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What if data could save the planet?

In the race to reduce emissions, consumption, and environmental impacts — everything is on the table. Companies across sectors are looking to transform their business models by prioritizing sustainability in their core operations and meet the growing demands of key stakeholders and conscious customers.

But organizations can’t do it alone. The pursuit of net zero can only truly begin when an organization is able to monitor, track, and report on their carbon footprint, energy transition goals, and environmental, social and governance(ESG) data.

Enterprises that want to make a positive impact on the planet while ensuring long-term financial stability need the right combination of strategic partnerships and AI-infused technology to put their business sustainability goals into action.

Start your sustainability journey today by connecting your strategic roadmap with day-to-day operations.

Latest developments in sustainability

Gain insights into transforming sustainability ambition into actionable initiatives leveraging data, technology, and consulting capabilities.

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Use cases

Asset management Create a lower carbon footprint business. Use automation to track resource usage, reduce costs and improve services. Build intelligent asset management into your operations Explore IBM Maximo Application Suite

ESG reporting Use environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting to integrate data silos. Find new opportunities to embed sustainable practices across your operations and simplify greenhouse gas emissions reporting. Carbon accounting explained Explore IBM Envizi

ESG risk management Gain weather insights to anticipate disruptive environmental conditions, proactively manage risk and increase climate change related operational readiness. Discover 5 ways to manage climate risk Explore IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

IT efficiency Operationalize sustainability and save energy by shifting to renewable energy. IT sustainability beyond the data center Explore energy efficient IT solutions

Strategy Move toward a sustainable business model using a roadmap that’s informed by data. Drive action and outcomes. Balance sustainability initiatives and profitability Explore IBM Sustainability Consulting Services
Supply chain Reduce waste, lower cost, and improve sustainability performance when you create a more-resilient, circular supply chain. Build intelligent and resilient supply chains Explore IBM supply chain solutions

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Learn how IBM Hursley implements automation in its journey to carbon neutrality.

Phoenix Systems

See how the company is fusing the convenience of public cloud with unprecedented security.

Siemens Gamesa

Learn how Siemens Gamesa enhances efficiency of turbine blade manufacturing and cuts time to market for wind power.


Learn how the company is bringing AI-based automation to the circular economy.

It’s really important for us to be transparent and to provide confidence to our investors, shareholders, employees and tenants that we operate in a sustainable way. Supporting our disclosures with robust ESG data is nonnegotiable. Katrina Itin Sustainability Advisor Growthpoint Properties Australia Read the case study

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IBM Garage is the collaborative approach at the heart of IBM Consulting.

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Read about our own commitments to reducing negative environmental impact.

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Learn how IBM is enabling strong ESG principles around the world.

Resources What is decarbonization?

A method of climate change mitigation that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as well as removing them from the atmosphere.

Turn ambition into enterprise-wide action

Build and operationalize a strategic roadmap that can guide an organization to achieve its unique sustainability initiatives.

What are weather models?

Weather models are computer simulations of the atmosphere for weather research and forecasting.

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Learn how IBM Garage for sustainability can help your team accelerate digital transformation or meet with an expert to put your sustainability strategy in motion with a customized solution set.

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