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What is IBM® Netezza® Performance Server?

IBM’s cloud-native enterprise data warehouse is designed to operationalize business analytics and AI workloads, by making data unified, accessible and scalable anywhere. With new support for open formats such as Parquet and Apache Iceberg, and integration with IBM’s lakehouse, Netezza empowers data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to run complex workloads without additional ETL or data movement. Netezza uses AI-infused elastic scaling to enable workload efficiency and cost predictability in the cloud, at a massive enterprise scale. Existing Netezza appliance customers can enjoy risk-free, frictionless upgrades, making it easy to modernize at your own pace. 

IBM Netezza Performance Server is available as a fully managed service on AWS and Azure , now HIPAA-ready, as well as available self-managed on IBM Cloud® and IBM Cloud Pak® for Data Systems (PDF).

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Now available:

Scale AI workloads for all your data, anywhere, with Netezza and

Run Netezza Performance Server as you always have, now available as a Service on AWS

What’s new with Netezza

Modernize your Netezza Performance Server appliance to the next generation and deploy anywhere: aaS, hybrid, on-premises and seamlessly integrate with the new data store, built on a data lakehouse architecture.

Learn about Netezza as a Service now available on AWS

Learn about the latest announcement from Netezza and AWS

Scale AI workloads

Optimize analytics and AI workloads and reduce your warehouse costs by up to 50% with Netezza and

Upgrade your appliance

Discover the benefits of a new and improved Netezza

Benefits IBM Netezza Performance Server for your analytics, anywhere Enjoy cost-predictability in the cloud

Pay only for what you need, when you need it with AI-infused elastic scaling and an hourly-credit consumption mode

Scale analytics and AI

Netezza supports open formats and integration with to optimize analytics and AI workloads across all of your data on the hybrid cloud 

Create faster insights for all  

Netezza’s patented massively parallel processing technology enables faster queries, and analytics workloads that can support thousands of concurrent users for real-time insights

How IBM Netezza Performance Server is used

Single view of your analytics and AI estate  Through optimized integration with IBM’s lakehouse and IBM Knowledge Catalog, run analytics and AI workloads on all your governed data across hybrid cloud from a single point of entry. Utilize Apache Iceberg ACID compliant open table format and low-cost object storage to access and share large volumes of data with multiple engines at the same time. Learn about Netezza with a data lakehouse architecture

Easy, high-speed analytics Bring analytics to your data and enterprise reporting with rich built-in analytics and geospatial capabilities. Eliminate the need to deal with the additional overhead associated with data preprocessing and transformations for faster insights. Achieve faster insight and faster time to value with superior price-performance with patented massively parallel processing. Learn how Bic Camera reduced batch time from 210 minutes to 15 minutes

Operationalize AI with governed data Build, train, tune and deploy your own AI models with governed data in Netezza. Netezza also brings analytics to your data with rich built-in analytics and geospatial capabilities. Data scientists and analysts can execute custom machine learning models that predict and score directly inside the database. Netezza supports all major programming languages including but not limited to Python, C/C++, R, Lua and Java. Predict credit card approvals with Netezza

Risk management Calculate, analyze and prevent risk to improve future operations and planning across your organization. Identify data anomalies and predict risk with a combination of Netezza’s in-memory processing and built-in ML model execution. Query both live and historical data to improve precision and accuracy of risk-prevention decisions. Discover how Netezza offers faster queries and deeper insights (03:17)

Features Analytics with speed and simplicity AI-infused elastic scaling

Netezza’s cloud elastic computing also enables granular elastic pricing—you can scale up and down while only paying for what you use, no t-shirt sizes. Our AI workload analysis model output can be used to predict and schedule scaling based upon workload needs

Highly performant and massively parallel

Achieve faster insight and faster time to value with superior price-performance with patented massively parallel processing.

Trusted analytics

Ensure data visibility, auditability, data masking, access controls and more in a single platform. 

Built for AI

Deploy high speed and scalable machine learning processing for Python and SQL without moving your data.

Data lake integration

Query data from your data lake in minutes with Netezza’s SQL on Parquet capabilities.

Risk-free upgrades

Get single command-line upgrade to the deployment of your choice.

Choose a deployment

Meet your unique business needs

Hyper-converged system

Deploy quickly on a preconfigured system with storage, compute, networking and software.

As a service

Optimize performance with a flexible, self-service deployment, featuring a predictable cost profile on Microsoft Azure and AWS. Now HIPAA-ready.

On cloud

Experience the next generation of Netezza on IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Case studies

How Majid Al Futtaim Retail is taking a data-driven approach to reaching over 750,000 daily customers with Netezza Performance Server. Read the case study
Delivering personalized banking with a modernized data infrastructure

How Capital Bank of Jordan gears up for rapid growth with a unified data hub and powerful analytics with Netezza

A monumental upgrade

How Bic Camera increased data reporting times by one hundred times with Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Dana Rafiee, Destiny Corp., explains how they cut clients’ analytics runtimes from hours to minutes.

