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Our next-generation enterprise studio for AI builders
watsonx.ai Generative AI + machine learning 

Watsonx.ai brings together new generative AI capabilities, powered by foundation models, and traditional machine learning into a powerful platform spanning the AI lifecycle. With watsonx.ai, you can train, validate, tune, and deploy models with ease and build AI applications in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the data. General availability of watsonx.ai is expected in July.

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Generative AI and machine learning for builders Bring together AI builders

Use open-source frameworks and tools for code-based, automated, and visual data science capabilities – all in a secure, trusted studio environment.

Tune foundation models for your business

Leverage foundation models and generative AI with minimal data, advanced prompt-tuning capabilities, full SDK and API libraries.

Manage the full AI lifecycle

Accelerate the full AI model lifecycle with all the tools and runtimes in one place to train, validate, tune and deploy AI models.

Foundation models create better AI, faster

With just a few lines of instruction you can draft job descriptions, classify customer complaints, summarize complex regulatory documents, extract key business information, and much more. Quickly tune models for your specific business needs using the latest open source and IBM trained foundation models.

Generate content, no code required From writing marketing emails to creating customer personas, watsonx.ai is your new creative partner. Just specify what you want, set the parameters and let the AI do the work.

Build a classifier without training With as few as zero examples, watsonx.ai can read and classify written input. For example, it can evaluate and sort customer complaints or review customer feedback sentiment.

Save time with high-quality summaries Like a skilled assistant, watsonx.ai can help transform dense text into your personalized executive overview, capturing key points from financial reports, meeting transcriptions and more.

Extract information with no pre-training Let watsonx.ai sort through the complex details and help you quickly pull the information you want from large documents. Identify named entities, parse terms and conditions and more.

Power your use cases with foundation models

Work with IBM’s suite of curated foundation models trained to ensure model trust and efficiency in business applications, or you can bring your own models to further train and tune. You can experiment with open source models through IBM’s partnership with Hugging Face, allowing you to define the best models for your needs.

IBM curated models

Work with IBM’s suite of foundation models designed to ensure model trust and efficiency in business applications.

IBM + Hugging Face

Through IBM’s partnership with Hugging Face, you can experiment with open source models, allowing you to define the best models for your needs.

Bring your own

You can use watsonx.ai to train and tune your own models using our advanced prompt-tuning capabilities, full SDK and API libraries.

Resources Learn about the technology behind watsonx.ai Discover why model efficiency matters Learn about prompt tuning
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