Manufacturing operations management with IBM Maximo Application Suite
Apply asset management best practices to your manufacturing operations through real-time asset tracking, industry-specific workflows and improved maintenance scheduling.
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Graphic illustration representing manufacturing operations management with the IBM Maximo Application Suite
Better asset management software means less maintenance costs and more automation

To achieve "factory of the future” status, manufacturing companies need to fully embrace Industry 4.0 opportunities. But when they’re dealing with complex assets on different lifecycles, disparate data that is difficult to connect and constant waves of cutting-edge technologies they need to integrate, the decision-making process can be challenging. That’s where a good asset management system for manufacturing industry comes into play.

For decades, IBM® Maximo® Application Suite has helped industries such as consumer products and automotive to manage assets and maintenance activities for production lines through intelligent plant asset management and increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). It delivers AI and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM), asset performance management (APM) and reliability centered maintenance (RCM). Maximo integrates with business management systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to help you connect your maintenance, inspections and reliability teams while boosting first-time fix rates. In this short demo, see how Maximo can help continuously detect and correct defects.

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What you can do
IBM Maximo Visual Inspection Automate inspections 24x7 and reduce human error Maximo Visual Inspection (MVI) offers built-in deep learning models that learn to analyze images and video streams for classification, object detection, and anomaly detection. Its AI-powered computer vision uses deep learning vision models for real-time error and defect detection. In addition, Visual Inspection includes tools and interfaces for anyone who has limited skills in deep learning technologies. Learn more about visual inspection Explore the MVI demo

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management  Keep your assets running at peak performance Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) uses AI and IoT to optimize monitoring, maintenance and replacement actions based on historical and current asset health and real-time performance. Maximo APM helps you minimize unplanned repair work, manage risk, reduce breakdowns and extend asset lifecycle without unnecessary costs. Calculate your potential savings Explore the APM demo

Benefits Improve maintenance management

Analyze historical and real-time data to determine asset health, predict impending failures, and automate condition-based maintenance and schedules.

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Understand assets in operational context

Use asset health and performance data to help operations, maintenance and finance personnel in improving their decision-making processes and audit outcomes for scheduling, decommissioning and new investments.

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Jump-start your Industry 4.0 transformation

Deploy low-code and no-code capabilities that add AI-enabled remote asset monitoring, predictive maintenance and visual inspection to your existing production lines.

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Increase sustainability and safety

Improve energy efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and waste in plants and create a safer environment for employees with positive outcomes to your bottom line.

Create more sustainable operations
Case studies Spendrups streamlines maintenance scheduling

Swedish brewing giant Spendrups uses Maximo to create maintenance schedules built on actionable data collected from production equipment to improve reliability by addressing the most urgent work as a priority.

Ford presents IT Innovation Award to IBM

The IBM Maximo Visual Inspection platform helps Ford find and correct defects before vehicles move down the line, facilitating quick action and issue resolution, while reducing downtime.

Downer uses predictive maintenance for better sustainability

Downer and IBM use smart preventative maintenance to keep passengers on Australia’s light and heavy rail systems moving safely, reliably, comfortably and more sustainably while responding to customer demand.

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