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You know that bottomless list you make every day full of frustrating, repetitive tasks? What if you could clear it and get work done faster? It’s possible, with IBM watsonx Orchestrate™, featuring generative AI and automation technology designed to free you up to pursue more on your “want-to-do" list.

Build your AI assistant with Orchestrate to streamline your team's efforts and reclaim your day.

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What could you do with more time in the day? The benefits of Orchestrate Increased efficiency

Streamline your workflow by letting Orchestrate automate tasks, find information and simplify complex processes, saving you time and effort. Then you can focus on high impact actions.

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Better business results

Use natural language to interact with Orchestrate and complete tasks and processes across your existing systems with confidence that the right information is found and the next best step is being taken.

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Personalized and protected

Skill up Orchestrate with the capabilities that make the most impact to your business. Import existing automations into the platform, seamlessly build new automations and assign to your AI assistant to get work done with security you can trust.

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Let’s create automation that propels innovation

Orchestrate's prebuilt skills Orchestrate uses natural language processing to draw from a catalog of basic and advanced skills to execute on your requests—in context and in the right order. No specialized training is needed. Get started in minutes using prebuilt skills designed for you and your needs. See the prebuilt skills

Train Orchestrate with automation skill builder Import your existing automations as skills and pair with pre-built or new automations to streamline workflows. Build new skills using Orchestrate’s Unified Automation Builder to create custom skills for your unique use cases. Learn how to train Orchestrate with automation skill builder
Orchestrate connects to various apps Orchestrate connects to your various apps and tools to work seamlessly across Salesforce, Workday, Outlook, Gmail and other tools to accomplish tasks in a simple, no-code interface. No API? Seamlessly connect external systems using robotic process automation (RPA). See more

Create Conversations that matter Easily build your AI assistant with helpful conversations that help end users accomplish the tasks they want, get the information they need when they need it and recommend useful next steps. Learn more

Transforming your work 
Department Human resources  Between "The Great Resignation," a crushing skills shortage, and the growing complexity of data analysis tools, the work of finding and retaining great candidates can be challenging. Give your team the tools they need to onboard and support great hires, so they can put the "human" back in human resources. Discover how Orchestrate aids human resources
Department Talent acquisition  Whether you're looking to fill permanent positions or procure short-term or contract workers, Orchestrate can help you achieve your talent acquisition goals while providing a customized and scalable solution that can grow and evolve with your business needs. Explore how Orchestrate supports talent acquisition

Orchestrate in action

Discover how Tricon Steamship Agency, Inc is orchestrating efficient imports and exports with IBM watsonx
Avid Solutions

Learn how a search and development firm is using Orchestrate to help reduce errors and alleviate operational burdens.


Learn how FloCareer is planning to expand its global team with responsible AI.

Comparus GmbH

Learn how Comparus is using AI to achieve innovative process orchestration with a conversational “banking assistant.”

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Accelerate your business growth by building your solutions with IBM technology. Partner with us to deliver enhanced commercial solutions embedded with AI to better address clients’ needs.

IBM watsonx Orchestrate is helping build the workforce of tomorrow, with artificial intelligence at its core. Sign up for the Orchestrate Partner Program to join us on this journey. 

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