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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the transformative technology of our times. It helps all of us make our businesses faster, stronger and more effective. But to trust AI technology, you can't achieve it by tossing money at the largest or flashiest AI models. You can achieve it by:

  • Using the right AI and training it on the right data sets at the right time.
  • Running AI models from anywhere with secure access to your data wherever it is stored.
  • Prioritizing safety, control and compliance with a holistic AI governance approach.
  • Using AI built on ethical principles, which are designed for the many, not the few.
  • Extending your team's capabilities to reach new heights of productivity and performance.

With unparalleled experience in solving the world’s biggest business problems, IBM can assist you wherever you are on your AI journey.


Govern generative AI models built in watsonx.ai and those built on third-party platforms

What's new in AI from IBM Research

AI solutions IBM offers AI solutions to help you build the future of your business today. These solutions include IBM watsonx™, the data and AI platform with a set of AI assistants, the deep scientific expertise of IBM Research® and the teams of expert consultants ready to help you scale responsible AI across the enterprise.  Build, train and tune AI

Start with IBM® watsonx.ai™, our studio for foundation models and machine learning and engage with expert consultants to drive real business transformation with AI technology.

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Optimize your data for AI

Create a strategy with IBM® watsonx.data™ to construct your ideal data estate, which supports the entire data science lifecycle and enables the scaling of AI workloads with a fit-for-purpose data store.

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Mitigate risk with AI governance

With IBM® watsonx.governance™, you can direct, manage and monitor your organization’s AI projects by integrating responsible AI workflows for generative AI and machine learning throughout your business operations.

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AI use cases

IBM can help you apply AI to a wide range of use cases. From natural language processing to generative AI to machine learning, by using IBM’s AI capabilities to:

  • Achieve high-performance automation for tedious work.
  • Optimize business processes.
  • Streamline data management.
  • Facilitate better decision-making.

With the right AI tools, you can build a competitive advantage in customer service, boost AI-powered productivity and modernize applications across industries, including financial services, healthcare, supply chain and more.

AI for customer service Reimagine the customer experience in real time with conversational AI. Learn about AI for customer service Build customer service chatbots

AI for human resources Create AI-powered world-class experiences to attract, develop and retain a skills-first workforce. Learn about AI for talent management Explore HR process automation

AI for application modernization With IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant, you can automate code creation and documentation to boost productivity and drive growth. Learn about AI for app modernization Discover watsonx Code Assistant

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Industry leadership

Gartner recognizes IBM as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for conversational AI platforms.

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