IBM is named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Database Management Systems


For the edge and beyond

IBM® Informix® is an embeddable, high-performance database for integrating SQL, NoSQL, JSON, time-series and spatial data. Designed for analytics on the edge, in the cloud or on premises, the low-footprint database features self-management and automated administrative capabilities. And now, with a containerized version of Informix on the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform, you can more easily deploy on public, private or hybrid clouds.

G2 2022 Leader award for IBM Informix
IBM Informix - an embedded database for the edge and beyond

IBM Informix - an embedded database for the edge and beyond (02:57)

Featured use case

Embedded for IoT

IoT data demands robust processing and integration capabilities. Informix offers a hybrid database system with minimal administrative requirements and memory footprint combined with powerful functionality. Key features make Informix ideal for multi-tiered architectures that require processing at the device level, at gateway layers and in the cloud.


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Native encryption to protect data at rest and in motion


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Support for flexible schema, multiple APIs and configurations


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Native processing of JSON, time-series, spatial and relational data

Client use cases

Building scalable IoT security solutions from edge to cloud

SmartAxiom’s decentralized security solution with Informix provides device-to-cloud security within IoT ecosystems.

Connecting companies with IoT and edge analytics

Patrice Favennec, Hilscher, explains how Informix enables them to save 80% of IoT data storage and streamline sensor data processing.

Making the impossible, possible

Baqueira Beret leveraged Informix to start making decisions in real time with greater accuracy.

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