What clients are saying



“Netezza on Cloud gave us the legendary speed without new space in the data center. We moved ELT and SQL with zero breakage – but 10x faster. No surprise costs with Netezza. Just one invoice and you’re done.”

— David Birmingham, Principal Solutions Architect, Sirius

Findability Sciences


“The migration was simple, frictionless, and it took us just 7 weeks to get [our client] up and running, enabling them to accelerate time to insights and decision making.”

— K. Balaji, Executive Vice President and Head Lab Services, Findability Sciences Inc.



“With Netezza Performance Server, we can monitor call data reports that aggregate an enormous amount of data in order to spot quality issues and margin leak in real time. These reports, which previously took several hours to run, can now be executed in mere seconds.”

— Mano Haran, Senior Director of IT, iBasis

Market research


“With just one simple command, nz_migrate, we moved our tables, data and stored procedures from our existing Netezza into the new Netezza Performance Server, and we did this all by ourselves.”

— A leading global market research company



“Our longest queries returned in a fraction of their original time, and saw no concurrency drag running hundreds at once.”

— Healthcare client

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Resources Forrester report

See how Netezza is helping IBM drive a 241% ROI in Forrester’s 2022 Total Economic Impact Report for Data Management.

Azure Marketplace announcement

Netezza Performance Server as a Service is now available on Azure Marketplace. Control spending with a fully managed pay-as-you-go cloud data warehouse service.

Potential total value of ownership (TVO)

Save up to 47% in ownership costs and accelerate analytics with Netezza Performance Server fully managed in the cloud.

G2 highest user adoption award

See how IBM achieved the highest user adoption in 2022 for performance servers.

New on AWS

Simple high-speed analytics and insights that are accessible for everyone, everywhere, are now available to preview on AWS.

New on AWS

IBM is proud to announce the tech preview availability of IBM Netezza Performance Server as a fully managed service on AWS.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, IBM® Netezza® Performance Server for the cloud is 100% compatible with existing Twinfin, Striper and Mako workloads. It’s the same database engine that’s retooled and reconfigured for the cloud and includes all the same utilities that are now available as REST API calls in the cloud.

For on premises, in the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System hyperconverged architecture, Netezza Performance Server clients connect to the Netezza Performance Server host, which runs as a Docker container named ipshost1 on the system Control Plane node. The host is configured with a specific host name and IP address when the system is installed and provisioned in the customer network.

Learn more in the IBM Knowledge Center

For Netezza on cloud, backups and restores are saved in the object store, either IBM Cloud® Object Storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 or Azure Blob Storage.

Learn more in the IBM Knowledge Center:

Details for Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data Details for Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Yes. Netezza Performance Server as a Service is a fully managed, cloud native analytical data warehouse, based on massively parallel processing [MPP] architecture, available on public clouds.

IBM Performance Server for PostgreSQL has been modernized and renamed to IBM Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

A June 2020 total value of ownership study from Cabot Partners shows that Netezza Performance Server outpaces competitors in key areas.

Read the full study

Netezza Performance Server drives the ability for your data scientist to quickly create, train and deploy in-database machine learning models. Using cognitive machine learning, Netezza provides your data scientist with in-database analytics, enabling them to collaborate inside one unified platform. Embedded Spark and support for Python and R enable rapid and sophisticated adoption of data science and machine learning at scale.

To migrate data from IBM PureData® System for Analytics to Netezza on cloud, you can use the backup and restore method, or the “nz_migrate” command. NOTE: To migrate or connect to Netezza on cloud from Mako, make sure you are on version P1 or lower.

Learn more in the IBM Knowledge Center

Most clients find it easy to migrate themselves due to the 100% compatibility. All it takes is the “nz_migrate” command. However, IBM Expert Labs can help if needed. Each purchase of Netezza Performance Server includes two support offerings: (1) Setup and configuration of Netezza Performance Server for your workloads, including an Operational Workshop, and (2) Three months of Expertise Connect Advanced to provide guidance on moving workloads to IBM Cloud Pak for Data System.

The IBM Knowledge Center provides general information about back up and restore methods, and also describes how to use the third-party storage solutions that are supported by the Netezza system.

See database backup and restore

Currently, there are IBM Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure data centers supporting Netezza Performance Server in multiple locations within North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Additional IBM Cloud data centers are consistently being added. To learn more, talk to your IBM representative or schedule a free consultation.

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Built-in automation and auto-recovery, available on IBM Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure, provide a highly available and fault-tolerant Netezza deployment with minimal intervention, helping ensure your data warehouse can run 24x7.

Netezza Performance Server is available on IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure.

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