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IBM Event Streams is an event streaming software built on open source Apache Kafka®. It is available as a fully managed service on IBM Cloud or for self-hosting.

To deliver more engaging customer experiences, you need to accelerate your event-driven efforts so that you can act in real-time. With IBM® Event Streams, you can leverage enterprise-grade event streaming capabilities to build smart apps to help react to events as they happen. Based on years of operational expertise gained from running Apache Kafka for enterprises, IBM Event Streams is ideal for mission-critical workloads.

Benefits Create adaptive solutions

Use streams of data to build responsive, engaging user experiences using IBM Event Streams for Cloud.

Facilitate machine learning

Use events to move from batch processing to real-time and predictive analytics using IBM Event Streams for Cloud.


Connectivity to enterprise systems Use connectors to a wide range of core systems and a scalable REST API to extend the reach of your existing enterprise assets. Learn more about connectors

Enterprise-grade deployment and operations Enable disaster recovery with rich security and geo-replication features. Take advantage of IBM productivity tools and use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to implement best practices. Explore resiliency options
Event-driven architecture expertise Leverage IBM Support for deep technical expertise whenever you need it. Check out support options

How it’s used

IBM has years of experience running Apache Kafka for clients. See how KONE is using IBM event-streaming technology to run 24x7 predictive maintenance.

See the award-winning UI

IBM Event Streams was recognized in the 2019 Indigo Design Awards. The award recognized the UX, interface and navigation features, as well as the interactive design.

Supported platforms

Event Streams can be deployed on Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud® or IBM Cloud private Kubernetes environments that run on either a public cloud infrastructure or your own hardware. It can also be deployed as a fully managed Apache Kafka service on IBM Cloud.

Deployment options Create adaptive solutions with IBM Cloud service

Running on IBM Cloud, this is an IBM fully-managed Apache Kafka-as-a-service offering, available since 2015.

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Certified container software

Running on Red Hat OpenShift or IBM Cloud private, the software helps you become a better event-driven enterprise.

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AI-powered integrations Add IBM Event Streams as part of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration to extend your investment and scale with confidence. Learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Automate

Use IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to leverage built-in AI and continuous feedback.


Get API management, application integration, end-to-end security and more.


Leverage varied styles of integration with flexible deployment options using a modular pricing approach.

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