Process governance
Author, tailor and enact compliance processes for organizational and industry standards.
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Successfully scale agile across the enterprise by combining both processes and tools

With ELM’s process governance solution, you can drive digital transformation and compliance by documenting your process using custom guidance or reusing guidance from frameworks and industry standards, execute using the right tools to enact the documented process and finally govern to prove your success using the right reports ensure compliance using a single source of truth.

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Benefits Adopt best practices

Find best practices and guidance on different aspects of agile development, systems engineering, real-time and embedded software development, governance, and industry specific compliance. 

Document process

Choose over 100 customizable process plug-ins and practices or create your own process for your organization, line of business, project or team.

Achieve enterprise agility

Facilitate planning and manage work to accelerate the flow of work across the value stream for continuous value delivery.

Optimize across value stream

Bring hybrid teams together by increasing alignment of people, process, and bridging their tools’ information islands by adopting best practices of agile engineering

Gain actionable insights

Visualize engineering data and program-wide status for actionable insights and predictable delivery outcomes.

Drive compliance

Demonstrate consistency, completeness, and correctness to show compliance to organizational process and industry standards.


The practices library includes methods for both software and systems engineering; covering disciplines from requirements definition through acceptance testing, process frameworks like SAFe®, and process guidance for industry standards, including ASPICE, ISO 26262, DODAF, DO178b/c, and IC 62304.

Process libraries can be authored from scratch or tailored to create custom processes for specific organizational needs collaboratively using a rich or web-based client for process easy and simplified process authoring.

Plan and manage work to reduce time to market, minimize bottlenecks, and accelerate the flow of work. Use Scrum boards, and Kanban boards to plan and visualize work across multiple planning horizons.

Adopt SAFe® to efficiently scale agile principles for enterprise agility to foster improved collaboration, strategic alignment, and a culture of continuous improvement. Get up and running quickly with SAFe by using predefined process templates to create project areas for full, large solution, portfolio, or ART level. Set clear goals and outcomes using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to align strategic themes of the portfolio. Drive economic value using Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) and communicate planned deliverables and milestones using a roadmap.

Orchestrate delivery across hybrid teams with varying operating speeds under an umbrella organizational process to synchronize the overall release cadence while allowing each team the flexibility to build at their own pace despite preferences in processes at the team level.


Document the process with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Method Composer

A flexible process management platform with a method authoring tool and process asset library to help you implement measured improvement of your enterprise, systems engineering or software delivery processes.

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)

Robust, cross-domain support for adopting agile@scale to help organizations transform into lean enterprises.

Download the latest SAFe® templates and reports

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