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Delivering software and services at the speed the market demands requires teams to iterate and experiment rapidly. They must deploy new versions frequently, driven by feedback and data. The most successful cloud development teams adopt modern DevSecOps culture and practices, embrace cloud-native architectures, and assemble toolchains from best-in-class tools to unleash their productivity.

An introduction to IBM’s Cloud DevOps strategy: a modern way to deliver digital products
See what you can achieve By leveraging continuous integration, delivery and deployment, compliance and monitoring on the IBM Cloud, enterprises like yours can: Capture the market

Respond to the market faster and build engaging user experiences.

Deploy continuously

Continuously deploy software into development, test and production environments.

Scale smoothly

Scale DevOps successfully without disrupting the business.

Increase consistency

Drive environment consistency from testing to production and across hybrid cloud.

Unite your culture

Build a startup culture that brings business, development and operations together.

Release frequently

Facilitate improved application quality, security and stability though frequent releases.

Limit costs

Help reduce costs through improved efficiency and reduced outages.

DevSecOps Look at DevOps with a focus on secure design, development and delivery. Note how security is architected into cloud-native applications and platform constructs such as clusters, namespaces deployment configurations, SDN, roles and pipelines. Use the IBM Security architecture to safeguard and monitor your cloud applications and data. View IBM Cloud security architecture
AIOps Apply deep learning and machine learning to model behavioral patterns in operations, using the data that cloud-native applications generate to arrive at predictions. When applied to IT operations, AIOps provides insight about a system and can give rise to predictive alters, reduction in mean time to repair, and outage avoidance. Read more about AIOps
ModelOps Part of infusing AI into the enterprise is building a rich set of ML models that can differentiate you from your competition. ML model lifecycles are highly iterative and involve code, deployments and publishing for consumption. The constructs are different, but the pipeline activity, such as application code, can be automated in a toolchain. Read more about ModelOps
GitOps Adopt an approach in which operations benefit from managing platforms and services on “Day 2,” similar to the way developers manage their code on “Day 1.” GitOps is an evolutionary step in infrastructure as code. Source repositories are the site of truth for operational, infrastructure and platform assets that define the desired state of environments. Read about DevOps architectures
IBM Cloud platform provides an integrated DevOps experience for all your applications.

Manage your source code. Track work and issues. Share ideas with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Git Repositories and issue tracking hosted by IBM and built on GitLab Community Edition.


Use IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery to manage your source code with hosted git repositories built on GitLab Community Edition. Build, test and deliver in an automated, repeatable way using Tekton-based delivery pipelines. Provision and manage cloud resources easily, so you can concentrate on your apps with IBM Cloud Schematics.


Use IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery DevSecOps toolchain templates to delivery security-rich apps designed for compliance. Assess and manage security and legal risks in your source code with Code Risk Analyzer. Centralize feature management and configuration with IBM Cloud App Configuration. Get visibility and control of encryption keys with IBM Key Protect. Centrally manage your secrets in a single-tenant, dedicated instance with IBM Cloud Secrets Manager.


Release with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery in an automated repeatable way used Tekton-based delivery pipelines. Understand build status, security scan results, and code and test coverage to evaluate whether to promote apps to the next environment. Use policy gates to automatically ensure quality before promotion. Use DevSecOps toolchain templates to deploy security-rich apps designed for compliance.


Run containerized workloads with the security leadership, open-source innovation and enterprise-grade capabilities of IBM Cloud using IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. Deploy and run apps consistently across on-premises, edge computing and public cloud environments from any cloud vendor with IBM Cloud Satellite™. Run your application, job or container on a managed, serverless platform with IBM Cloud Code Engine.


Leverage cloud monitoring and troubleshooting for infrastructure, cloud services and applications with IBM Cloud Monitoring. Govern cloud resource configurations and centrally manage your compliance to organization and regulatory guidelines with IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center. Identify when and how your services are used to isolate and debug your applications with IBM Cloud Activity Tracker.

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