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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a comprehensive end-to-end engineering solution that stands at the forefront of the market, seamlessly guiding you from requirements to systems design, workflow, and test management, extending the functionality of ALM tools for better complex-systems development. By adopting an end-to-end view across the entire product lifecycle, enabling a digital foundation for data traceability, you can more easily track changes to minimize risk and reduce costs.

Conquer complexity from design to execution, unite teams through digital thread, leverage modelling and reuse, harness insights from automated reporting, and confidently operate at scale laying the foundation for innovation.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management portfolio

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Discover 7 reasons to select ELM

Benefits Traceability

The bi-directional data in the digital thread will enable functional, software, mechanical, and electrical engineering domains with a single source of truth.

Strategic reuse

Support product line variability and reuse through an integrated view of product targets and requirements that enable product level verification. Take advantage of reuse for rapid innovation.

Impact analysis

Iterations are costly. Ensure new features will be delivered on time and all sub-systems and vendors have accepted responsibility to reduce integration failures and delivery delays.


Compliance and regulatory reporting are changing. Ensure you have full visibility into the lifecycle so you can easily produce reports to track progress towards compliance. Safety built in from the start.

Project and tracking collaboration

Real time insights to the status of the project through programmatic reports. Collaborate using a single system with process flows through the engineering workstream.

Enterprise agile planning using SAFe

Adapt & deploy organizational and workflow patterns for implementing agile practices at an enterprise scale.


Reduce complexity through digital thread ELM enables complete traceability throughout the entire lifecycle of requirements, design, and test data. It also allows for easy tracking of defects or issues back to their source, helping organizations pinpoint and address the root causes of problems. Additionally, it helps demonstrate compliance by providing a clear record of how products or processes meet these requirements. Watch the demo (2:22)

Shorten time to market This feature supports reuse of requirements, design data and processes to support delivery of multiple product versions and variants enabling teams build more sophisticated, more software-intensive, smarter systems and systems-of-systems.

Speed up decision making Our approach utilizes SysML to harness the power of visual modeling, simulation, and testing for architectures and designs. This empowers organizations to optimize their designs early in the development process. Additionally, our solution offers customizable reporting and dashboards, providing tailored insights. By leveraging data analysis capabilities, it facilitates more informed decision-making.

Streamline compliance Our tools seamlessly integrate industry standards and regulatory requirements into the development process. It not only supports but also streamlines the entire change management process, encompassing everything from requirements to testing. This comprehensive approach ensures that compliance is achieved and maintained while also allowing for a thorough assessment of the impact of any changes made along the way.

Improve team efficiency ELM facilitates collaborative team development, bridging the gap across all development functions and even geographically dispersed teams. This robust capability ensures seamless coordination, fosters effective communication, and enables efficient tracking of project progress, regardless of team location or size.

Accelerate delivery with agile systems engineering ELM empowers agility at scale, supporting SAFe for streamlined planning, faster time-to-market, and accelerated work flow throughout the entire value stream. This transformative approach extends across both systems and software delivery, enabling agility at all levels within the enterprise. Furthermore, our solution provides visualized data that translates into actionable insights, leading to more predictable delivery outcomes. Read the solution brief

IBM ELM has the power to manage the complexity of digital engineering by pushing the uplift from text-based requirements to model-based systems engineering - a game-changing approach. This enables holistic description and simulation of customer functions, allowing to derive behaviour models. These models, in turn, inform architecture models for electric, electronic, and software components, aiding in managing the exploding number of customer functions. Dr. Sigi Haasis Ex-CIO R&D Mercedes-Benz AG
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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management on-premises authorized or floating user license. All products in the solution are available. Subscription and support included for one year.

SaaS (over 100 authorised users)

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management on a single tenant secure site. Subscription and support included.

SaaS (up to 100 authorised users)

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management on a single tenant secure site. Subscription and support included.

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Requirements management

Capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements with a scalable solution that optimizes communication across your development team and stakeholders.

Explore requirements management
Systems modeling

Analyze and elaborate requirements through prototypes, simulations and verification of validated designs while facilitating improved productivity and quality.

Explore model-based systems engineering
Test management

Collaboratively manage end-to-end test planning and testing of assets. Automate test execution, record test results and view real-time test status.

Explore test management
Workflow management

Create and manage work plans, sprints and tasks across multiple development projects by leveraging agile, SAFe, or custom processes, enabling faster release cycles.

Explore workflow management
Process enablement

Extending the capabilities of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management to further enhance and optimize your systems and software development environment.

Explore process enablement
Reporting and insights

Automated document generation solution that generates documents from IBM Engineering products as well as other vendors that use XML and REST interfaces.

Explore reporting and insights
Integration hub

Extend application lifecycle management with integrations to third-party tools.

Explore integration hub
Case studies The Aerospace industry “takes off” in Southeast Asia with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

TUSAS Malaysia opted for IBM ELM to upgrade its engineering processes due to its robustness, collaborative features, and scalability.

Collaborative development, sustainable design

With virtual testing and stage-based tracking, ENYSE reduced costs and improved time to market while meeting sustainability targets.

Driving automotive innovation

Nobo Technologies joins hands with IBM to co-create a new generation of digital R&D management that empowers future vehicle design.

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