Asset management Maximo Manufacturing operations management with IBM Maximo Application Suite
Embark on your journey to asset management excellence by targeting zero defects and downtime in manufacturing processes 
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Boost operational efficiency with integration and ease   

Streamline operations and tackle unplanned outages, poor maintenance strategies, and inefficient inventory management in complex asset lifecycles and production processes. Empower your operations, quality control, and maintenance teams by using tools that connect siloed data and integrate multiple technologies. This enables end-to-end visibility into production lines and asset health, helping to consistently meet quality standards.

For decades, IBM® Maximo® has enhanced both discrete and process manufacturing industries with superior asset and production management. As an all-in-one asset lifecycle management tool, the IBM® Maximo® Application Suite offers advanced capabilities in enterprise asset management (EAM), asset performance management (APM), and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM). This drives manufacturing systems towards zero defects and downtime while optimizing the performance and reliability of critical equipment. 


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IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Automate inspections 24x7 and reduce human error IBM Maximo® Visual Inspection (MVI) offers built-in deep learning models that automate quality control by detecting and classifying objects and defects. Its AI-powered visualization provides real-time error detection, preventing future downtime and simplifying use with user-friendly tools and interfaces, even for those with limited deep learning expertise. Learn more about visual inspection Explore the MVI demo

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management  Keep your assets running at peak performance IBM Maximo® APM uses AI and IoT to optimize production scheduling and maintenance, based on historical and real-time asset health, predicting issues before they occur. Maximo APM helps you minimize unplanned repair work, manage risk, reduce breakdowns and extend asset lifecycle without unnecessary costs. Calculate your potential savings Explore the APM demo

Benefits Improve maintenance management systems

Analyze historical and real-time data to optimize equipment health, prevent failures and streamline condition-based maintenance and schedules.

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Understand assets in operational context

Use asset health and performance data to help operations, maintenance and finance personnel in improving their decision-making processes and audit outcomes for production management such as scheduling, decommissioning and new investments.

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Jump-start your Industry 4.0 transformation

Deploy low-code and no-code capabilities for advanced planning and scheduling that add AI-enabled remote asset monitoring, predictive maintenance and visual inspection to your existing production lines.

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Increase sustainability and safety

IBM's Sustainability Consulting services can help you establish a data-driven strategy to ensure your manufacturing execution systems are aligned with your sustainability agenda. 

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Sustainability Consulting

IBM's Sustainability Consulting services can help you establish a data-driven strategy to ensure your manufacturing execution systems are aligned with your sustainability agenda. 

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Case studies Spendrups streamlines maintenance scheduling

Swedish brewing giant Spendrups uses Maximo to create maintenance schedules built on actionable data collected from production equipment to improve reliability by addressing the most urgent work as a priority.

Ford presents IT Innovation Award to IBM

The IBM Maximo Visual Inspection platform helps Ford enhance product quality by detecting defects early in the production process, reducing downtime and facilitating quick resolutions.

Downer uses predictive maintenance for better sustainability

Downer and IBM use smart preventative maintenance to keep passengers on Australia’s light and heavy rail systems moving safely, reliably, comfortably and more sustainably, increasing customer satisfaction.

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