The Aerospace industry “takes off” in Southeast Asia with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management
Discover Turkish Aerospace Malaysia, pioneering engineering collaboration at its highest “altitude”
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Bridging the gap in aerospace engineering

In the heart of Malaysia’s vibrant technology hub, Cyberjaya, Turkish Aerospace Malaysia (TUSAS Malaysia), a subsidiary of the renowned Turkish Aerospace Industries, embarked on a pioneering endeavor: establishing an engineering and design hub to contribute to the company’s ambition of becoming a top-10 global aerospace organization by 2030.

TUSAS Malaysia’s modest beginnings were marked by a handful of dedicated engineers working tirelessly to deliver sophisticated avionics systems and software solutions.

The Malaysian design hub faced stringent deadlines to deliver sophisticated and safe avionics systems and software solutions. Among the myriad challenges, adhering to industry standards was a primary driver for implementing the IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) platform. Standards such as DO-178 for Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification and DO-254 for Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware necessitate end-to-end traceability and high-quality development processes, which are nearly unattainable without an engineering platform like IBM ELM.

The catalyst for change: embracing digital transformation

The catalyst for change emerged in 2022 when, seeking a robust and integrated digital engineering platform to transform its engineering development processes, TUSAS Malaysia choose IBM ELM.

This decision was driven by:

  • The need for a robust and integrated platform: TUSAS Malaysia operates in a highly regulated industry with stringent deadlines, making it critical for the company to have a robust and integrated digital engineering platform to optimize its processes and comply with industry standards. IBM ELM’s comprehensive capabilities aligned perfectly with TUSAS Malaysia’s needs.
  • The need for a collaborative platform: TUSAS Malaysia recognized the importance of collaboration among engineers from different teams. IBM ELM’s collaborative features helped to break down silos and foster a more cohesive and productive work environment.
  • The need for a scalable platform: TUSAS Malaysia is growing rapidly and needed a platform that could scale with its business. IBM ELM is a scalable platform that can accommodate TUSAS Malaysia’s growing needs.

The IBM ELM platform provides TUSAS Malaysia with a powerful and integrated solution to optimize its engineering development processes.

The platform’s robust and market-leading Requirements Management capabilities allow precise definition, tracking and management of requirements, helping TUSAS Malaysia manage compliance with DO-178 and DO-254 guidelines. Workflow management with agile planning capabilities help foster collaboration among the various teams. For model-based design and development, ELM facilitates seamless collaboration between systems and software engineers, streamlining the translation of models into code. Moreover, the solution’s test management capabilities accelerate test automation and improve defects tracking.

IBM ELM has enhanced our aerospace and defense engineering processes. Its robust tools for requirements management and collaborative workflows help boost our productivity, ensuring top-notch design and development outcomes. A game-changer. Muzaffar Bin Tajuddin Director of Engineering Turkish Aerospace Malaysia
Transforming the aerospace landscape

The implementation of IBM ELM has enhanced TUSAS Malaysia’s engineering processes, enabling it to:

  • Accelerate and optimize software development processes: ELM’s streamlined workflows and automated processes enabled TUSAS Malaysia to significantly accelerate software development, reducing time to market and improving project efficiency.
  • Improve team collaboration: ELM’s collaborative features facilitated seamless collaboration among engineers, fostering knowledge sharing, reducing rework and enhancing overall project productivity.
  • Manage compliance with DO-178 and DO-254: ELM’s comprehensive traceability capabilities helped TUSAS Malaysia manage its engineering processes to align with stringent industry standards, minimizing risks and streamlining certification processes.
  • Achieve end-to-end traceability: ELM’s integrated platform provided a single source of truth for all engineering artifacts, enabling TUSAS Malaysia to track changes and maintain complete traceability throughout the development lifecycle.

Tusas Malaysia’s journey from a modest office to a fully equipped building housing over 110 engineers is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence. With the support of IBM ELM, TUSAS Malaysia is poised to become a leading force in the aerospace industry, contributing to Malaysia’s growing reputation as a hub for advanced technological development. The company’s success story exemplifies the power of digital transformation in driving efficiency, collaboration and compliance, paving the way for a brighter future in the aerospace landscape.

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About Turkish Aerospace Malaysia (TUSAS)

TUSAS Malaysia (link resides outside of is a new branch office of Turkish Aerospace and serves as its first engineering and design office in Southeast Asia. It focuses on unmanned aerial vehicles, jet trainers, combat aircraft, helicopter projects and modernization programs for the global aviation ecosystem.

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