CRM.COM on IBM Cloud helps unlock monetization potential and increase customer loyalty
Cloud native billing, rewards and digital money software
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It’s no secret: acquiring new customers is more difficult and expensive than keeping existing customers happy.

Companies need to make it easy for customers to continue doing business with them. And by offering the right products and services at the right time, companies can improve their ability to retain customers.

Helping companies increase customer satisfaction is the raison d’être of London-based CRM.COM. The company develops subscription billing, rewards and digital money solutions for companies worldwide. The CRM.COM software is modern, cloud native and highly scalable with a next-generation API. It includes features that can meet almost any requirement as part of its standard release — with minimal to zero customizations — so CRM.COM clients can get up and running quickly.

CRM.COM wanted to offer its software on the cloud for a number of reasons. First, software on the cloud can reduce costs as clients don’t need to install and maintain pricey hardware on their premises. Second, cloud-based software provides flexibility and mobility to users as it is accessible from any location and any device with an internet connection. Third, clients don’t need to worry as much about data security as cloud platforms offer security-rich environments that make breaches very difficult. Finally, the cloud enables CRM.COM to deploy projects much faster, more frequently, and with automated upgrades and access to new features.

Rapid Onboarding


Gained the ability with its first installation on IBM Cloud® to onboard clients in weeks rather than months

Remote deployments


Regardless of size and complexity, CRM.COM can now deploy projects 100% remotely

It was crucial for CRM.COM to partner with a cloud vendor that offered a robust, secure and reliable cloud to host our software. That is why we chose to partner with IBM. Frini Pouyiouka Senior Sales & Marketing Consultant CRM.COM
Moving to IBM Cloud

After considering multiple cloud options, CRM.COM chose IBM.

“It was crucial for CRM.COM to partner with a cloud vendor that offered a robust, secure and reliable cloud to host our software,” says Frini Pouyiouka, Senior Sales & Marketing Consultant at CRM.COM. “That is why we chose to partner with IBM.”

CRM.COM’s first installation on the IBM Cloud was in 2015. “The transition was easy, and CRM.COM benefitted from IBM expertise and support during the process,” adds Mrs. Pouyiouka.

The platform as a service (PaaS) on IBM Cloud provides a security-rich, scalable and available cloud-native platform for the CRM.COM solution that supports high volumes of subscribers and online transaction processing. CRM.COM takes advantage of IBM PaaS offerings including the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, a fully managed container orchestration solution used to set up a resilient cluster environment that spans two data centers; Cloud Databases on IBM Cloud; and related database tools such as IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig, IBM Cloud Log Analysis and IBM Event Streams.

“We felt we could count on the the IBM Cloud to effectively support the mission-critical CRM.COM software environment and the data privacy requirements of our clients,” says Mrs. Pouyiouka. “IBM provides a cloud platform with a solid performance, high capacity and scalability — it is ideal to host the CRM.COM software.”

The CRM.COM solution is still available as an on-premises installation for clients who prefer this or who are in certain locations with low bandwidth that makes cloud-based options less preferable. However, the company primarily promotes the cloud-based version of its subscription billing, rewards and digital money solutions for the beforementioned benefits the cloud offers. These pay-as-you-go solutions offer the ability to scale as business scales.


We felt we could count on the the IBM Cloud to effectively support the mission-critical CRM.COM software environment and the data privacy requirements of our clients. Frini Pouyiouka Senior Sales & Marketing Consultant CRM.COM
Winning more business

The CRM.COM cloud-based delivery model with IBM Cloud has helped the company gain access to markets across the world and deploy projects 100% remotely regardless of project size and complexity. The CRM.COM offering — which includes subscriptions, orders, billing, product catalogs, eWallets, passes, offers, promotions, notifications, segmentations, automations, integrations, branded mobile applications, web portals and more — is feature-rich and has multiple benefits to offer clients who look for modern, innovative yet highly powerful software solutions.

For example, in telecommunications, the company’s subscription billing solution allows triple play, TV and broadband operators to monetize their content and assets and earn predictable recurring revenue. CRM.COM allows operators to easily bundle their services, assign flexible pricing, execute mission-critical rating and billing and collect payments in real time from multiple payment sources. CRM.COM is in line with the latest trends in the telecom business and other industries and the company can easily integrate to any service provisioning platform and synchronize subscription, service and usage in real time. Therefore, CRM.COM helps operators maximize their operational efficiency, enhance their profitability and minimize churn.

Additionally, CRM.COM’s rewards solution allows businesses in multiple industries such as retail, HORECA, banking, telecom and more to offer cashback-based rewards to their customers, accumulated in an eWallet and managed through branded apps and portals. CRM.COM supports a variety of reward offers and steps out of traditional point-based loyalty schemes where one fits all. CRM.COM allows operators to offer personalized and targeted rewards with real monetary value while monitoring the performance through advanced embedded business intelligence tools.

Similarly, CRM.COM’s eWallet can be introduced by businesses or electronic money institutions that want to use CRM.COM as their main platform for electronic money transactions. CRM.COM is an expert in transaction capturing and incorporates full customer information capture, know your customer (KYC) policies, financial accounts, eWallets, transaction management, transaction restrictions, transaction fees, wallet maintenance fee ceilings, notifications, reporting and more.

Furthermore, the business intelligence component of CRM.COM allows users to explore and query complex revenue, product, sales and marketing data to gain new insights into subscribers and customer behavior. This makes it possible to target customers with real-time, meaningful offers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and promoting loyalty.

IBM Cloud provides the security-rich and scalable foundation the CRM.COM solutions demand. The company processes millions of transactions and events in real time and the safety of client and transactional data is critical. Time-to-market with new features and the ability to ramp up new projects quickly is also important, so the ability to increase capacity on demand with IBM Cloud PaaS ensures that CRM.COM can meet its commitment dates to clients.

“Partnering with IBM has helped us win more deals. Our clients feel confident that they can put their trust in the CRM.COM solution in part because it runs on IBM Cloud,” concludes Mrs. Pouyiouka.

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Headquartered in London, UK, with regional offices in Cyprus and Vietnam, CRM.COM (link resides outside develops and markets subscription billing, rewards and digital money solutions. The company continues to evolve its technologies to meet client needs: CRM.COM software is developed in a service-oriented and micro services architecture model, allowing it to scale in the cloud and offer its customers competitive commercial terms with a high ROI.

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