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Accelerate database performance and unify your data ecosystems at scale across any cloud

A database management system helps a business perform manipulation and control of the data in the database or the management of the database structure itself. Database management systems (DBMSs) are categorized according to their data structures or types. To use the volume and variety of data in your enterprise for competitive advantage, you need a modern DBMS that you can deploy anywhere.

Database software and solutions from IBM and IBM Business Partners help you integrate data from different sources across on-premises and cloud environments. They support multiple programming languages and frameworks to fit your use cases and feature natural language querying and machine learning for AI-enabled self-service. 


Scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere

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IBM named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023

Five misconceptions about cloud data warehouses

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Benefits of database management software Hybrid, multicloud

Add an IBM database to IBM Cloud Pak® for Data for a unified enterprise data platform that runs across any cloud.

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Faster querying

Gain optimized performance and well-executed queries with IBM® BLU Acceleration® technology and AI enhancements.

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Scalable and available

Collect, organize and analyze data, no matter where it resides with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Modernize your database management

Organizations use an ecosystem of databases that suit a variety of use cases today. With IBM, you can put your database management to work.  Learn about the IBM® Db2® family, IBM® Netezza® and IBM® Informix®.  Explore IBM partner databases that are based on open source and more.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data combines a proven, enterprise-ready data management system with an integrated data and AI platform. Speed insights with machine learning embedded into query processing. Enhance agility by running databases on any cloud vendor.

Explore IBM Db2 Database
IBM Netezza® Performance Server

Leverage the next generation of the Netezza data warehouse and analytics platform, available both on premises and on the cloud.

IBM Db2 on Cloud

A fully managed high-performance SQL cloud database, running the Db2 database engine, featuring robust security, redundancy, high availability, disaster recovery and flexible scalability

IBM Informix®

An embeddable database designed to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, time series and spatial data

IBM Db2 for z/OS

An on-premises database that runs on IBM z/OS®, delivering mainframe security, scalability, availability and power

Open source databases

Postgresql and NoSQL database choices from MongoDB and EDB that support scalability, a more flexible data model and more data types

IBM Db2 tools

A suite of tools for database administrators to support database design, development, testing, performance monitoring, migration and administration

Databases for any use case

Use the relational database type for traditional applications such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and e-commerce, along with ledger and audit forensics.



IBM Db2 on Cloud


IBM Db2 Database


IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL
Enterprise DB


IBM Cloud Databases for EnterpriseDB


EDB Postgres Enterprise and Standard with IBM


IBM Cloud Databases for MySQL


SingleStore DB with IBM

Use the data warehouse database type for analytical use cases such as data warehouses, data lakes and business intelligence.

Db2 Warehouse


BM Db2 Data Warehouse on Cloud


IBM Db2 Data Warehouse


IBM Netezza Performance Server

Use the document database type for content management, catalogs and user profiles, in addition to web and mobile apps.




IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB


MongoDB Enterprise Advanced with IBM
IBM Cloudant


IBM Cloudant

Use the key value database type for distributed systems consensus.



IBM Databases for etcd

Use the wide columnar database type for high-scale industrial purposes, including logistics, transaction logging, equipment maintenance, fleet management and route optimization.



IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax


DataStax Enterprise with IBM

Use the in-memory database type for caching, session management, leaderboard, counting and queuing.



IBM Cloud Databases for Redis

Use the time series database type for IoT apps, DevOps, monitoring and analytics on clickstream data.

IBM Informix


IBM Informix on Cloud


IBM Informix

Uses the full-text search database type for application logging and product catalog capabilities.



IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch

Use the confidential data database type for security and regulatory compliance.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS


IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS


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