What can IBM Cloud Object Storage do for you?

IBM Cloud Object Storage provides an industry-leading software-defined hyperscale and cost effective storage solution for data and AI workloads. Our solution is used by customers across the globe for modernizing their infrastructure for AI, analytics, IoT, video and image repositories and cloud storage for service providers including IBM Cloud. Customers can lower storage costs up to 12%, using new 18 TB SMR drives and increase throughput up to 55 GB/s for a 12 node cluster, with up to 300% better performance for reads and up to 150% for writes. Customers can protect their data with our local or geo-dispersed data protection that can be customized for demanding data lakes and large capacity requirements.



Scale performance and capacity from terabytes to exabytes.


Built in encryption and policy enabled lockable WORM storage.


Access data concurrently from any location. Provides automatic failover, data rebuild, auto expansion and rebalancing.

Savings efficiencies

Delivers geo-protected data with Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) efficiency; available as software only or fully supported appliance solutions.

Search capabilities

Offers custom insight and search to save time. Create custom metadata to enhance value.

Enhanced file access

Easily connect file based applications to object storage and upgrade without data disruption to full multi-site collaboration or access files from any mobile device with a cyber secure connection.

Key features of IBM Cloud Object Storage

  • New efficiencies that lowers cost; increases performance
  • Leverage IBM Spectrum Discover for AI workflow
  • Store objects and files at significantly lower cost
  • Reduce the complexity of managing large-scale storage
  • Data protection without replication or triple copies
  • A leader in object storage for over 5 years
  • Built-in industry compliance for safe data protection
  • Flexible local or geo-dispersed data protection
  • Engineered for massive scalability
  • Pre-certified designs for easy configuration
  • Autodelete with policy enabled object expiration