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Accelerate DevOps while you reduce cost Observability tools capture the health and resource utilization of IT infrastructure components, regardless where they reside. From your data center, at the edge, infrastructure as a service [IaaS] to your platform as a service [PaaS] in the cloud, your embraced cloud architecture is difficult to observe. As part of the observability in IBM Cloud stack, the IBM Cloud Monitoring service is a fully managed monitoring service for administrators, DevOps teams and developers. Expect deep container visibility and comprehensive metrics. Reduce cost as you free up DevOps and better manage the software lifecycle. Read the blog post

How it’s used

Analyze apps in Kubernetes Configure a cluster to forward metrics to the IBM Cloud Monitoring service in the IBM Cloud. View tutorial

Analyze for an Ubuntu host Configure an Ubuntu host to forward metrics to the IBM Cloud Monitoring service in the IBM Cloud. Get the data

Benefits Reduce costs

Increase productivity of administrators, DevOps teams and devs.

Diagnose incidents

Get notifications about metrics and events.


Use dashboards to help you see the health of your environment.

Save time

Discover apps, containers, hosts and networks dynamically.

Get deep domain insight

Display content and control access on a per-user, per-team basis.

Secure Kubernetes, containers and hosts

Embed security and compliance.

Case Studies Home Lending Pal, Inc

Home Lending Pal uses IBM Cloud technology to create an accessible and security-rich environment designed to help more people become homeowners.


Billing software company helps unlock monetization potential and increase customer loyalty with a secure, rich, scalable and available cloud-native fully-observed platform.

Sisyfos Digital AB

OVERBLIQ Platform speeds and simplifies mobile app development with IBM Cloud, including its observability solutions to logging and monitoring.

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IBM Cloud Container Registry

Store, check and distribute container images in a fully managed private registry. Get help to make informed decisions about your deployments.

Resources Cloud monitoring training

Build your monitoring and incident management skills through log courses contained within the IBM Cloud Professional Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) curriculum.

Review product documentation

Get started with IBM Cloud Monitoring. Follow easy steps to manage user access, provision an instance, collect metrics and launch the web UI.

IBM Cloud PaaS User Community

Access IBM Cloud Observability experts, and learn from other IT ops managers, solution architects, SREs and other professionals in the industry.

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