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IBM Cloud® Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) services free developers and IT from complex and time-consuming tasks including deployment of infrastructure and database software, infrastructure operations, database software updates, and backup. IBM Cloud® Database SMEs deliver and maintain ready-to-use, highly available, database instances freeing developer and IT staff time to focus on other priorities.

IBM Cloud supports an extensive portfolio of relational and non-relational (Non-SQL) databases and integrations to support building or migrating a wide range of application types across all industries. While relational databases structure data into a tabular format, non-relational databases do not have as rigid of a database schema. In fact, non-relational databases organize data differently based on the type of database. Irrespective of the type of non-relational database, they all aim to solve for the flexibility and scalability issues inherent in relational models which are not ideal for unstructured data formats, like text, video, and images.

USD250 free credit for New Users

New users of IBM Cloud® Databases, Event Streams, and Cloudant can receive a USD 250 credit. Apply code DSFREE250.

Benefits Comprehensive portfolio of cloud-native databases

Our commercial and open-source databases support any data you bring to IBM Cloud: structured, unstructured, SQL, NoSQL, IoT, blockchain and more. 

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Enterprise-tested cloud databases

Our cloud databases have a design philosophy of global hybrid cloud scale and take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the IBM Cloud. 

Enterprise-tested cloud databases

Our cloud databases have a design philosophy of global hybrid cloud scale and take advantage of the elasticity and flexibility of the IBM Cloud.

Distributed cloud enabled

Many IBM Cloud database services solutions run with IBM Cloud Satellite® for distributed cloud workloads. Deploy on premises, edge locations or other clouds.

Use relational databases to power systems of record IBM Cloud® Databases for PostgreSQL

A powerful, open-source object-relational database that is highly customizable with high availability, backup orchestration, point-in-time-recovery (PITR) and read replica with ease. 

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IBM Cloud® Databases for MySQL

Build mission-critical web applications that offer high performance with scalability and security. MySQL is de-facto standard for web applications and sites, part of LAMP Stack.

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IBM Cloud® Databases for EnterpriseDB

A PostgreSQL based database optimized for performance, developer productivity, and compatibility with Oracle.

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IBM® Db2® on Cloud

A next generation transational database. Rely on a dedicated operations team, PITR, and high-availability disaster recovery (HADR) with multizone region support and independent scaling. 

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Build apps that scale to millions of users worldwide Databases for MongoDB

A NoSQL JSON document store with  a rich query and aggregation framework.

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Databases for Redis

The best in-memory database for ultra fast speed and throughput.

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A scalable NoSQL JSON document database for web,mobile, IoT and serverless applications, based  on Apache CouchDB

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Databases for Elasticsearch

Go-to answer for search-driven, high data-volume storage and retrieval challenges Full-text Search, Vector Store.

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Databases for etcd

Open-source distributed key-value store which is the primary datastore for Kubernetes and acts as a backbone to modern day distributed system architectures.

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Use fit-for-purpose databases to power cloud-native distributed apps Event Streams

Event streaming platform built on open source Apache Kafka. It is available both as a fully managed service on IBM Cloud or on-premise as part of Event Automation.

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Messages for RabbitMQ

Highly robust & most widely deployed message broker(middleware), deployed in distributed systems.

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Case studies
Resources IBM named a Leader for cloud database management systems

For the second year in a row, Gartner named IBM a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2021 Cloud Database Management Systems based on its Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

IBM Cloud Professional Architect

Build database skills through courses within the IBM Cloud Professional Architect curriculum. Validate your capabilities in an interactive curriculum that prepares you for IBM Cloud certification.

IBM Cloud Professional Developer

Build database skills through courses within the IBM Cloud Professional Developer curriculum. This interactive curriculum helps you prepare for professional-level certification.

The database buyer’s guide

Review a set of practical questions every business should ask when choosing open source and proprietary databases,

IBM Cloud® User Community

Access IBM Cloud databases services experts, and join other cloud IT ops managers, solution architects, SREs, and other professionals.

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