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Optimize whole-life asset performance and operations

Organizations across various industries aim for greater operational efficiency, asset reliability and performance while minimizing risks. Unplanned downtime can cost up to USD 125,000 per hour1, which underscores the need for proactive and comprehensive asset management.

IBM Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) powered by IBM® Maximo® delivers a holistic approach to asset management. It provides real-time data and AI-driven insights to optimize assets across their lifecycle to reduce operational risk and cost, improve workforce productivity and asset reliability, while reducing environmental impact.

Benefits Improve asset maintenance outcomes

Achieve greater uptime and production quality by effectively managing assets, resources and schedules.

Extend the life of assets

Optimize the performance of your assets and extend their lifespan with remote monitoring and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM).

Increase workforce productivity

Empower technicians with real-time insights and AI-assisted workflows to boost operational efficiency.

Reduce cost of maintenance

Optimize total ownership costs through efficient operational strategies and by improving asset reliability.

Mitigate operational risk

Understand and manage operational and climate risks proactively with advanced analytics and condition-based strategies.

Streamline data analysis and reporting

Simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of your environmental data.


IBM® Maximo® is the cornerstone of asset lifecycle management, integrating AI-driven EAM, APM and RCM capabilities. It enables organizations to optimize asset performance, extend lifespan and reduce downtime and costs. Explore the product

IBM TRIRIGA® optimizes space use and manages real estate portfolios, maintains operations and improves environmental sustainability, which aligns facilities with strategic business goals. Explore the product

IBM Envizi™ ESG Suite provides environmental data analysis, sustainability reporting and operational efficiency insights, which aid businesses in strategic decision-making and compliance. Explore the product

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite provides tools for climate risk management, operational resilience, regulatory compliance and informed decision-making. Explore the product

IBM MRO Inventory Optimization empowers users with an accurate, detailed picture of their inventory to make informed decisions that improve margins, increase service levels and minimize unplanned downtime. Explore the product

Use cases Planning

Create and track capital investment plans to maximize value, manage asset risk exposure and compare cost, risk and outcomes of different investment strategies.


Automate workflows to cut costs and risks, enhance productivity with real-time insights and AI and support quality and safety through automated inspections.


Optimize asset performance and reliability with condition-based maintenance, monitor asset health remotely, and predict failures to extend asset lifespan.

Industries Energy and utilities

Improve your asset management strategy and optimize asset performance for power generation, transmission, distribution and water.


Apply asset management best practices for automotive, aviation, consumer products, electronics, life sciences and more through industry-specific workflows and improved maintenance scheduling.

Travel and transportation

Optimize the productivity of aviation, rail and fleet assets and workflows with a full suite of asset management software for operations, maintenance, monitoring, quality and reliability.


Maximize the value of your public assets such as roads, bridges and buildings with an integrated ALM platform to reduce costs, enhance citizen satisfaction and improve overall efficiency.

Oil and gas

Optimize your asset management strategies for rigs, wells, pipelines and more with a solution designed to minimize risk, support compliance and maximize returns on investment.

Case studies Transport for London

Transport for London saved GBP 21 million over 10 years when it centralized its maintenance efforts on IBM Maximo software.


IBM Maximo is helping Sandvik connect assets and people both online and offline while increasing productivity, wasting fewer parts and having less downtime.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Royal Melbourne Hospital streamlined their processes by using IBM TRIRIGA, which resulted in better customer, staff and patient experiences.

Resources What is asset lifecycle management?

Asset lifecycle management is the process by which organizations keep their assets running smoothly throughout their lifespan.

The Business Value of IBM Maximo

IDC found that IBM Maximo benefits many companies and adds significant value to their organizations by using IBM Maximo.

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