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IBM® Granite™ is a family of artificial intelligence (AI) models purpose-built for business, engineered from scratch to help ensure trust and scalability in AI-driven applications. Open source Granite models are available today.

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IBM is named a strong performer in the The Forrester Wave™: AI Foundation Models for Language, Q2 2024.

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IBM and Red Hat Bolster Open GenAI Ecosystem with Granite and InstructLab

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Open source

We make AI as accessible as possible for as many developers as possible. That’s why we have open-sourced core Granite Code, Time Series, Language, and GeoSpatial models and made them available on Hugging Face under permissive Apache 2.0 license that enables broad, unencumbered commercial usage. 

All Granite models are trained on carefully curated data, with industry-leading levels of transparency about the data that went into them. We have also open-sourced the tools we use to ensure the data is high quality and up to the standards that enterprise-grade applications demand.

Granite models Granite is IBM’s flagship brand of open large language model (LLM) foundation models spanning multiple modalities. Granite for Code

Trained on 116 programming languages, Granite code models (3b, 8b, 20b, 34b ) are optimized for enterprise-grade software development workflows. These models have a range of uses, from simple code completion to complex application modernization tasks and on-device memory constrained use cases.

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Granite for Language

Granite language models (7b open-source, 13B English, 20b multilingual, 8b Japanese) demonstrate higher accuracy and throughput at lower latency, while consuming only a fraction of GPU resources.

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Granite for Time Series 

Granite Time Series is a family of lightweight, pre-trained models for time-series forecasting trained on a collection of datasets spanning a business a range of business and industrial application domains. We have optimized Granite Time Series to run efficiently across a range of hardware configurations, meaning all you need is a laptop to start using them today. 

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Granite for GeoSpatial

NASA and IBM have teamed up to create an AI Foundation Model for Earth Observations, using large-scale satellite and remote sensing data, including the Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 (HLS (link resides outside of ibm.com) data. By embracing the principles of open AI and open science, both organizations are actively contributing to the global mission of promoting knowledge sharing and accelerating innovations in addressing critical environmental challenges.

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Why Granite?         Read IBM’s Point-of-View on Enterprise-grade models Open

With a principled approach to data transparency, model alignment and security red teaming, IBM has been delivering truly open source Granite models under an Apache 2.0 license to empower developers to bring trusted, safe generative AI into mission-critical applications and workflows. 


IBM Granite models deliver superior performance in coding, and above-par performance in targeted language tasks & use cases at lower latencies, with training and alignment on enterprise-relevant datasets and contributions from open-source.


With a fraction of compute requirement and lower cost of inferencing, Granite models enable developers to experiment, build and scale more generative AI applications both on-prem and on cloud while staying well within the budgetary limits of their departments.

Designed for developers Agility

Lightweight, dependable, and low-cost/no-cost models and tools to swiftly prototype their myriad ideas before they can scale them on production systems.


Models built on the foundation of transparent data sources, with targeted functionality and reliable output.


Collaboration with thousands of developers who are already harnessing open-source models to advance science, modernize code, improve productivity, and transform experiences.

AI assistants built with Granite

AI assistants are applications powered by Granite models and watsonx platform, deployed to automate workflows and implement AI across a variety of technical and business functions.

watsonx Code Assistant Leverages generative AI to accelerate development while maintaining the principles of trust, security and compliance at its core. Developers and IT Operators can speed up application modernization efforts and generate automation to rapidly scale IT environments.  Explore watsonx Code Assistant

watsonx Assistant Next-gen conversational AI solution to build assistants that deliver frictionless self-service experiences to customers across any device or channel, help boost employee productivity, and scale across your business.  Explore watsonx Assistant

watsonx Orchestrate IBM watsonx Orchestrate, powered by LLMs, brings personalized generative AI assistants to business domains such as HR, Finance, Sales, and Procurement to boost productivity, reduces costs, and improves agility with a low-code builder interface. Explore watsonx Orchestrate

Performance benchmarks

Launched originally in October 2023 with the first set of open source models released in May 2024, Granite has received recognition and validation from analysts, media and industry.

Granite code models demonstrate best-in-class performance

In testing against a range of other models, including those that have been opened under Apache 2.0 licenses, and more proprietary models, we found Granite models are competitive at a range of coding tasks.

Ranked top 5 in Stanford Transparency Index

A new report from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Foundation Models showed that IBM’s model scored a perfect 100% in several categories designed to measure how open models really are.

Recognized as a ‘strong performer’ in Forrester Wave

According to Forrester, the Granite family of models provides enterprise users with some of the most robust and clear insights into the underlying training data. This is important for efficiently refining model behavior for specific use cases and domains, and for protecting enterprises from risk due to any unlicensed content in the training data.

Research papers Granite LLM models for code Granite LLM models for language

Intellectual property protection for AI models

IBM believes in the creation, deployment and utilization of AI models that advance innovation across the enterprise responsibly. IBM watsonx AI and data platform have an end-to-end process for building and testing foundation models and generative AI. For IBM-developed models, we search for and remove duplication, and we employ URL blocklists, filters for objectionable content and document quality, sentence splitting and tokenization techniques, all before model training.

During the data training process, we work to prevent misalignments in the model outputs and use supervised fine-tuning to enable better instruction following so that the model can be used to complete enterprise tasks via prompt engineering. We are continuing to develop the Granite models in several directions, including other modalities, industry-specific content and more data annotations for training, while also deploying regular, ongoing data protection safeguards for IBM developed models.  

Given the rapidly changing generative AI technology landscape, our end-to-end processes are expected to continuously evolve and improve. As a testament to the rigor IBM puts into the development and testing of its foundation models, the company provides its standard contractual intellectual property indemnification for IBM-developed models, similar to those it provides for IBM hardware and software products.

Moreover, contrary to some other providers of large language models and consistent with the IBM standard approach on indemnification, IBM does not require its customers to indemnify IBM for a customer's use of IBM-developed models. Also, consistent with the IBM approach to its indemnification obligation, IBM does not cap its indemnification liability for the IBM-developed models.

The current watsonx models now under these protections include:

(1) Slate family of encoder-only models.

(2) Granite family of a decoder-only model.

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Granite models are also available on RHEL AI, Red Hat’s new low-barrier-to-entry platform for developing, testing, and deploying generative AI models, and watsonx.ai, IBM’s platform for building scaled enterprise applications. When you’re ready to deploy Granite models in production, RHEL AI and watsonx provide the level of support and tooling that you need to confidently deploy AI in your business at scale.

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