Learn about the IBM Digital Twin Exchange, where manufacturers, OEMs and third-party providers can share digital resources as digital twins

How will digital twins be used?

A change to existing operating models is happening

A digital reinvention is occurring in asset-intensive industries that will change operating models in a disruptive way, requiring an integrated physical plus digital view of assets, equipment, facilities and processes. Learn more about how this will impact your industry in this article on Transforming Asset Operations with Digital Twins.

Deliver essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operations

Capture, convey and operationalize real-world insights to improve operational yields and asset performance in the field. Digital twin replicas can be used to model how physical assets will perform under certain conditions and to help monitor asset performance in real time.

Plan for your digital twin

Digital twins can be used to address various problems that organizations face, but bringing the pieces together requires a good plan and understanding of the organization’s goals.


Siemens and IBM put digital twins to work

A Service Lifecycle Management solution created by IBM and Siemens offers a closed loop between design and maintenance, establishing a digital thread between engineering and maintenance teams. The use of end-to-end digital twins lets owner/operators reduce equipment downtime while upping production capacity.

Products with this capability

IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management

Discover a market-leading and fully integrated platform that uses advanced analytic tools and IoT data to improve.

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management

Maximize asset performance by increasing asset availability, lowering costs and reducing the risk of equipment failure.

IBM Digital Twin Exchange

See where manufacturers, OEMs and third-party providers share digital resources as digital twins.

Client successes

Schiphol Airport

In its quest to become the most innovative airport in the world, Schiphol uses Maximo Anywhere and digital twins based on building information modeling (BIM).

University of California San Francisco

By building its new healthcare facility using a digital twin created with IBM Maximo, the university saves time, reduces costs and streamlines ongoing operations.

Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is using IBM digital twin technology to transform itself from the biggest to the smartest.