How it’s used

Kubernetes logging

Provision and collect from the cloud for analysis on the Log DNA web user interface

Kubernetes logging

Configure cluster-level logging for a Kubernetes cluster to get access to log types for worker, pod, application and network. Monitor this data from a wide range of sources.

Ingestion integration

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA provisions, Ubuntu system logs are combined with data from application logs in the cloud during collection, and you can analyze data for display on the LogDNA web user interface

Ingestion integration

Monitor and manage Ubuntu logs in a centralized logging system on IBM Cloud.

Archive logs

DevOps teams can archive logs into a bucket in an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance for deeper analysis.

Archive logs

DevOps can archive logs from an IBM log analysis with the LogDNA instance. The logs are archived into a bucket in an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance.



Cluster-level explained

Learn about this type of logging for Kubernetes.

LogDNA video series

Access the LogDNA channel on YouTube. (Link resides outside IBM)