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Run mission-critical analytics and AI workloads with all types of data, anywhere
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Cloud data warehousing built to power your operational analytics, BI and AI-driven insights


IBM Db2® Warehouse meets your price and performance objectives for always-on workloads, providing simple, governed access to all your data and eliminating your data silos across the hybrid cloud.

Data engineers, developers and data scientists can store, share and analyze governed data across various sources, hybrid-cloud environments and open formats. It natively integrates with other relational databases such as Db2, data lakes, and IBM watsonx.data™ lakehouse to simplify your ecosystem, for analytics and AI. Built for the cloud, it runs natively on cloud object storage, 3 percent of the cost of block storage, and runs 4 times faster with advanced caching techniques. 


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With our free trial, you’ll receive USD 1,000 to test drive a Db2 Warehouse on Cloud instance. You’ll be able to try out all our core capabilities, including elastic scaling of storage and compute, in-database machine learning, and advanced workload management.


Unify and share data across databases with watsonx.data for analytics and gen AI


Scale analytics and AI across the enterprise with the next generation of IBM Db2 Warehouse

Why Db2 Warehouse 90%

Marriott International achieves 90% faster performance in its analytics on 140 million+ Marriott Bonvoy members.¹


The business development teams at Active International save hundreds of hours with AI-powered strategic prospecting.2


Active International reports USD 80 million in media spend optimization with an integrated cloud solution and AI-powered prospecting.3

What’s new with Db2 Warehouse The next generation of Db2 Warehouse has arrived

IBM announces the general availability of our next-generation, cloud-native Db2 Warehouse SaaS on AWS.

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Upgrade your Db2 Warehouse software 

Stand out from the competition and scale analytics and AI workloads by running on cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solutions. IBM Db2 Warehouse offers 100% workload compatibility between software and SaaS. 

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Upgrade your database appliance 

Enable workload flexibility when you upgrade your IBM PureData® System for Operational Analytics (PDOA) or IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS Sailfsh) appliance to Db2 Warehouse SaaS, software or cloud rack.

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Better together: IBM watsonx.data and IBM Db2

Scale AI workloads with Db2 and watsonx.data

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Benefits Achieve 4x faster performance and cut analytics costs by 34x

Our advanced caching technology, coupled with data in cloud object storage, improves performance by up to 4x and reduces storage costs by 34x compared to the prior generation. 

Share data responsibly

Share trusted data with built-in governance and support for open data and table formats such as Iceberg, Parquet, ORC and CSV.

Integrate all data for analytics and AI

Db2 Warehouse natively integrates with IBM Db2 database, data lakes and watsonx.data lakehouse for a singular view of your data, analytics and AI estate without ETL or data duplication.

Features of Db2 Warehouse

Data engineers, enterprise architects and developers can use a single, cloud-native engine for the next generation of analytics workloads and share data for AI.

AI-powered workload management With Db2 Warehouse, you can take control of your analytics costs with elastic scale and a cloud-native architecture based on separation of storage and compute and cost-effective object storage. With AI powered workload management, you can automatically distribute resources based on your price-performance needs.

Unify and share data for AI with open formats Support for open formats, including Apache Iceberg, Parquet, ORC and CSV, allow secure data sharing across the enterprise. Share data in Iceberg with IBM watsonx.data lakehouse and use multiple query engines, such as Presto and Apache Spark to augment your workloads for price and performance. Learn more

Power dashboards and insights with high performance Build real-time dashboards and reports with a combination of in-memory and column-store data retrieval, maximized CPU processing and data skipping that allows for faster input and output for your mixed analytical and operational workloads in the cloud.

Continuous availability and disaster recovery Manage downtime with continuous availability (99.9%) and in-place recovery within a cluster. The cloud-native architecture of Db2 features multiple layers of resiliency with managed computation, highly available storage and cross-cloud replication.

Data-driven security Built to manage HIPAA and GDPR compliance, Db2 provides end-to-end security that protects data in motion and at rest, monitors and detects unknown behaviors and ensures the privacy of your data. Natively integrate with IBM Knowledge Catalog for central data governance and policy enforcement.

Execute machine learning (ML) models From decision trees to K-means clustering, choose from various in-database algorithms or seamlessly build and deploy open-source Python and R models on the database. Ingest, store and query different data types for ML including XML, JSON, text, Graph and spatial data in a single database.

Use cases

Simplify data engineering With shared metadata, open table formats and object storage, eliminate ETL by sharing a single copy of data across multiple query engines while maintaining lineage and reproducibility. Share data with watsonx.data for AI or promote curated data in watsonx.data to Db2, ready for BI and reporting.
Operational analytics and mixed workloads Empower users who demand low-latency querying and real-time insights across operational, analytical and transactional data.
Secure data sharing Grant access and distribute data among users and third parties without data duplication. Enable centralized governance, quality and better compliance through integration with IBM Knowledge Catalog. Constance Resorts uses cloud-based analytics for group-wide insight Try watsonx.data

ML and AI Create and predict with high-performance ML models inside your data warehouse. Integrate governed data with watsonx.data for additional ML and foundation model capabilities for trusted AI.
Reporting and business intelligence Build reports and dashboards quickly by seamlessly integrating Db2 with various BI tools including IBM Cognos® Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Google Looker and more. American University in Cairo eliminates data silos
Your choice of deployment models Translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures. How to choose the best model Explore Db2 Warehouse SaaS

Run a fully managed version of Db2 Warehouse on AWS or IBM Cloud®.

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On IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Deploy Db2 Warehouse as an extension on the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform.

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On premises, Linux, Unix or Windows

Run Db2 Warehouse on these common operating systems.

Case studies

Marriott International Marriott International uses decentralized architecture and automation to maximize customer insights, reimagining a new era of travel services. Read the blog

Wi2 Wi2 turns data from 200,000 Wi-Fi access points into a rich source of visitor insights. Read the case study

Vektis Vektis enables affordable, high-quality care by providing deep insights into medical insurance data. Watch the video

Active International Active International uses IBM Cloud® to develop applications that optimize its media buying cycle and to identify new business prospects. Read the case study

Awards and reviews
IBM Db2 recognized for G2 and TrustRadius awards IBM Db2 is a leader in the 2024 G2 Spring Report for data warehousing and top rated on TrustRadius for relational databases, DBaaS, data warehousing and cloud data warehousing.  TrustRadius reviews G2 reviews

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1Statistic provided by Marriott International to IBM, referenced faster performance for Marriott International's analytics on more than 140 million Marriott Bonvoy members.

2Statistic provided by Active International to IBM, referenced 100s of hours of time saved by automating key aspects of the media management lifecycle.

3Statistic provided by Active International to IBM stating USD 80 million in year-one estimated billing opportunities unlocked by enabling media optimization after implementing Db2 Warehouse SaaS and other IBM cloud native solutions.