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Store data in any format, anywhere, with scalability, resilience and security

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IBM Cloud® Object Storage is a highly scalable and resilient managed data service on IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud® Object Storage offers flexible scalability with 99.999999999999% data durability. By applying immutable retention polices that cannot be removed even by a bad actor with root credentials, it helps safeguard your data from tampering or manipulation by ransomware attacks, and helps customers meet compliance and business requirements. With patented SecureSlice™ erasure-coded resiliency, you can disperse encrypted data across multiple geographic locations with immediate data consistency, avoiding replication lag and additional costs.

Choose from flexible, low-cost storage tiers to meet your specific data storage needs. Leverage a variety of options to access your data, including the industry standard S3 API, SDKs (software development kits) or the IBM Cloud user interface.


Discover how to optimize the costs and efficiency of your NAS solutions
Use cases
Benefits Optimize storage costs and data usage

Choose from a range of flexible storage tiers for hot to cold data, including Smart Tier, to meet your dynamic or unpredictable data storage needs while benefiting from cost-efficiency and resource optimization.

Enhance global availability and resiliency

Choose the resiliency option for the ideal location and level of availability you need, including cross-regional data protection with immediate consistency. Designed for 99.999999999999% data durability.

Boost security and data protection

Enhance data security with role-based policies and access permissions, and harness the power of industry-leading encryption key management for granular control and authority.

Customer feedback
The combination of IBM Cloud bare metal servers and IBM Cloud Object Storage has contributed to a 35% reduction in our operational spend—helping us keep the cost of our service competitive while protecting our margins. Vinu Varghese, CSO/CTO Acrometis, LLC
Case studies BlueBee

Learn why a Dutch genomics solutions company uses IBM Cloud Object Storage for scalable storage capacity with Aspera to accelerate data transfer.

BASE Media Cloud

See how the managed cloud services company powers a global media distribution portal and centralized storage hub using IBM Cloud, IBM Aspera and IBM Cloud Object technology.

Features Central service for AI and data lakes

IBM Cloud Object Storage provides an ideal low-cost data store for AI workloads.

Query data in place
Immutable data retention

Preserve electronic records and  data integrity throughout the entire retention period and until legal requirements for removal are met. Ideal for both compliance requirements and against ransomware.

Meet retention requirements
Object versioning

Activate versioning to maintain multiple iterations of an object within a bucket, shielding against inadvertent deletions or alterations. Effortlessly recover from any unintended data loss.

See how to version objects
Data replication

Replicate your object data across customized cloud regions to meet specific disaster recovery, data sovereignty or compliance requirements, or stage data closer to where it's consumed.

Replicate your enterprise data
Fast data transfer

Improve transfer times into IBM Cloud Object Storage with the natively integrated IBM Aspera® high-speed data transfer option. Get started with a free data upload today.

Quickly transfer your data
Resources Leveraging IBM Cloud Object Storage for NAS Cost Optimization & Efficiency

Discover practical strategies to optimize storage resources by liberating prime storage space, thereby fostering more efficient resource allocation. 

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IBM Cloud Object Storage is a Gartner leader 8 years in a row

Learn why IBM was named a leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, for 8 years in a row.

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IBM COS Wins Trust Radius Top Rated 5th year in a row

Trust Radius, the most trusted B2B technology decisioning platform, awarded IBM COS 2024 Top Rated for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Cloud Storage, and Object Storage.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage for better resiliency

This whitepaper talks about how  IBM Cloud Object Storage capabilities can help you improve your IT resiliency with efficient and predictable costs.

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Putting data storage at the forefront of cloud security

The combination of IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Object Storage can help you keep your data secured. IBM Cloud provides cutting-edge solutions that enable innovation while protecting your valuable data assets.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage Differentiators

Hear from Constellation research what they feel are the true differentiators of IBM Cloud Object Storage that sets apart from competition.

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Growing your business & data securely at scale in the age of cyber threats and hackers

Learn how to securely store data at low cost with high durability. Leverage IBM Cloud's global reach to expand your business and protect your data from hackers, ransomware, and other threats.

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The recipe for RAG: How cloud services enable generative AI outcomes across industries

At IBM, we believe that AI workloads will likely form the backbone of mission-critical workloads and ultimately house and manage the most-trusted data, so the infrastructure around it must be trustworthy and resilient by design.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage : Provision a new bucket

Learn how to provision a new bucket with IBM Cloud Object Storage, to store data in any format, anywhere, with scalability, resilience and security.


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Introducing Anycloud Backup 365

Announcing the availability of a new Managed Service for Microsoft 365 (M365) customers. the Anycloud Backup 365 (ACB365) offering on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

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