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About IBM® DevOps® Velocity

IBM DevOps an enterprise-scale release management application that delivers pipeline orchestration and real-time analytics. Your teams can visualize your DevOps toolchain and data and can better determine the creation of value as work proceeds from idea to customer.

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Benefits Tame pipelines

Bring together heterogeneous pipelines across different integration and delivery tools.

Optimize the value stream

Provide data that helps teams to identify value creation, bottlenecks and team issues.

Improve auditability

Show that automation is complemented with appropriate controls and visibility.

Manage releases

Orchestrate releases across multiple deployment tools.

Get DevOps metrics

Consolidate testing and security metrics across your organization.

Strengthen governance

Improve governance across your tools, throughout your organization.

Make better business decisions Get value-stream insights. Value stream management
Geta real-time view into your pipelines, from idea to production. Help business leaders and DevOps teams.
Coordinate multiple continuous delivery pipelines together. Govern and automate your software release process.
Portfolio metrics for DevOps
Gain visibility into DevOps metrics across applications and teams to improve performance in data, service desk and applications.
Integrations Cucumber

DevOps Velocity has many popular plugins for your IT landscape.
Download Velocity plugins from Github( (link resides outside ibm.com)


Get Native integration across the value chain. Transform your change advisory board.

Azure DevOps

Get traceability of work for Azure DevOps work items.


Get quality gates and approvals across the pipeline. Orchestrate complex release events.


Govern business value flow from Git commits and Git merge requests.


Visualize and derive value from Bitbucket artifacts.


Achieve traceability of work from idea to business value.


Measure value from test-result data from JUnit.


Integrate with open source and third party. Get anAPI/Graph QL interface and Plugin SDK.

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