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IBM Event Streams is an event streaming platform built on open source Apache Kafka. It is available both as a fully managed service on IBM Cloud or on-premise as part of Event Automation.

To deliver more engaging customer experiences, you need to accelerate your event-driven efforts so that you can act in real-time. With IBM® Event Streams, you can leverage enterprise-grade event streaming capabilities to build smart apps to help react to events as they happen. Based on years of operational expertise gained from running  Apache Kafka® for enterprises, IBM Event Streams is ideal for mission-critical workloads.

Benefits Create adaptive solutions

Use streams of data to build responsive, engaging user experiences using Event Streams for IBM Cloud.

Facilitate machine learning

Use events to move from batch processing to real-time and predictive analytics using Event Streams for IBM Cloud.

Access years of Apache Kafka expertise

Get support around the clock from our team of Kafka experts. Event Streams for IBM Cloud is a fully managed Apache Kafka service, ensuring durability and high availability.

Establish and maintain a secure architecture

Security is crucial when building applications, but can require a large amount of effort. Event Streams for IBM Cloud is designed with security and data privacy for regulated industries at its core, allowing you to build your applications with peace of mind.

Increase scalability

Gain shared access to a multi-tenant cluster that seamlessly autoscales as you increase the number of partitions for your workload using the Standard plan. Alternatively, use the Enterprise plan’s scaling options to customize throughput, storage capacity, or both.

Ensure high availability and durability

The Standard and Enterprise plans provide a highly available architecture using multi-zone region deployment and an availability of 99.99%.


Fully managed service with native Kafka experience Leverage IBM Support for deep technical expertise whenever you need it. Check out support options

Deployment For the greatest possible connectivity, you can work with all the standard Kafka APIs and clients on an Event Streams instance for a native Kafka experience. Additionally, Event Streams also provides 3 of its own APIs: Admin REST API, REST Producer API and Schema Registry API. Find out more about our APIs
High availability and disaster recovery Event Streams is spread over 3 zones and is deployed in 10 multi-zone regions making it highly available. You can enable disaster recovery with rich security and geo-replication features. Take advantage of IBM productivity tools and use the command line interface (CLI) to implement best practices. You can also create your Event Streams instances and subsequent configuration by using Terraform. Explore resiliency options

Schema Registry Schema Registry provides a centralized repository for managing and validating schemas. The Event Streams Schema Registry stores a versioned history of schemas and supplies an interface for retrieving them.

Kafka Connect framework You can use Kafka Connect with Event Streams for IBM Cloud and can choose whether to run the workers inside or outside IBM Cloud. IBM provides a list of over 50 connectors that are supported by IBM or the community. See more

Integration with monitoring and observability tools in Cloud Get operational visibility into the performance and health of your applications, services, and platforms by using IBM Cloud Monitoring. Monitoring Event Streams metrics

Case studies SiB Solutions and IBM

Kafka's effectiveness in managing real-time data streams and facilitating seamless communication between microservices in distributed systems plays a pivotal role in advancing AI capabilities. Explore how SiB Solutions, a leading logistics technology company, leverages Event Streams for IBM Cloud to help businesses achieve zero error rates.

A trusted Kafka provider

In Norway, Norsk Tipping uses the IBM Event Streams platform to accelerate data processing and deliver more responsive user services. Offering online betting on sports, casino games and various lotteries, its social mission is to provide a responsible and attractive gaming environment in which surplus funds generated go back to Norwegian society.

How it’s used See the award-winning UI

IBM Event Streams was recognized in the 2019 Indigo Design Awards. The award recognized the UX, interface and navigation features, as well as the interactive design.

Supported platforms

Event Streams can be deployed as a fully managed Apache Kafka service on IBM Cloud. It can also be deployed on Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud® or IBM Cloud private Kubernetes environments.

Deployment options Create adaptive solutions with IBM Cloud service

Running on IBM Cloud and available since 2015, this is an IBM fully-managed Apache Kafka-as-a-service offering.

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Certified container software

Running on Red Hat OpenShift or IBM Cloud private, the software helps you become a better event-driven enterprise.

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Discover how you can put events to work with Apache Kafka for your enterprise.

Check out the FAQs Event Streams provisioning

Leverage a fully managed Kafka service on IBM Cloud to help you build intelligent applications that react to events in real time.

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Getting started with Event Streams

Event Streams for IBM Cloud is a high-throughput message bus that is built with Apache Kafka.

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