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AI and hybrid cloud technologies help manufacturers achieve new levels of business agility
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Data is the new raw material, yet its value is mostly untapped

IBM technologies are designed to help manufacturers accelerate and scale digital transformation. Our data fabric approach extends to the industrial edge, and our technology allows you to harness untapped data through a number of leading solutions.

These include: the IBM watsonx platform, which deploys advanced AI to create predictive insights; our Zero Trust approach, which ensures a secure, risk-aware and resilient business; and IBM Hybrid cloud architecture, which enables agility using a responsive, easily consumed infrastructure.

Siemens and IBM collaborate on sustainable product development and service

See how the partnership creates a digital thread for visibility across systems engineering, services lifecycle and asset management.


Weave together data from anywhere—including connected products, plant systems and IoT
IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Make worker roles more productive with intelligent workflows that enable team members to achieve higher value outcomes, faster

IBM Maximo

Use intelligent automated inspections to improve product quality and maintain cost savings while improving asset life, uptime and safety


Develop an end-to-end approach to security that protects your products, cloud and edge environment

IBM Envizi

The path to decarbonization begins with tracking performance—collect ESG data and make improvements across the value chain

Supply Chain Intelligence Suite

Embed AI and automation to predict and quickly respond to supply chain disruptions

Case studies Optimize steel production with AI

Isdemir manages and monitors assets by criticality applying predictive maintenance where it’s most needed—in production

Develop smarter factories

Kyocera improves productivity and increased cost savings across manufacturing processes by developing smart factories

Fuel Industry 4.0 adoption with data

German Edge Cloud unlocks plant data using a managed edge appliance for industrial analytics

Protect industrial operations

Andritz protects industrial plants, equipment, software and people from cyber threats

Turn sustainability goals into action

Celestica navigates ESG data collection and reporting for an industrial business

Insights Servitization models

Industrial manufacturers rethink product design, adding services and software-defined components for a connected world.

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Manufacturing 4.0

Leading manufacturers are leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, such as AI, IoT and automation, to uncover new data insights.

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X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023

Cyberattacks and extortion are growing faster—understanding attackers’ tactics and objectives is crucial to staying one step ahead of threats.

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How Industry 4.0 technologies are changing manufacturing 

Explore new possibilities for achieving manufacturing excellence with Industry 4.0.

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Manufacturing 4.0

Explore new possibilities for achieving manufacturing excellence with Industry 4.0

Learn about manufacturing 4.0