What is IBM® Netezza® Performance Server?

IBM Netezza Performance Server is the advanced cloud-native data warehouse designed for unified, scalable analytics and insights available anywhere. Built with data lake and watsonx.data integration, Netezza Performance Server empowers you to run highly complex queries and machine learning to support critical business decisions across your organization. It provides a secure, and scalable source for your analytics that is simple to use and flexible enough to run demanding analytical workloads across fully managed cloud (PDF, 201 KB), hybrid and on-premises (PDF, 41 KB) environments.

IBM Netezza Performance Server is available on IBM Cloud®, AWS, Azure (link resides outside of ibm.com) and IBM Cloud Pak® for Data Systems.

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Netezza Performance Server on Cloud Pak for Data (03:56)

What’s new with Netezza

Modernize your Netezza Performance Server appliance to the next generation and deploy anywhere: aaS, hybrid, and on-premises and seamlessly integrate with the new watsonx.data data store, built on a data lakehouse architecture.


IBM Netezza Performance Server for your analytics, anywhere

Enjoy cost-predictability in the cloud

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Pay only for what you need when you need it with granular elastic scaling and an hourly-credit consumption mode.

Scale analytics and AI

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Netezza seamlessly integrates with watsonx.data to run analytics and AI workloads on all of your data across any environment, leveraging fit-for-purpose query engines that optimize workloads for all data types.

Collaborate across secure and governed data

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Secure your data while governing access to authorized users of your data in a single place. 

Achieve high availability for your analytics

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Ensure reliability of your data with a highly available and fault tolerant Netezza deployment, ensuring your data warehouse can run 24x7x365.

Automate administration in the cloud

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Enjoy automated maintenance with Netezza fully managed in the cloud. Stay focused on important tasks, not keeping your data warehouse running.

Create faster insights for all

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Run complex queries in an optimized way for quick execution times, improving time-to-insight and decision speed from days to minutes.

Discover watsonx.data

Scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere

How IBM Netezza Performance Server is used

Unified analytics for everyone

Infrastructure manager to define and manage your Lakehouse components

Unified analytics for everyone

Make analytics accessible across your organization, with a governed, trustworthy and secure source for your data, designed for data lake integration. Netezza integrates with watsonx.data to provide you with a singular view of your entire analytics estate.

  • Query and analyze different data types and workloads, without the risk of moving your data.
  • Enable analytics across geospatial data as well as open data formats located in your data lake.

Easy, high-speed analytics

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Easy, high-speed analytics

Bring analytics to your data and enterprise reporting with rich built-in analytics and geospatial capabilities. 

  • Eliminate the need to deal with the additional overhead associated with data preprocessing and transformations for faster insights. 
  • Achieve faster insight and faster time to value with superior price-performance with patented massively parallel processing.

Accelerated data science and ML

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Accelerated data science and ML

Empower data scientists and analyst teams with the ability to execute custom ML code and build models that operate on data, predict and score directly inside the database. IBM Watson Studio and IBM SPSS® seamlessly integrate with Netezza to provide additional advanced ML capabilities. 

  • Realize reduced security and compliance risks with one platform for all of your analytics and ML. 
  • Connect to your ML tool of choice and provide model results for your teams and applications to easily consume and act on ML-driven insights.

Risk management

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Risk management

Calculate, analyze and prevent risk to improve future operations and planning across your organization. 

  • Identify data anomalies and predict risk with a combination of Netezza’s in-memory processing and built-in ML model execution. 
  • Query both live and historical data to improve precision and accuracy of risk-prevention decisions. 

IBM named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2023


Analytics with speed and simplicity


Granular elastic scaling

Use Netezza’s cloud elastic computing to enable elastic pricing; scale up and down while only paying for what you use.

Highly performant and massively parallel

Achieve faster insight and faster time to value with superior price-performance with patented massively parallel processing.

Trusted analytics

Ensure data visibility, auditability, data masking, access controls, and more in a single platform. 

Built for AI

Deploy high speed and scalable machine learning processing for Python and SQL without moving your data.

Data lake integration

Query data from your data lake in minutes with Netezza’s SQL on Parquet capabilities.

Risk-free upgrades

Get single command-line upgrade to the deployment of your choice.

What clients are saying



“Netezza on Cloud gave us the legendary speed without new space in the data center. We moved ELT and SQL with zero breakage – but 10x faster. No surprise costs with Netezza. Just one invoice and you’re done.”

— David Birmingham, Principal Solutions Architect, Sirius

Findability Sciences

Findability Sciences

“The migration was simple, frictionless, and it took us just 7 weeks to get [our client] up and running, enabling them to accelerate time to insights and decision making.”

— K. Balaji, Executive Vice President and Head Lab Services, Findability Sciences Inc.



“With Netezza Performance Server, we can monitor call data reports that aggregate an enormous amount of data in order to spot quality issues and margin leak in real time. These reports, which previously took several hours to run, can now be executed in mere seconds.”

— Mano Haran, Senior Director of IT, iBasis

Market research

Market research

“With just one simple command, nz_migrate, we moved our tables, data and stored procedures from our existing Netezza into the new Netezza Performance Server, and we did this all by ourselves.”

— A leading global market research company



“Our longest queries returned in a fraction of their original time, and saw no concurrency drag running hundreds at once.”

— Healthcare client

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