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Jumpstart your operations by capitalizing on the IBM Maximo Reliability Strategies app and Library, based on more than 25 years of RCM studies
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If you struggle to complete and scale reliability centered maintenance (RCM) studies, IBM® Maximo® Reliability Strategies powered by IBM watsonx™ can be your ally. Its primary objective is to optimize equipment availability by minimizing the need to replace assets and reducing maintenance costs. Shifting away from run-to-failure or reactive maintenance entails a better understanding of how your equipment can break down and proactively mitigating the failures before they happen.

The IBM® Maximo® Application Suite offers an innovative combination: a purpose-built application and a content library for your RCM process. With the addition of Reliability Strategies and its supporting content library, Maximo enables you to integrate enterprise asset management (EAM), asset performance management (APM), and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) in one single platform. 

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Solution brief

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Benefits Optimize your reliability centered maintenance 

Give your reliability engineers the power of prebuilt reliability best practices for over 800 equipment types. Deploy cost-saving strategies faster by knowing which maintenance tasks have had successful implementation and by having a maintenance schedule.

Improve asset reliability through effective maintenance 

Gain insight into functional failures through a dedicated FMEA view, including over 50,000 universal failure modes spanning multiple operating contexts. This view helps you assess components, assemblies, and subsystems to identify potential failure modes, their root causes and effects, enabling targeted proactive measures.

Implement cost-effective maintenance activities

Reduce the guesswork and the unnecessary maintenance working hours with RCM/FMEA analysis. By optimizing preventive maintenance, your team can eliminate tasks that have no impact on reliability or safety, thus saving time and resources. 

Streamline RCM studies without doing all the work 

Import your own FMEAs to the library, modify them using components of the library to accelerate the process, or create your own entirely. With the power of generative AI, you can accelerate FMEA development and make it faster and more efficient to complete RCM studies.

Reliability Strategies 
Streamline your maintenance strategy With Reliability Strategies, your team can rapidly apply maintenance strategies with corresponding mitigation actions linked to failure modes to create or optimize predictive maintenance to ensure your assets operate efficiently and reliably while minimizing costs.

Key Reliability Strategies applications

FMEA viewer

Easily browse and review equipment failure modes to uncover hidden risks and opportunities, and deploy targeted mitigating activities to prevent functional failures and help ensure asset reliability.

Reliability Strategy Composer

Quickly apply reliability strategies with corresponding preventive maintenance (PMs) that integrate into IBM® Maximo® Manage to streamline operations and improve asset performance. Our composer uses recommended activities, performance intervals and details from the Reliability Strategy Library, and considers criticality and operating context to tailor strategies according to your needs.

Reliability Strategy Builder

Accelerate reliability strategy development with our intuitive tool. Import your FMEAs to the library, augment existing RCM or FMEA content, or reuse components to quickly create new FMEAs. Or start from scratch and use gen AI to generate FMEAs for any asset, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Your studies can evolve with new information from cause analysis or technological advances.

Reliability Strategy Optimizer

Make informed decisions with the Reliability Strategy Optimizer, which simulates the impact of strategy changes on reliability and cost. Our proprietary algorithms recommend cost-optimal strategies, and you can refine them manually to fit your process needs. Real-time decision support data enables you to understand and justify changes, helping to ensure that strategies provide the necessary reliability at the lowest cost.

Reliability Strategies Library
Transform your RCM process Streamline your reliability strategies with this library, which contains over 58,000 failure modes, more than 5,000 preventive maintenance tasks with instructions, and strategies for over 800 physical asset types. Understand degradation timelines, identify wear-out and unnecessary processes, and map preventive maintenance tasks to failure modes. Your team members can streamline maintenance practices and the decision-making process by using extensive data and expertise from content libraries, subject matter experts, and assistance from generative AI. 
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