Connecting the factory to the future

The next industrial revolution is here. In Industry 4.0, you can give your people, processes and machines the ability to adapt in real time — and give your factory the advantage. Discover how IBM is ushering in this new era with cognitive manufacturing solutions that are transforming the value chain beyond the factory walls.

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Explore solutions to optimize manufacturing value chain with improved cost control and operational efficiency

Enterprise Operations

Operate at maximum output with minimum operational cost.

Asset Management and Optimization

Reduce planned and unplanned shutdowns, and overall asset maintenance costs.

Mueller gains competitive edge with Watson and cognitive

“We’ve become one of the leading steel building and roofing manufacturers in the United States. I attribute our success and growth to our customer outcome focus and our people—all 750 of them.”

—Mark Lack, Strategy Analytics and Business Intelligence Manager, Mueller Inc.

The next revolution in manufacturing

Prevent problems and optimize uptime with the power of Industry 4.0 and IBM.


Be ready for Industry 4.0

Are you prepared for Industry 4.0? Read how you can harness the power of your data with cognitive manufacturing.


Digital twin technologies for high-performance manufacturing

Find out how digital twin technology creates real-time interactive simulations of work in progress to help manufacturers improve innovation, efficiency and quality.


IoT in the industrial sector

Advances in cloud, mobile, networking, analytics and the cost of sensors and actuators represent an opportunity to transform your services.

Industry 4 meets Watson IoT


Industry 4.0 meets Watson IoT

IBM Watson IoT® is helping businesses connect everything — from personal appliances to manufacturing equipment. Now everything can feel less like a thing and more like an essential part of life.

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