Siemens launches a hybrid cloud initiative

Siemens, IBM, Red Hat Launch Hybrid Cloud Initiative to Increase Real-time Value of Industrial IoT Data

Advanced technology and manufacturing solutions help transform your organization

One crucial lesson from the COVID-19 era is that cost-effective manufacturing solutions are needed to keep factories and supply chains running smoothly while producing high-quality products: whether OEM, parts or assembly supplier, contract manufacturer or manufacturing services supplier.

A single production line can generate more than 70 terabytes of data per day–yet most data remain unanalyzed. Hybrid cloud embeds the latest next level technologies like AI, edge computing and cybersecurity to efficiently extract value and act on this untapped data at the point of need, especially when speed and data latency are critical factors.

IBM works with you to co-create a roadmap to a custom solution with a focus on leveraging existing OT investments, improving key metrics, and using people that know best. We help you to:

  • Set your direction based on a proven Industry 4.0 reference architecture and industry standards
  • Achieve scale by consistently deploying advanced technologies on an open platform
  • Unleash maximum value by selecting use cases to address immediate needs


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