been sent
Unable to import rtix from RTI 7.5
Issue encountered using the WebSphere registry
Custom column names lost on import/exprtNAME

MetaData Workbench / MetaStage Fixes
Fix ID
DB2 insert and update exit inappropriately causing an exit status 16

Mozart Fixes
Fix ID
Reports should be viewable in the Project they are created in
IA Console Reports takes 3 mins to display with a large number of defined reports (1000+)

QualityStage Fixes
Fix ID
Match frequency fails with the error Input not sorted at record <##> with the addition of an incorrect partitioner within the process flow.
Thai characters D1, D4-DA, E7-EE in TIS-620 are not classified as alpha characters during Character Discrete Investigation in the Investigate Stage producing unexpected Investigation results
A change in frequency calculation between the QualityStage 8.x release and prior versions has subtlely alter the scoring of several match comparisions. The 8.x version of the calculation is correct, but a means of generating the identical results from prior versions is available for continutity sake.
Thai characters D1, D4-DA, E7-EE in TIS-620 are not classified as alpha characters during Character Discrete Investigation in the Investigate Stage producing unexpected Investigation results.
When using negitive weight overrides, a very slight difference in weight calculation (.01) has been observed between the QualityStage 8.x release and prior versions.
When an input dataset for the Unduplicate Match stage is created with a different number of partitions than the number of partitions that the job containing the stage is currently utilizing, the process will fail with the error MatJoinOp object error, code 1. This problem is specific to a dynamic grid environment.
The results of Match jobs utilizing the Mult_Align match comparison type are incorrect on Windows platforms.
Repeated use of the Standardization Pattern Action Language REPEAT command in a standardization ruleset causes buffer overflow and the job invoking the ruleset via the Standardization stage to abort.

MetaData Repository (XMETA) Fixes
Fix ID
Categrories and Terms MetaBroker produces truncated CSV file
Unable to save jobs
Oracle error causing SQL failure
Remove support for SynonymGroup
Incorrect datatype returned from ERWIN bridge for a given column
Deleting a project takes too long
Metadata import success and failure actions are ignoring everything after $FILE variable
Meory issues exporting business Glossary objects
Need a command line utility to delete PDR data
Need diagnostic utility for dangling reference problem
Model Upgrade deployer does not populate XMetaCore tables
Asset Import service is malfunctioning after applying XMeta patches
Pruning unreferenced link points causes a null pointer exception
After receiving a fatal ODBC error, job continues to run
FastTrack fails with a persistence exception error
Fix the performance regression of LOCK () on the RootOfLocking

[{"Product":{"code":"SSZJPZ","label":"IBM InfoSphere Information Server"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}},{"Product":{"code":"SSZJPD","label":"InfoSphere Business Glossary"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"IBM Information Server Business Glossary Anywhere","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Product":{"code":"SSVSEF","label":"IBM InfoSphere DataStage"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}},{"Product":{"code":"SSX3EG","label":"InfoSphere FastTrack"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Product":{"code":"SSZJLG","label":"InfoSphere Information Analyzer"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Product":{"code":"SSZJMP","label":"InfoSphere Information Services Director"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Product":{"code":"SS3GFL","label":"InfoSphere Metadata Workbench"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Product":{"code":"SSVSBF","label":"InfoSphere QualityStage"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":null,"Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":";8.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}}]

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