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A promising IT services and consulting company found itself at a pivotal moment in its journey toward digital transformation. Happiest Minds’ Digital Content Monetization (DCM) solution is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps organizations to digitalize their traditional content and deliver digital products and services. The product allows customers, partners and users to collaborate in new, engaging ways that drive digital business revenue.

The platform offers a consumption-based commercial model, assisting customers in quickly onboarding and growing their digital business. Using DCM, customers of Happiest Minds get a digital user portal with flexible and user-friendly features such as real-time polling, interactive charts, snipping, social sharing, audio-visual content, and AI and ML-powered knowledge bots.

Happiest Minds was growing rapidly and needed to stay ahead of the curve. It expected to face increasing volumes of data and would need to maintain business continuity. The company needed to be prepared to provide disaster recovery and backup services, ensuring that critical data and applications were always available. The organization looked to IBM for guidance on the expansion of its digital service offerings.

As a digital company, Happiest Minds realized the power of content digitalization platforms which we offer today that serves multiple customers to launch new digital products and services quickly to market, providing seamless state-of-art digital experience to clients and exponential digital revenue streams that is not achievable through conventional content. Shiva Prasad Vittal Director Happiest Minds Technologies Limited
20% new customer renewals 99.95% availability on IBM Cloud, with 50+ features
The DCM solution powered by IBM Cloud helped our esteemed customers from the research domain to go digital and gave rise to new digital offerings that transformed their customer experience and brought new revenue streams, both linear and non-linear, which was not achievable through conventional content. Ramkrishna Chatterjee Principal Architect Happiest Minds Technologies Limited
“Born Digital. Born Agile.”

IBM helped meet the above requirements with its suite of advanced cloud services: IBM Cloud® Object Storage, IBM Cloud Database Solutions and IBM® Cloud Code Engine (erstwhile IBM Cloud Foundry). Through this collaborative effort and disruption, Happiest Minds achieved successful results in its digital transformation journey for its customers, who benefited from modern solutions that drove efficiency and competitiveness.

With IBM Cloud Object Storage, Happiest Minds is able to balance business operability and business goals with system reliability, maintenance and security for the DCM application.

The DCM platform hosted in IBM Cloud supports rapid application development, high reliability, DevSecOps through off-the-self CI/CD tools, multi-region deployment capabilities through cloud internet services and state-of-the-art protection through Integrated IBM Security products. Ramkrishna Chatterjee Principal Architect Happiest Minds Technologies Limited
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Happiest Minds knew it needed to adapt and innovate to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market, and that’s why, after evaluating multiple cloud providers, it chose IBM Cloud.  

The numbers speak for themselves. Happiest Minds has seen significant reduction in the downtime of its applications. The solution runs with 99.95% availability on IBM Cloud and boasts more 50 features within. Additionally, new storage and databases led to increased solution availability and has resulted in 20% new customer renewals and a 25% growth in revenue.

“Our strategic partnership with IBM enables us to create solutions and services that are integrally tied to business goals,” says Shah. “Our DCM solution built on Red Hat OpenShift helps modernize the business environment while delivering real-time outcomes.”

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About Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Happiest Minds (link resides outside of ibm.com) facilitates digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers through the delivery of seamless customer experiences, enhanced business efficiency and actionable insights. Applying disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud and more, the company offers Digital Engineering Services (PDES), Generative AI Business Services (GBS), and Infrastructure Management & Security Services (IMSS) across various industry sectors. Happiest Minds is headquartered in Bangalore, India with operations in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.

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