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The embeddable database optimized for transactional workloads at the edge and beyond
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IBM Informix is an embeddable, high-performance database for integrating SQL, NoSQL, JSON, time-series and spatial data. It is available within IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

What is Informix?

Designed for analytics on the edge, in the cloud or on premises, the low-footprint database features self-management and automated administrative capabilities. And now, with a containerized version of Informix on the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform, you can more easily deploy on public, private or hybrid clouds.



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IBM Informix: A key part of IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy

Forrester Report

IBM named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023

Benefits Always-on transactions

High availability data replication (HADR), remote secondary standby database servers and shared-disk secondary servers support mission-critical environments.

Automated data management

Deployment features like “smart triggers” implement event-driven processing and database push notifications, with no schema changes.


Silent installation and a footprint that requires just 100 MB of memory makes Informix simple, non-disruptive and deployable in minutes.

Use case
Informix as an embedded database

Informix offers a hybrid database system with minimal administrative requirements and memory footprint combined with powerful functionality. Key features make Informix ideal for multi-tiered architectures that require processing at the device level, at gateway layers and in the cloud.

  • Security: Native encryption to protect data at rest and in motion
  • Flexibility: Support for flexible schema, multiple APIs and configurations
  • Speed: Native processing of JSON, time-series, spatial and relational data
Why analysts say Informix is ideal for edge analytics
Ways to buy
IBM Informix® for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Choose IBM Informix for IBM Cloud Pak for Data to take advantage of the performance and scalability of Informix on any cloud or traditional on-premises environment through a universal entitlement. Reduce costs, modernize at your own pace and benefit from additional powerful platform capabilities such as data virtualization, DataOps and more than 40 analytic services, containerized to enable faster time to value.

IBM Informix 

The go-to-choice for businesses seeking an easily embeddable database solution that simplifies application development and facilitates effortless data management.

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Editions Informix Developer Edition

A no-cost IBM® Informix® database server for individual application development, testing and prototyping. Key features include: enterprise replication (ER), unlimited high availability (HA) clusters, built-in autonomics, no required administration, easy upgrading, and multiplatform supporting UNIX, macOS, Microsoft Windows and ARM.

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Informix Innovator-C Edition

A robust database environment that supports small production workloads. Free for development, testing and small production use. Key features include: no up-front costs for embedded or workgroup computing, ability to run virtually unattended with self-configuring and self-managing capabilities, NoSQL support, encryption at rest, limited to one core and a total of 2 GB of RAM, and availability on Linux®, macOS and Microsoft Windows.


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Informix Express Edition

Ideal for third-party developers who want to embed a database within their applications. Available on all supported platforms, this edition is limited to four cores and a total of 8 GB of RAM.

  • High availability: Comprehensive set of high-availability options to help leverage low-cost hardware
  • No up-front costs: Ideal for application and third-party developers
  • Flexibility: Deploy in diverse environments with basic functionality and scalability
Informix Workgroup Edition

Targeted for midsize companies or departments looking for a turnkey server for production workloads. Includes all replication options, flexible data storage and utilization, graphical administration and more on all supported platforms.

  • Fast deployment: A quick and easily deployable turnkey data processing environment
  • High availability: Comprehensive set of H/A as well as other replication options leveraging low-cost hardware to protect your data processing environment
  • Efficiency: Utilizes less than half the H/W as other database engines to achieve comparable performance. This means lower H/W and licensing costs
Informix Enterprise Edition

Store, access and query data with first-rate efficiency and agility. Gain real-time analytics, always-on transactions and seamless data integration. Includes all Informix features on all supported platforms except for Informix Warehouse Accelerator.

  • Integration: Enhanced integration with tools and applications to help drive faster access to business intelligence
  • Always-on: Always-on operations across the grid, allowing you to upgrade, maintain and configure the grid with no downtime
  • Hybrid database system: Supports structured and unstructured data for enhanced flexibility and more agile development
Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition

Provides the complete suite of Informix features — including Informix Warehouse Accelerator — across all supported platforms for near-limitless scalability and high-speed business intelligence.

  • Speed: Fast data access and query, even for complex warehouse and operational queries
  • Deep compression: Deep compression of tables, indexes and binary large objects (BLOBs)
  • Efficiency: Efficient development and deployment of time-based and space-based applications without additional license fees or installations

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