Multi-tenant software architecture, which enables multiple users to share a single instance of a software application and its underlying resources, is the foundation of most SaaS offerings.


Lift and Shift

“Lift and shift” is a relatively fast and inexpensive way to migrate applications from on-premises to cloud. Learn about how lift and shift can advance your path to hybrid cloud.


What are Security Controls?

Learn how security controls help protect your data and IT infrastructure, and find resources and best practices for developing and implementing security controls in your organization.


Data Migration

Learn more about the challenges involved in planning a data migration project at enterprise scale and explore best practices to ensure your project’s success.


Application Migration

Learn about migrating applications to today’s containerized and cloud native environments and discover best practices for planning a successful application migration project.


Application Modernization

Discover what application modernization is, the common benefits and challenges, and how to get started.


Cloud Migration

Explore what cloud migration entails, learn about the benefits of developing a cloud migration plan, and discover how to manage a successful migration.


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