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Scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data and watsonx. Now available on AWS.
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IBM and AWS: AI innovation with cloud efficiency and scale

Infuse intelligence into your business operations watsonx, an AI and data platform and a set of AI assistants that empowers organizations to become more responsive, productive, and resilient across a variety of business functions and processes.

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IBM software is now globally available on AWS Marketplace
Databases Store, manage, and unlock the value of data cost-effectively with fully managed databases on AWS. Focus on building the next generation of applications, dashboards, and AI while automating management tasks like high availability, scalability, and resiliency. Access all data for AI with IBM and AWS integrations such as Amazon S3, EMR, and Glue, while optimizing analytics workloads for price and performance across fit-for-purpose query engines. watsonx.data

Watsonx.data makes it possible for enterprises to scale analytics and AI with a fit-for-purpose data store, built on an open lakehouse architecture, supported by querying, governance and open data formats to access and share data. 

watsonx.data on AWS Marketplace
IBM Db2 on Amazon RDS

Modernize and build new cloud-native apps with IBM Db2 on AWS. Setup, operate, and scale a Db2 database on Amazon RDS in just a few clicks.

Amazon RDS for Db2
Db2 pureScale on AWS

Mission-critical workloads require continuous availability at scale. Eliminate unplanned downtime and support more users with IBM Db2 pureScale on AWS.

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IBM Db2 Warehouse

Db2 Warehouse is a fully-managed, elastic cloud data warehouse that meets your price and performance objectives for always-on workloads and is built to scale your operational analytics, BI and mixed workloads. Share data for AI and optimize workloads for price-performance with watsonx.data integration on AWS.

Db2 Warehouse on AWS Marketplace
Netezza Performance Server

IBM® Netezza® Performance Server is a fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse designed to operationalize deep analytics, BI and ML workloads and control costs with AI-driven elastic scaling. Share data for AI and optimize workloads for price-performance with watsonx.data integration on AWS.

Netezza on AWS Marketplace
Data fabric Unlock the power of your data. With IBM Cloud Pak® for Data on AWS, organizations can experience the benefits of a data fabric architecture. Simplify your data access to facilitate self-service data consumption, ensure governance, and build a foundation to implement trustworthy AI.  Get started on AWS Marketplace Benefits of a data fabric architecture

Deploy a data fabric with IBM and AWS to integrate and engage all your organization’s data for better business outcomes.

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Data governance and privacy

IBM Cloud Pak for Data on AWS enables strong governance and access to quality data for those who need it, while keeping sensitive data hidden.

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MLOps and trustworthy AI

IBM Cloud Pak for Data on AWS helps establish trustworthy AI that provides transparency into the quality of data, ML models, and their lifecycle.

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Planning Analytics as a Service
Lower costs, gain agility and innovate faster This fully managed, integrated business solution allows organizations to eliminate error - prone spreadsheets, gain agility, and improve planning, budgeting, and forecasting across your enterprise. Get started on AWS Schedule a demo
Geo Corp
Nine million customers receive personalized recommendations through association analysis with Db2 Warehouse on AWS. Read the case study
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