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Use one tool to collaborate across teams, manage code, run standup meetings, plan sprints and track work. Available on premises and on the cloud.
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What Workflow Management can do for your business

IBM® Engineering Workflow Management acts as the critical link between required and delivered work by enabling teams to manage plans, tasks and project status. It provides the flexibility to adapt to any process, so companies can adopt faster release cycles and manage dependencies across both small and complex development projects. This solution, which is available on premises and in the cloud, offers no-charge server software and flexible pricing models.

Workflow Management is also available in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution as part of a seamlessly integrated set of offerings:  IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Test Management, and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next.

Achieve real time agility

Explore the core principles and practices for embedded software teams.

Work smarter and faster

Work on the right tasks by linking plans with development and execution.

Bring teams together

Find, fix and test work faster by linking tasks instead of using isolated, disjointed tools with fragile integration.

Improve productivity across dispersed teams

Simplify project reporting

Stay on top of activities and overall progress with simple, automated cross-project reporting that provides a single view of the truth.

Make work reliable and repeatable

Learn, adapt and change your process to meet your needs. Make every team high performing by sharing best practices.

Accelerate time to value

Use the cloud to get up and running faster so you can focus on innovation.

Reduce risks and improve quality

Balance speed and reduce risks while improving quality and reducing cost. Find defects faster, receive timely feedback from customers, and allow continual re-ranking of new features.

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Features Dashboard and reporting

Report automation, analytics and dashboards for predictable outcomes keeps your teams on target. Any user can build custom re ports or use one of hundreds of available preconfigured reports.

Enterprise agile planning

Automatically create and track the progress of individual work items according to your team’s agile, SAFe® or custom process, so you can efficiently plansprints across teams and programs.

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Source control management

Advanced distributed source control to manage source code, documents, and other artifacts that a team creates. Facilitates sharing of controlled artifacts, improves productivity by automatically tracking changes to artifacts, retains a history of changes made to the artifacts, and supports simultaneous development of multiple versions of shared artifacts, so that teams can work on several development lines at the same time.

Build management

Integrated build management system that provides support for the automation, monitoring, and awareness of builds for teams. Build provides a model for representing the definitions, engines, and results for team builds. The model supports teams with different build technologies. Built-in work item and change-set traceability reduces the complexity of identifying precisely what went into a build.

Teams and Process

Customizable portal views enable you to access information about multiple projects such as news and events, currentbuild status, work in progress and changes that were requested. You can also see what other teammates are working on and viewtheir online status and availability.

This is a marvelous, very powerful tool that enables us to work with those responsible for project requirements and those responsible for acceptance criteria, without any ambiguity. Jaroslaw Sulkowsky Chief of C4ISR Systems Integration Air Force Institute of Technology-Poland
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Use one tool to collaborate across teams, manage code, run standup meetings, plan sprints and track work. Available on premises and on the cloud.

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